10 Practical Tips For Making A Great Travel Video

Travel videos are very popular as they can transport viewers to different locations. Travel video creators look for new content to make popular destinations interesting. While others opt to search for exotic locales to create their videos. In both cases, the video creators get to travel and experience different cultures. This in itself is a great reward for most budding travel video creators.

Making a travel video is not as simple as reaching your destination and shooting. There are many travel videos online that are not viral despite being shot at exotic locales. Bad editing, poor choice of music, and poor video quality can all be factors for a failed travel video. To avoid failure, follow these tips to make your travel video great. 

1. Create an itinerary 

Going on a trip is a lot of fun, but to create footage for a great travel video, you need to plan well. The best way to make sure that you get the most footage out of your trip is to have an itinerary. A daily plan that you should have while on your trip should include

    • Locations to visit on each day with preferred time to visit. To get good natural light, some locations need to be visited when it is bright and sunny.
    • Amount of footage needed and camera angles to be used for that location. If it is a popular location, then you need to think out of the box to make your video stand out.
    • Estimated time you may need to spend at the location. When planning for the shoot, you may need to carry your supplies for the day as some locations may be remote. In such cases, you should plan your shoot time to avoid running late.
    • When visiting foreign locales, it is important to stay safe. Make sure that you have reliable transport before setting off for the day. Calculate the shuttle time between your hotel and destination before planning your day.

Schedule relaxing days for yourself instead of making every day a shoot day. Remember that you are on vacation and enjoy the trip yourself.

2. Plan your trip 

Plan the locations you want to cover to shoot your video. Make sure that you plan vacation time for yourself too on the trip. Book hotels, engage tour guides if needed, and arrange transport before you travel. Engage with locals to get a peek at their unique culture and customs. Remember that locals are the best guides to discovering hidden, off-the-path locales. Also, keep local traditions in mind to avoid causing unintentional offense.

3. Equipment 

Having the right equipment for the shoot is crucial. You cannot use the same equipment at every location as you will not get unique shots. So, choose the right camera and lens for the place. If you are planning to shoot at a waterfall or a beach, then a GoPro would be a good choice as it is waterproof. If you have new equipment or lens, then before starting on the trip you should

  • Check the equipment and understand the features.
  • Experiment with it by taking candid videos.
  • Understand the different settings on the equipment and where to use them.

4. Video Editor 

Crafting your video content through the art of editing is a formidable undertaking. It necessitates a lucid and succinct conceptualization of the message you intend to articulate within your visual narrative. Amidst the myriad of video editing tools available, the daunting challenge emerges in the selection of the most appropriate one. Among the plethora of online video editing platforms, InVideo emerges as a conspicuous choice among discerning video content creators. This predilection towards InVideo derives from the cornucopia of formidable attributes it bestows upon its users, including but not limited to:

  • An expansive reservoir of 5000+ video templates.
  • An extensive library boasting over 9 million media assets.
  • Robust editing functionalities tailored to accommodate videos of up to 15 minutes in duration.

5. Different angles 

Creating a unique travel video is not easy as there are many videos out there. Try to create unique footage at popular destinations by trying different camera angles. This will help to create a different perspective of the same place. Use different types of lenses depending on your location to get good footage.

6. Export in high quality 

After shooting enough footage for your video, it is now time to edit it. Due to ignorance, most video creators neglect to export their raw footage in high quality. As a result, they often end up editing and posting low-quality videos online. These videos frequently need a lot of editing work to make them look eye-catching. As a result, these videos look fake and do not create a lot of interest. A simple solution here is to make sure that you export your raw footage at the highest quality possible.

7. Create a story 

Every video should tell a story to make it more personal. When shooting a video, it is often tempting to focus on your experience on the trip. But, to make successful video content, you have to make the viewers feel that they are behind the camera. The best way to achieve this is to focus on showing the location and its beauty rather than your experience. Instead of random footage of the place, create a story so that your viewers feel engaged. A good storyline will make the viewer feel like they are traveling with you.

Creating a storyline can be simple if you have the proper footage to work with. While editing, make sure that there is a proper flow in the visuals and that each frame has a connection to the next. This will help to create a seamless flow to the video, making it appealing.

8. Use the right pace for your video 

Make your travel video interesting by changing the footsteps of your travel video. Use slow motion to show the beauty of a location at a particular camera angle. Speed up the footage to create an adrenaline rush for the viewers. You can create an exciting or calming experience for your audience with the same footage. The trick lies in your editing skills as well as your location and selection of music.

9. Add the right music 

Choosing the right background music for your travel video is essential. This is because the right music will set the right tone for your video. It will help you to connect to your viewers better as they can experience the feeling that you want them to. The music tracks should add value to the content you have created.

10. Add your own personal touch 

To compete against other travel videos online, it is a good idea to add a personal touch. A personal touch can be as simple as a quirky sign-off at the end of your video or a welcome message for your viewers. This personal touch will help your viewers connect with you better.

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