Natural Remedies for Cats with Anxiety

Natural Remedies for Cats with Anxiety

A stressed-out cat displays unsettling behavior like hiding, not eating, peeing outside the litterbox, or other aggressive tendencies. Administering various remedies such as alcohol-free batches and CBD oil for cats with anxiety can help calm it down. 

Your feline’s past experiences could trigger feelings of fear and anxiousness, and it is your responsibility to ensure that your cat feels secure and safe in your home. Anxiety arises when there is uneasiness about an anticipated threat. When it sets in, your cat’s body will respond in a very unusual manner. Subsequently, reactions attributed to severe anxiety can prevent your feline from leading an everyday life.

Types of Feline Anxiety

Your cat can experience anxiousness akin to what humans battle with. However, addressing anxiety in animals is different from human beings.

Anxiety-driven issues in cats fall into the listed categories:

  • A phobia or excessive fear because by an external stimulus. Loud noises emanating from fireworks, thunder, or a functional machine can develop phobias in your cat, causing an extreme reaction.
  • Generalized anxiety with no specific trigger causes the constant nervousness and lack of enthusiasm in your feline.
  • Panic attacks are very upsetting and could even cause your cat to viciously react in an attempt to escape the situation.
  • Separation anxiety arises when the cat is separate from its owner. You will notice your feline becoming clingy and displaying signs of distress.

Calming Remedies

Using products infused with valerian herb, chamomile, hops, and CBD oil for cats with anxiety can naturally influence their body’s calming pathways. Providing your feline with a comforting environment helps it overcome inherent phobias and fears. 

Enumerated below are effective natural remedies to calm your nervous kitten:

Alcohol-Free Bach

By combining the flower essences of Star of Bethlehem, Impatiens, cherry plum, rock rose, and clematis, you get the Bach rescue remedy. This formulation is a stress-reducer with immediate effects that calms your cat down fast. Administering the alcohol-free version of Bach’s natural treatment is most suitable for your furry pet.

Cannabidiol (CBD)

CBD is one of the many natural cannabinoids derived from the hemp plant. It promotes calmness in your pet cat. Administering CBD to your furry companions is known to comfort them without the risk of side effects. 

Cat treats and tincture oils containing CBD are design to treat anxiety in felines. The recommended dosage guidelines suggest you administer the CBD half an hour to one hour before the event responsible for triggering the anxiety kicks in. Start with a lower dose and gradually increase the dosage based on the results reflected.

For separation-induced anxiety, for instance, give your cat CBD at least 45 minutes before your departure. This will help relax your pet when you leave and while you are away. The dosage of CBD to be given corresponds with your cat’s body weight in pounds. 

Valerian Herb

This herb eventually induces sleep even though it initially pumps your feline with a high-energy dose. The initial euphoria courtesy of the Valerian herb subsides once your cat is worn out. Soon after, your pet will begin to display its exceptionally calm side. 

Chamomile and Hops

Dried chamomile and hop flowers reduce stress and promote relaxation in cats. These contain natural substances having an effect similar to anti-anxiety drugs. They soothe your feline’s nerves without compromising their overall health. 

Earthing or Grounding

Assist your kitty in reconnecting with nature by facilitating direct contact with outdoor surfaces, including water, sand, soil, or stone. The electric charge that the Earth emits when transferred through feline skin balances your cat’s nervous system. 

Exercise patience when experimenting with natural anxiety remedies, or your frustration may cause your feline more anxious moments.

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