3 Awesome Reasons to Make Your Next Holiday a Wisconsin Vacation

There’s a reason why even the most seasoned city dwellers opt for Wisconsin vacation rentals when they can. After all, how can they resist the temptation of a vacation steeped in rich local culture?

There are plenty of ways you can make the most of your Wisconsin vacation. This guide will give you a few great ideas as to how.

So keep reading to learn more. Below, we’ll offer three awesome ideas for your Wisconsin vacation.

1. Romantic Cabin Getaway

You might be wondering, “Are there any romantic cabin getaways near me?” Well, if you’re anywhere near Wisconsin, then the answer is yes. You’ll find the best vacation spots in Wisconsin, a state more than capable of helping you and a loved one escape for a romantic vacation.

There are plenty of cabin lodges situated near nature. Depending on the season you book a room in, you can cozy up with your partner near a snowy expanse, a trail littered with beautiful autumn leaves, or a busy yet peaceful forest floor outside.

But that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to do. Booking a room at a cabin lodge is the perfect opportunity to have a spa day, take a gorgeous hike, and have complete and unadulterated privacy. So if you and your partner need a break, head to Wisconsin!

2. Cheese, Brats, and Beers

For some people, kicking back and relaxing involves some good grub and brew. If that applies to you, then it’s time to look into Wisconsin vacation rentals.

Wisconsin is home to many of the nation’s oldest breweries — including Miller and Pabst. But of course, you’re probably more interested in the artisanal brews that locals have an expert grasp on. Many of these are also not available over state lines, which should give you plenty of incentive to visit.

One of the few things better than a good beer is a beer with great food. Wisconsin’s famous dairy industry and local dedication to great sausages will be sure to remind you of that. While you can get all three of these concoctions at any chain grocery store, enjoying them in Wisconsin is both a meal and an experience.

3. Cherry-Picking

Debating on an itinerary for Wisconsin family vacations? Well, out of all places to vacation in Wisconsin, a location near a cherry orchard is bound to offer some of the most unique family fun.

There, you and your family can pick Wisconsin’s very own Montmorency tart cherries. Make sure you head over during the summer when this fruit is seasonally sweet and juicy.

But this isn’t only an adventure defined by labor. The orchard’s locale offers plenty of displays exhibiting locals’ pride in its cherry agriculture, from cherry salsa, pie, and wine! You can even partake in the cherry spitting contest, which will surely make this a trip to remember.

Plan Your Perfect Wisconsin Vacation!

Whether you’re a Wisconsin native or a vacationer willing to cross state lines, you’ve now got some Wisconsin vacation ideas at your fingertips. By now, you’re close to deciding what you want to do while in-state. If that’s true, don’t hesitate to road trip or take a plane ride!

This guide should have offered three awesome ideas for a Wisconsin vacation. If it did, then check out the rest of our content! We’ve got plenty of ideas for readers such as you.

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