How to Choose the Best CBD Supplement?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is currently a trend. This chemical compound had long been here, but scientists only recently revealed its potential benefits for health and wellness. As a result, almost any skincare or wellness supplement is now packed with CBD. Unfortunately, not all products are made equally, and consumers always have a chance to buy low-quality products for a high price.

This is because some manufacturers extract CBD from GMO plants, some do not do testing, and some lie about chemical makeup. In addition, the market is so vast that it could be hard for beginners to find the product that suits their needs. This guide hopes to help clear the picture and show what to consider when you are looking for your best CBD supplement to improve overall well-being.

What is CBD & How Does it Work?

The scientific name of CBD is cannabidiol. It is one of over 100 other cannabinoids that are naturally present in cannabis. However, CBD is extracted from industrial hemp strains that are naturally high in CBD and low in THC compound, while the opposite is true for marijuana. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is also a popular cannabinoid that is well-recognized for its intoxicating effects. CBD doesn’t have any of THC’s psychoactive properties and is safe for consumption.

Once administered, CBD can indirectly interact with receptors known as CB1 and CB2 found in the endocannabinoid system (ECS). It is one of our key systems in the body which plays a crucial role in keeping bodily functions in check. Therefore, CBD may help maintain homeostasis in the body and support overall wellness.

What are the Types of CBD Supplements?

Not talking about skin care products with CBD, there are currently three main types of CBD supplements that you can explore below:


Sublingual CBD supplements include CBD oil and CBD tinctures that are designed to be placed underneath the tongue. This is considered one of the most popular consumption methods as it allows for the highest absorption rate. Since CBD placed under the tongue can be quickly absorbed through tiny capillaries in the mouth, the positive effects can be felt almost instantly.

However, before buying CBD oil and starting your CBD journey, it is important to note that this type of product is not convenient to take when you are in public. In addition, it could be hard for beginners to properly apply the oil the first few times.


Oral CBD supplements are capsules and pills. These have gained popularity due to the convenience they bring while also being tasteless and odorless in most cases. Even though CBD capsules are usually packed with MCT oil derived from coconuts, they still have lower bioavailability than oils. This is because CBD has to be first metabolized and only then delivered to the bloodstream, which usually takes some time. However, the effect is long-lasting; therefore, those who want to achieve long-lasting relief with hassle-free consumption may choose capsules and pills.

Edible & Beverages

These are the favorite supplements among professional athletes and everyone leading an active lifestyle. CBD edibles and beverages can come in various forms, like chocolate, protein bars, protein shakes, gummies, and more. They are specially designed with delicious flavors and provide ultimate convenience as they look like any other food or drink. Edibles and beverages also have low bioavailability and provide long-lasting effects.

What are CBD Types?

There are three main types of CBD that include full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate. Full-spectrum is the purest one that contains all-natural plant elements and traces of THC (less than 0.2%), which is insufficient to cause intoxication.

Broad-spectrum is made from full-spectrum. It is also packed with all cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids but is free from THC. Both these types may provide a theoretical entourage effect, representing an amplified action where every compound strengthens each other’s effect.

CBD isolate is the last form that undergoes lots of extraction and purification processes. It comes in a crystalline or powder form and contains up to 99.9% pure CBD. Since it is completely free from THC, it is suitable for professional athletes or anyone who doesn’t want THC in their system.

What to Consider When Looking for CBD Supplement?

CBD Potency

Now you can find products that have potencies that start from 1% and end up with 20% CBD per product. And these are not only numbers; they represent how much CBD is in the product and what effects you can expect. Even though most consumers want the best results from the first consumption, experts recommend starting with low potency supplements and increasing the dosage gradually, allowing your body to adjust to the new compound. 

Type of Product

Depending on your lifestyle, it is vital to choose what product suits you best. If you want to take CBD on the go and enjoy long-lasting effects, then capsules, pills, edibles, and beverages are the best choice. But if you are looking for quick relief, oils and tinctures are the way to go.


The ingredient list of essentials, since alongside CBD, you can find lots of extra compounds in the product. Most oils are made with MCT oils extracted from coconuts and hemp seed oil, which are beneficial to overall wellness, improve absorption rate and add nutrients. However, some manufacturers use harsh chemicals, artificial additives, and GMOs that can damage your health in the long term.

Certificate of Analysis (COA)

A Certificate of Analysis, also known as COA, is probably the best way to ensure you are buying CBD products from a trusted company and can rest assured about their quality. Every manufacturer should send its product to a third-party laboratory that provides independent testing and verifies the actual content of CBD and THC in the formula.

Final Thoughts

We can all agree that the CBD market is vast, and sometimes it is hard to find the right format of a CBD-infused product for your particular needs and requirements. Luckily, regardless of your needs, you will find the best product that can be non-GMO, vegan, kosher, or with unique ingredients. Here we collected the most vital facts you should consider before buying a CBD supplement for the first time.