How to Take Criticism: 5 Easy Ways Everyone Can Follow

Depending on the individual reaction, criticism can be both a way of self-development and a demotivating factor, depriving you of the strength to move forward. Especially if you are at the beginning of your journey or are engaged in creative activities. And that’s not only about activities that can be disapproved of by others, like starting playing at the mobile casino Philippines but also about things that are understood by people, like dance classes or video editing. 

Let’s look at exactly how to respond to criticism and whether it’s even worth it. In the material below you will find the main tips to help separate constructive criticism from a banal attempt at a veiled insult.

Who Are the Judges?

First, understand who the criticism is coming from. Does that person mean something to you? Is he an authority on the subject about which he speaks? Then a simple algorithm applies:

  • If the person is significant, but not an authority, show tact and sensitivity – but consider the opinion of experts when it comes to the substance of the matter.
  • If the person is not significant, but is an authority – ask yourself, “What can I learn? How can this observation strengthen me and improve my performance?”
  • If the person is significant and an authority, just consider their opinion. Do the work on the mistakes and keep moving forward.
  • If not significant and not an authority, ignore it. Paying attention to such a person, especially when involved and emotionally colored, will diminish your importance.

Separate Form From Content

If the criticism is hurtful in form but useful in content, separate the wheat from the chaff. Take the grain and let it sprout to strengthen you. In doing so, the form speaks about the speaker, his upbringing, or his emotional state. Your reaction will say something about you.

Remember that somehow the person is giving you their time and attention, so it indirectly works for you. Even negative comments elevate your post in the feed.

What Is the Purpose of the Person Criticizing You?

If the purpose works in your favor, reframe the dialogue into a constructive one. Remind yourself that adults only learn by looking at an idea from different angles, including critical ones. This is how they accept new information through the prism of lived experience.

If the goal is to humiliate you or to fulfill their needs at your expense, that’s a different story. You don’t have to answer at all. You can change the subject or turn everything that is happening into a joke. That is, literally pretend that you didn’t understand or see a compliment in what was said.

Criticism and Burnout

Sometimes even the slightest adequate and quite constructive criticism can throw you off balance. This is where the popular advice not to react instantly comes to the rescue.

Moreover, increased irritability is a signal that it is necessary to pay attention to your own state, to rest and diversify impressions, shifting the focus of attention to something else.

Criticism and Perfectionism

Remember about mirror neurons. People subconsciously read your state and return it to you. If you’re stressed, your audience will also expect a catch from you. If you criticize yourself to no end, it works as an internal invitation for others to criticize you as well.

Timothy Galvey writes that criticism, in general, is not conducive to moving forward. We shrink inwardly, fearful in advance of not meeting a set bar, external or internal.

Results are much more effective when we focus on the process and the enjoyment of it. When we celebrate what succeeds. From the position of an unappreciative observer in relation to ourselves and others.

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