De-role techniques for Getting Out of Character

De-role is the process of getting yourself out of a character once you have finished giving your performance and knowing where to draw the line between your character’s world and your personal life. 

The process of de-rolling is quite simple. Usually, a person performs and steps back into reality, forgetting their character’s life. However, the process of de-rolling can sometimes be as complicated as getting into a character. 

Some actors find it difficult to get out of their character as they get too involved emotionally and start living or fantasizing about living their characters’ lives. This becomes unhealthy if not taken care of and can harm an actor’s performance as well as their mental health. 

This article discusses a few techniques you can use if you have trouble de-rolling or the next time you want to get out of a character: 

#1. Do not forget to cool down 

You must be used to warm up before a performance. How about you try cooling down after your performance? As an actor, you must stretch all of your body’s major muscle groups and be aware of breathing out any emotions that have been kept inside you as you release all the tension.  

#2. Let go of your character 

Ask yourself if there are any belongings of your character that are close to your heart. If the answer is yes, let those belongings go. Get out of your character’s clothes and wear what you usually wear. 

  • If your character has a different hairstyle, walks, and talks, let go. 
  • Think about the person you are. Every individual is different and therefore, you need to remind yourself of the person you truly are. 
  • If you find it difficult to de-role, do not keep any of the character’s personal belongings around you. 

#3. Take the help of others 

Quite often, meeting the people who play an important role in your life is an effective way to de-role. If you are having trouble getting out of your character, seek the help of the people in your life. 

  • Reach out to your family and friends and set up a meeting. 
  • Meeting them will likely remind you of the life you used to have and might even pull you out into reality. 
  • Share how you are feeling with your loved ones. As they know you the best, they might be able to help you get over this phase. 

#4. Get active 

The advantages of physical activity are known to all. However, did you know one of the most effective techniques of getting out of a character is by doing some exercise?  

So, put on your shoes and get going to do some physical workouts. It will help you release all the tension in your body and will allow you to take the mind of your character and focus on yourself. 

  • You can try skipping a rope for a few minutes or go for a walk or a jog. 
  • You can try to play your favorite sports. For instance, if you like football, go to the field and play football. It will help you retain your identity back.

#5. Remember it is just a phase

It is scary not being able to get out of a character. However, you must not lose hope and remember that it is just a rough phase. With time, it will become easier to let go of your character. 

  • Do not keep your feelings bottled inside you. Share them with someone you trust or write them down. 
  • Meditate. It works like magic!
  • Take some counseling sessions if you feel the need. 
  • Do all the things you enjoy and do it with people whom you love. 

Are you still finding it difficult to de-role? Worry not, we have the ultimate solution for you.

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De-rolling isn’t just the exciting stage, right? It’s the vital skill of separating yourself from your character. Techniques like cool-down exercises and social connection can help you shed the role and return to yourself. Remember, de-rolling is a journey, not a destination. Prioritize it for your well-being and to fuel future performances.

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