TOP 10 Fastest 50 in IPL History

Fastest 50 in IPL

Over a period of time, many batsmen have made the fastest half-centuries i.e. within just mere balls. The list of the top 10 fastest 50 in IPL history has been created to appreciate such batsmen. 

1) KL Rahul – 14 balls vs Delhi Capitals (2018)

KL Rahul is the opener for an Indian cricket team. He played for Punjab Kings in the 2018 IPL. He bags the title for the fastest 50 runs in the history of IPL and this match had one of the highest cricket odds in IPL. KL Rahul made it against Delhi Capitals off just 14 balls. Due to his remarkable performance, the match was won by Punjab Kings in 18.5 over where they chased 167 runs and made his fastest IPL fifty. 

2) Yusuf Pathan – 15 balls vs Sunrisers Hyderabad, Kolkata (2014) 

In 2014, Yusuf Pathan made his half-century against Sunrisers Hyderabad in Kolkata. From only 22 balls, he made 72 runs. In order to get a chance to qualify for the finals, Kolkata Knight Riders had to make 161 scores in 15.2 overs. He astonished everyone with his overwhelming performance. His record was broken by KL Rahul who made 50 runs off 14 balls. 

3) Sunil Narine – 15 balls vs Royal Challengers Bangalore (2017)

Sunil Narine made his half-century in only 15 balls against the Royal Challengers Bangalore in 2017. During this match, Narine and Lynn showed excellent partnership and in only six overs they made 100 runs to chase a total of 159 runs. 

4) Suresh Raina – 16 balls vs Punjab Kings (2014)

Since the start of the Indian Premier League, Suresh Raina has been one of the most favored players among fans. He made his half-century against 16 balls. In total, he made six sixes and twelve boundaries. He did this against Punjab Kings in 2014. 

5) Chris Gayle – 17 balls vs Pune Warriors India (2013)

Chris Gayle is a beloved West Indies cricket player. He has marked the hearts of his fans through his excellent cricket performance and unique celebration style. His sportsmanship is adored by the cricket community. His half-century in Indian Premier League 2013 was made off 17 balls. During this match, he didn’t just stop at making the fastest 50 but he finished off his 100 off the next 13 balls.

Gayle made his 100 off just 30 balls in total. He finished his batting with 175 runs from 66 balls. He showed exactly why he is one of the most loved players in the cricket world, but it was in 2013, and now cricket and betting on IPL are different from the past years. 

6) Adam Gilchrist – 17 balls vs Delhi Daredevils (2009)

While batting against the first over of Dirk Nannes, he hit five balls to the fence. This helped him secure a spot among the batsmen who made the fastest fifties in the Indian Premier League. This game was played against Delhi Daredevils where he made his fastest fifty in IPL. He was playing alongside Deccan Chargers who are now known as Sunrisers Hyderabad. His half-century turned the tables for Delhi Daredevils and victory was achieved by the Deccan Chargers in the next ten overs. 

7) Chris Morris – 17 balls vs Gujarat Lions (2016)

Chris Morris is a South African Cricketer. He is a bowling all-rounder. He is a right-hand batsman. His career in the IPL has shone bright since the start, however, his fastest half-century in the IPL 2016 made him even more highlighted in the league. In the 2016 Indian Premier League, Chris Morris made one of the fastest half-centuries against just 17 balls. He was chasing a score of 173 while playing with Delhi Daredevils. He struck all of the first 7 balls. 

8) Sunil Narine – 17 balls vs Royal Challengers Bangalore (2018)

Sunil Philip Narine is considered to be a mystery spinner and is a West Indies cricket team player. Narine is a bowling all-rounder. He made his half-century against 17 balls. This feat was accomplished in 2018 while playing against Royal Challengers Bangalore. His 50 runs gave the Kolkata Knight Riders a better position against their opponent. They were chasing a score of 177 and made 65 runs just in 5.2 overs with all credit to Sunil Narine for his half-century. 

9) Kieron Pollard – 17 balls vs Kolkata Knight Riders (2016)

Kieron Pollard is a middle order batsman. He is a Trinidadian cricketer. He has a medium batting pace, his pace deviates once in a while. Pollard is considered to be a player who can carry on the match at a subtle pace. In 2016, he achieved his fastest fifty while chasing a score of 176 against Kolkata Knight Riders. He made 69 runs on 42 balls, which means he made 50 scores on 17 balls.

This was quite impressive feat to accomplish. It was a very crucial stage for Mumbai Indians as they were losing by such a big target and the overs were rushing down on them. 

10) Chris Lynn – 19 balls vs Gujarat Lions (2017)

Chris Lynn made one of the most astonishing fifties. He made one of the speediest 50 in the Indian Premier League on just 19 balls. In the third game of the championship, he made sure to carry his T20 form to the Indian Premier League and made 93 runs against 41 balls. He played against Gujarat Lions. He was with Kolkata Knight Riders and opened the game for them.

This specific match against Gujarat Lions has been named the best hit of his career so far. In the next match, he sustained a shoulder injury. It was because he was trying to make a difficult catch out against Jos Butler.

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