Edgar Cut- Pop and Popular

edgar cut

Edgar cut is a haircut that looks like a bowl-shaped cut with a blunt fringe that hangs like a forehead mustache. In the cut, the hair stays longer on the top and an undercut is done to make it look like a bowl-shaped haircut. The haircut is very popular in the pop culture. It became … Read more

Apple Shaped celebrities: Top 10

apple shaped celebrities

There are Apple-shaped celebrities, about whom you must know to boost confidence. First and foremost is what exactly an apple-shaped body is? Apple-shaped body  The apple body shape is characterized by a curvy figure with a balanced bust and midriff. Women with apple-shaped bodies often have slender arms and legs. What Is Flattering For The … Read more

Red and black dress combination for women

red and black dress

Red and black dresses are the two absolute favorites for women. There would not be a single woman who doesn’t own a black or red dress in her closet. Be it a date night, a reunion, or some special occasion, these two color dresses take the women’s persona to another level altogether.  LBD, every lady … Read more

Andrew Glamour Shot Photography

andrew glamour shot

Andrew glamour shot Are you obsessed? Picture an old Hollywood image of an artist from the mid-century. Think about the very much-considered bends. The cheekbones are cut with shadows. The exemplary glory. That is what a glamour shot means.  However, glamour shots expand well past the predictable pictures of Hollywood stars. So where does the … Read more

Valentine’s Day Clothes: Top and sensational

Valentine's Day Clothes

Are you celebrating Valentine’s Day? If yes, then you’re lucky! It’s an obvious fact that your Valentine’s Day plans will probably look somewhat changed for the current year because of social distancing. But there is no compromise in the department of Valentine’s Day Fashion. Because this Day is the reason itself to get all dressed up. Doing fashion, … Read more

Vietnam haircut: Everything you need to know

vietnam haircut

Vietnamese haircut has shifted from traditional Vietnam haircut to some modern and trendy haircut trends. Nowadays, both men, as well as women, have drastically changed their haircut preferences. In older days, Vietnamese haircut for women was long black silky hair. Hairdo Trends for women have changed in Vietnam. It has changed a ton during the … Read more