7 Interesting Things About Cannabis That Every Enthusiast Must Know     

Even though cannabis is widely used, many individuals worldwide are unfamiliar with different aspects of cannabis. They learn about cannabis smoking from their friends or the internet.

However, before you begin your adventure into the world of herbs, there are a few things you should know to make your experience more enjoyable. 

Things such as rolling a perfect joint or finding the perfect bongs for sale are merely the tip of the iceberg. You still have a lot of stuff to see. 

Here are seven things you should know about cannabis to get you started. 

1. Name of cannabis 

Cannabis is the proper term for marijuana and a commonly recognized name worldwide. The name cannabis was introduced to lift the product above past stigmas and promote acceptance. 

Although the term cannabis is more formally used, it is known by various street names and nicknames. People refer to it by different names, ranging from Maryjane to grass.  

There are also different strains of marijuana like Sativa and Indica and many other popular flavors for their distinct future. For example, Purple Haze Kush got its name from its purple shade. 

2. Cannabinoids

Chemical compounds contained in every Cannabis sativa plant are known as cannabinoids. The most well-known of these compounds is (9-THC), which is the principal psychoactive constituent in cannabis. Cannabidiol (CBD), which makes up around 40% of the plant resin extract, is another critical component.

Here’s a list of different other cannabinoids present in cannabis:

  • CBGA (Cannabigerolic acid)
  • CBCVA (Cannabichromevarinic acid)
  • THCA (Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinolic acid)
  • CBCA (Cannabichromenenic acid)
  • CBDA (Cannabidiolic acid)
  • CBDVA (Cannabidivarinic acid)
  • THCVA (Tetrahydrocanabivarinic acid)
  • CBGVA (Cannabigerovarinic acid)

3. THC

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the psychoactive component that’s naturally found in cannabis that causes a euphoric high or commonly known as tripping. Though the psychoactive effects of THC are primarily experienced with smoking, it can also be consumed via edibles, tinctures, pills, and so on. 

THC causes dopamine release in brain cells, resulting in a blissful feeling. It also affects information processing in the hippocampus, a part of the brain responsible for creating new memories.

THC can cause hallucinations, altered thinking, and delusions. The effects last roughly two hours on average and begin 10 to 30 minutes after consumption.

4. Hemp

Hemp is a fiber derive from the male cannabis plant, and it is use to manufacture rope, paper, cosmetics, and other products. These plants are male and do not produce cannabinoids as female cannabis plants. 

As a result, they are not use for smoking like the cannabis plant. In the United States, hemp is currently illegal to grow, despite numerous states having approve laws enabling commercial growth.

5. Edibles

Cannabis-infuse foods, beverages, or tinctures with up to 10 milligrams of THC per serving are known as edibles. They take up to 1 to 3 hours to take effect, but they last much longer than smoking or vaping cannabis. 

If you want to try edibles, start with 5mg and see how it makes you feel, and then you can proceed to more potent edibles. Some edibles have a lot of servings, and you can only consume a small portion of them. 

Many people underestimate them and end up eating a lot of edibles. It’s vital to follow some basic rules of thumb for edibles. Never eat them on an empty stomach. Though it will kick in faster, you might experience uncomfortable highs and a possible stomach upset. 

It’s also important to drink plenty of water after consuming edibles, or dehydration can cause headaches and restlessness. There are also some possibilities of a bad trip, so you must consume edibles only if you’re in a happy mood.

6. Smoking paraphernalia

There are numerous methods to enjoy marijuana. You can roll a joint, blunt, or simply use a bubbler or bong to smoke it. Vaporizers can also be good options if you don’t want to face the effects of burning marijuana. 

You can easily find the best bongs for sale on online head shops. There is a variety of smoking paraphernalia you can choose from, and you can find various sizes, colors, and kinds of bongs available. Some websites even have bongs and other smoking paraphernalia with artistic patterns. 

7. Kush

A strain of cannabis plants called Kush grows in the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Kush strains have a distinctive aroma that has a large following. Although some breeds and plants have distinct aromas, they are often describe as “earthy” and often piney with floral or sweet tones.

All of this information will surely help you understand cannabis better. Remember, be an enthusiast, not an abuser. That way, you can truly enjoy the beauty of cannabis.

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Rajhu S Goraai
Rajhu S Goraai
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