Traveling for NFL is a Unique Investment

There is no season like the National Football League’s seasons among amateur and professional sports leagues. One of the most significant forms of entertainment has been built up with millions of fans who pine for attending a game of their favorite team or simply want to make a few bucks betting NFL odds.

But for each NFL fan, for whatever their reasons, traveling is something that should be at the top of the list. Not only do the games come with a certain exclusivity, but the banter between fans is also often respectful because of the great lengths fans travel to see their teams.

Most years, there will only be eight or nine home games with the opportunity to add a few playoff games or a preseason game if that interests anybody. The exclusivity of seeing a team’s home stadium means attending a game is a unique investment. The get-in price at most games will be more than $100 for standing-room-only tickets.

That may not always be the case for games with large NFL lines and anticipated blowouts. But generally speaking, there are millions of fans with a limited number of seats, even in the new era of mega stadiums.

Formulate a plan early

Saving funds for the trip is essential for those who may not have disposable income. Even for those who do have disposable income, it is crucial to begin saving for the next trip, and so forth. Traveling for NFL games is a tad more expensive than a typical vacation due to market rates changing the game.

A flight out of Chicago to Dallas will be more expensive the weekend the Bears are playing against the Cowboys at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The ripple effect is those flights will be more costly in nearby cities, too, and will be booked rather quickly.

The NFL schedule comes out early, so identifying a trip among friends – be it a boys’ or girls’ weekend out – or a family trip is vital in saving funds. NFL games often sell out win single-game tickets go on sale, which means not scoring seats could break up groups wanting to sit together. It also means ticket prices will be higher.

Then there is the lodging. Picking a city where there are family or close friends who may be able to house a small group or family could save considerable time. But people also want to experience new places, so booking a hotel early on is essential to save as much money as possible.

Make a long weekend of it.

The cornerstone of the trip may be Sunday’s game (or Thursday, Saturday, or Monday), but all NFL teams are playing in large enough markets where there are plenty of other activities. There are museums in each big city, historical landmarks, amusement parks, zoos, and so much more.

Finding something to do each day isn’t difficult, but securing tickets and mapping out what to do ahead of time will be most cost-effective. Pick an amusement park on a Friday when most children are in school for shorter wait times on rides. Museums during the weekend may be best for smaller crowds, or at least one can guarantee an entrance time.

What’s the best city?

There are a lot of great cities to visit in the NFL landscape. New York City is home – sort of – to the Jets and Giants, although they play nearby in New Jersey. From the Statue of Liberty to Times Square and Central Park, there is plenty to do and great pizza to consume.

Las Vegas may be the dream city with the casinos for nightlife, Vegas NFL odds to be placed if not attending a game or picking out a fabulous show for other forms of entertainment. Los Angeles is another opportunity with the Chargers and Rams, nearby Hollywood, Disneyland in Anaheim, and many beaches.

Other quaint cities – again, in professional market terms – such as Green Bay, Wisconsin, and Cincinnati or Cleveland, Ohio, have plenty to do and check out. Even Nashville is an emerging place due to the nightlife and entertainment industry consuming the city.

Football games may be the reason for trips, but there is plenty to experience in each city.

Mukul Patwa
Mukul Patwa
I am a senior contributor and blogger at Backlinks Media.

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