Dogs and Fireworks – How to Help Your Furry Buddy Overcome This Fear

American Stafford is courageous and represents fear and trembling for uninvited guests and the postman. Yet, during celebrations and holidays, you see your pet more often under the bed or table than outside. Wondering if it’s possible that your fearless dog is terrified of something as insignificant as fireworks?

Unfortunately, dogs don’t associate these audio-visual gadgets with joy and happiness. For them, fireworks symbolize fear, something unforeseen and potentially dangerous. It’s somehow natural for dogs to be scared of loud bangs, especially at night. But if that grows into something more serious, your pet could have severe behavioral issues.

See the following page to learn how tosspot fearful signs in your furry buddy:

How Can I Tell if My Dog is Afraid?

Get Used Your Pet to Sounds

Dogs are afraid of fireworks because of the loud noises and light effects. The sound of the explosions can be frightening for your pet. If you live in an apartment, there’s a higher chance that your pup will develop this phobia. Yard dogs are used to loud sounds from nature, like wind or thunder.

So, if you have a yard, let your dog out as often as possible. Even if it thunders sometimes, don’t let them in right away. Observe how your pet behaves. If they don’t seem anxious or scared, it means that they can slowly but surely get used to the noise. 

If you live in an apartment, the solution is a slightly louder volume on a TV or computer or an open window through which the noise from the street will reach. Yet, don’t leave the dog alone unattended, at least until you make sure the noise doesn’t bother them too much.

Be Careful when Outside

Never walk your pup when you hear firecrackers or fireworks outside. Many dogs are scared of these sounds, and they can run away from the leash and get lost. If you already have to go for a walk, choose quieter parts of the city, park, or forest because trees act as good sound insulation.

Never take your dog to public events that include firecrackers and fireworks. It will only make things worse because, besides the noise, there are many unknown people. That can only deepen their fears.

Talk to Your Four-Legged Friend

There is no warning before the actual fireworks show. And dogs hate sudden events. They like to know what is coming up next. But that’s not always possible because you’re not the one starting a firework, so you can’t stop it. But you can try to calm your furry buddy. 

Talk to them as if they really understand you and be calm. Your pups maybe won’t figure out what you are saying, but your tone will soothe them. Also, give them a lot of hugs and cuddles. Just like people, dogs need consolation when upset.

Use Distraction Method

For pets that have developed a panic fear of fireworks, you should have a special place in your house or flat where the outside sounds and flashes are minimal. Let it be a room that doesn’t look directly at the squares and places where the fireworks occur. Close curtains and blinds to prevent flashes from entering the room.

Make this area comfortable for your furry buddy, and give them some kind of hobby. Visit this page and learn about the importance of play for dogs. It’s good to have a TV in the room, which will cover up the noise. A few hours before the fireworks, place the animal in a prepared spot, turn up the TV and give them toys they like the most.

Talk to Your Vet

Since fireworks don’t occur too often, there’s no need for rigorous treatment if that’s your pet’s only weak point. But if the fear of noise grows into a phobia, so the dog is afraid of other audio-visual things and events, it’s not a bad idea to talk to a vet. If your pet is particularly prone to stress from noise, talk about sedation options.

Phobias can usually turn into anxiety, so your vet may offer medications to help with this problem. If these don’t work, make sure to ask your vet about the effects of CBD. It’s a natural remedy that can enhance the treatment results.


You can also give your dogs a few CBD treats to calm them down if they are scared of fireworks. You can get Pethempcompany fireworks anxiety dog treats or look for whatever is available at your local pet shop. The key is to look for genuine products of proven quality and origin. Only real cannabidiol in them will have an effect.

If you want to keep your dog calm and relaxed, always have some CBD oil or treats at home. CBD oil is an excellent product with fast action. Yet, not many pups will accept a dropper full of odd content in their mouths. 

If you know your pet will reject CBD oil, try CBD-infused kibbles or soft chews. The key is in giving treats to your furry buddy a few hours before the firework starts. That way, an active substance CBD will have enough time to reach full effect. It will soothe and mildly sedate the animal, so they won’t even notice all that hustle and bustle outside.

Holidays are a time when everyone should relax and enjoy. That also applies to your four-legged friends. In order for celebrations to go really nicely and without visits to the vet clinic, you need to prepare your pup and take care of their mental health.