8 Reasons to Move to Limassol, Cyprus

Moving to another country or city is a decision you make from a point of information. You need to create for yourself an optimal living experience in the new land. Otherwise, you may live to regret the decision. You should learn as much as you can about the place. Know the right locations where you can settle and understand the general lifestyle of the people inhabiting it. In this case, before getting to know houses for sale in Limassol, Cyprus you need to first get expert advice.

Known as a paradise Island to many, Cyprus is home to Limassol, the city with a lot to desire. With the Mediterranean Sea surrounding it, this beautiful island boasts long coastal lines. It has attractive sandy beaches and unmatched scenery.

Limassol is the hub for tourism and investment due to the favorable tax rates and the transport links to the other EU states. While these few attributes may compel you to move to Limassol, there are many more reasons that can affirm your decision:

Amazing Coastal Line and Fine Beaches

Cyprus in general has beautiful sandy beaches that make up its long coastline. Limassol is a major city in Cyprus has the Potamos area with the biggest share of this remarkable gift of nature. While beautiful beaches mean great beachfront properties, the houses for sale in Limassol make up the majority of the beachfront houses on demand.

Homeowners and tenants enjoy the swimming experience, bike riding, and beachfront hotels serving authentic continental cuisine. If you are into skiing, diving, or taking long walks on the beach, then Limassol is your home.

Limassol Is Part of the European Union

One of the main benefits of being in Limassol, Cyprus is easy to access real estate. This is through the houses for sale in Limassol. Now imagine your residency in Limassol unlocking great opportunities for you to access the EU market and invest in it. Impressive, isn’t it? When you live in Limassol, Cyprus, you get the same rights that other main European Union states enjoy.

Cypriot Citizenship or Residency through Investment

Serious investors go where business is. Limassol is a city with a lot of immigrants seeking housing solutions. Therefore, if you are an investor considering the houses for sale in Limassol, you will be guaranteed tenancy; hence returns on your investment. Not only will you make money in Limassol, but you will also get permanent residency with a 300,000 euros investment. You will be granted citizenship upon investing anything above 2 million Euros.

Best Weather All Year Long

If you are coming from the North Pole or any other region with very cold weather, then Limassol, Cyprus is your ideal place. What attracts many tourists is the fact that Limassol, and Cyprus in general, has warm weather all year long. The only time Limassol gets extremely hot is during summer in July and August. Other than that, it is always a satisfying holiday experience with the perfect relaxing weather.

Great Hospitality from the Native Cypriots

What many foreigners always struggle with before moving to a new country is the question of whether the people there are hospitable or hostile. There are countries or regions where strangers are not welcome and you would have a hard time just getting past their border posts.

Well, this is not the case with Limassol in Cyprus. Whenever you visit this beautiful island or settle amongst them, you will experience a very warm and accommodating attitude from the natives. Even when considering houses for sale in Limassol, you can rest easy knowing that you will always feel at home.

Cypriots Are English Speakers

One of the concerns you would have when moving to another country is language and communication. Another question you would ask yourself is, “Am I likely to experience a barrier in communication with these people?” If you are planning on moving to Limassol, you do not have to worry about this.

Limassol is a cosmopolitan city with a diverse population. It has people from all over the world. English is the main language. Foreigners easily blend in with the residents. And this is what makes the houses for sale in Limassol attractive to home hunters.

Safety Standards Are Very High for Houses for Sale in Limassol

If you are looking to invest in houses for sale in Limassol or just spend your holidays there, then you do not have to worry about security. From Limassol to the entire island of Cyprus, security has never been an issue. In fact, in the entire Europe, Limassol is considered one of the safest cities to live in. The safety standards set by the Cyprus authorities are very high and reassuring.

A City with Great Investment Opportunities

It goes without saying that any city in the world that is a tourism hotspot is definitely a good place for investment. Limassol has drawn many people worldwide. People who seek to do business, work, study or spend their holidays in its beautiful locations.

The more expatriates in an area, the more the demand for housing in the form of rental villas and apartments. The investment opportunities are not only the houses for sale in Limassol but also hotel investments and other businesses.

Final Thoughts

As the world is experiencing a fast-paced advancement in development, more and more places are opening up thanks to technology. Limassol is advancing more, technologically, structurally, and holistically as a work and holiday destination.

Ultimately, Limassol is and will always be the city that fulfills your hopes and dreams. It is a city with the best views, a conducive environment for a quiet relaxing life that is safe and full of investment opportunities. So why not take that giant leap and make Limassol your new home?

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