The Best American Eagle High Waisted Jeans for Men and Women

The American Eagle brand is famous for its popular denim line. These jeans have been around since the 1990s and are a favorite among many. Made from various fabrics, these jeans come in a wide range of styles and cuts. American Eagle has what you need if you want to look sharp while wearing blue jeans. In this article we will discuss about the topic of American eagle high waisted jeans.

These jeans were created to provide comfort and fit. A great pair of jeans should not be uncomfortable or cause discomfort to the wearer. Because they are cut low on the hips, these jeans will hug your body without being tight or constricting. The pockets are also placed in the right places, giving you a place to put your phone, keys, and wallet. You will find pockets on both sides of the waistband.

This is an excellent pair of jeans if you want to wear them casually, especially during the warmer months. You can dress them up or down depending on the occasion. You can choose between a couple of colors: black, white, khaki, navy, and olive green. There are also different designs and patterns to choose from.

American Eagle High Waisted Flare Jeans

This type of jeans is design for women who want to look slim and elegant. These jeans have a regular length but are flare at the bottom. They are generally consider casual wear, but if you pair them with the right accessories, they become a perfect choice for formal occasions. The American Eagle brand was establish in 1968 and started its operations only for men’s clothing. However, after a few years, the company decided to expand its business and now offer women’s clothing. Their collection consists of different tops, bottoms, dresses, jackets, skirts, swimwear, etc. All of these products are designed to suit different body shapes and styles.

Flare Jeans

These are flared jeans fitted at the hip and slightly flaring at the bottom. These are suitable for casual occasions.

American eagle high waisted jeans

These are American eagle high waisted jeans that create a flattering shape on your body. They give you a pleasant and sleek look.

Straight Leg Jeans

These are straight-cut jeans that provide comfort and style to your legs. These are the best choices for those people who prefer to show off their legs.

American Eagle Curvy High Rise Short Jeans

The American eagle jeans collection features flattering fits, high-rise waistlines, flat front pockets, and classic styling. These jeans feature a relaxed fit for a slimmer silhouette. These pants is crafting with quality construction, a great pair of denim for everyday wear, including a button fly closure, two back pockets, belt loops, and double-reinforced knees. The American eagle jeans collection is designing with comfort in mind, making them perfect for wearing around the house, at school, or out shopping. Pair these jeans with a plain tee and lace-up boots for a casual look.

American Eagle Curvy Low Rise Straight Leg Jeans

These low-rise jeans feature a straight leg, regular fit, a relaxed fit, and a mid-rise waistline. Made with soft cotton twill fabric, these jeans provide a comfortable fit and a bright finish. The American eagle jeans are a versatile choice for everyday wear; go about your business in style and comfort.

How to Choose Which American Eagle Jeans Fit your Needs?

The first thing to know about American eagle jeans is that they’re not just any pair. They’re unique, handcrafted from the most delicate denim fabric from the U.S.A., and made by skilled artisans who care about their craft. Their jeans are making out of 100% cotton denim and have been designing to fit and feel great from the moment you put them on. And to ensure you getting the best fit possible, you’ll need to checking out these tips.

1. Measure Yourself Properly

First things first, measure yourself correctly before trying on any pair of American eagle jeans. Your waist measurement should be taking where your pants begin at your belly button and then extended past your natural waistline (the point where your pants begin to flare out). If you wear a belt, take its circumference as well. Check out our american eagle high waisted jeans sizing chart to find your size.

2. Don’t Worry About Size Numbers

Some companies indeed use numbers to designate sizes instead of letters. But don’t worry, they’re still pretty much the exact measurements. A size 25 is the same size as a size 30. So make sure you compare the number on the label to your actual measurement.

What Are High-Waisted Jeans?

High waist jeans have been around since they were inventing and became popular in the 50s. Most people know them today for their iconic style. They tend to be slimming and flattering to any body type, and their rise above the hip makes them seem more minor than they are. This shape has become extremely popular over the past few years due to the rise of skinny jeans and bootcut styles.

How To Wear American eagle high waisted jeans?

The best way to wear american eagle high waisted jeans is to wear them with a belt at the natural waistline. When wearing a belt, the waistband should fall below your belly button and not go lower than your hips (as shown). You want to avoid having a gap between the pants and your top, but if you do decide to go without a belt, try wearing some undergarments to help fill out the space. If you struggle with this look, consider pairing them with some comfortable flats and a sweater.

American Eagle Super High Rise Jeggings

The american eagle high waisted jeans Super High Rise Jegging is designing for women who want a comfortable fit while looking good at the same time.

Super High Rises are a favorite among fashionistas everywhere. These long-wearing leggings are perfect for everyday wear and add significantly to any outfit. The Super High Rises are cutting deep at the sides and thigh area and feature a hidden zipper closure. A true wardrobe staple. These leggings are machine washable and dryer safe. There is no need to worry about shrinking, and they have a smooth finish.

Wear them casually over jeans, or dress them up with heels and a blazer for a night out. You will love how these work with everything from sneakers to cocktail dresses.


American eagle high waisted jeans are incredibly versatile and can go with anything. Whether you want to work out, hang out with friends, or just lounge around the house comfortably, these jeans will be getting the job complete. They can easily transition from day to night without having to change clothes. They are true to size and wash nicely.


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