The Baby Changing Table Dresser

Changing table or dresser? One of the main questions that arise in the mind of parents. Which one is better? Is an option of changing table dresser available? All these questions run through parents with newborns or parents-to-be. For a newborn baby, a total of 10 diapers is easily consumable. As a result, having a comfortable place to change these diapers will be best for your back. Banding halfway and changing diapers is a herculean task.


Usually, a changing table is the best suit for diaper changing. The changing tables are also a usual item on the list of newborn parents. However, if you have a different plan in your mind to go with having a dresser, a separate changing table will not be necessary. Having both changing table and dresser in a short space in your nursery may not be possible. 

Hence,  a regular dresser with a changing pad on the top, a  changing table dresser is a better option. There are also many alternatives for this popping out over the years. This type of baby changing station will be more beneficial than a classic changing table. 

The main difference between a baby changing table and dressers with pads are:-

Storage set up.

  • The baby changing table has open and easily accessible storage spaces.
  • However, dressers often have only regular drawers.
  • Storage space in changing table is in use to store baby items like:-
  • Diapers.
  • Diaper Cream.
  • Wipes.
  • Extra clothes.
  • Rash creams etc.
  • On the other hand, a dresser can also hold all these baby items but might use the drawers for storage of clothes, instead.

Design of the top surface.

  • A baby changing table is having raised edges on top to fit a pad, so that baby is safe from all three sides which prevents rolling over.
  • However, the baby changing table dresser is usually flat on top and keeping pads on top without any raised edges.
  • A baby changing table is sometimes provided with straps to keep the baby in place.
  • On the other hand, dressers may not be having any straps.


  • Most of the changing tables are freestanding but have options for wall mounting.
  • Whereas, the dressers are always free-standing.


  • Since the changing table with drawers come up for a specific purpose, it has a height of 36” to 42”
  • Whereas, dressers come in a variety of heights and sizes. 


The main uses and characteristics of changing table are:-

  • In a baby changing station, a changing table provides you a place for easy changing of the diaper of your child.
  • It helps in neatly arranging and storing diapers, wipes, diaper cream, and every item you require for a swift change.
  • Changing tables may be very smooth in design, or extra substantial as per the look you prefer for your nursery.
  • Some best changing tables have drawers and cabinets to keep items hidden. Whereas, others have open shelves.
  • Changing tables ranges from as low as $100 to $1000.
  •  The higher prices may be due to the brand name.
  • You can find reasonably priced and amazing tables if you have the patience to search and you are not going for a particular brand.
  • The pros and cons of the changing table are:-


  • More convenient as focused on a particular use.
  • Multiple styles are available in market
  • Changing tables always come with safety features as they are for babies.


  • The changing table can be sometimes very expensive.
  • It can be a little space-consuming as all will not have room for both changing table and a dresser in the nursery.


The changing table dresser is dressers with changing pads on top. The dressers can become efficient changing tables.  On considering certain points you can easily convert a dresser into a changing table dresser. The main characteristics of these changing table dresser are:-

  • They are flat on top.
  • Even they offer storage
  • Many dressers come with a height of 36” to 42” which is an ideal height for a changing table.
  • By adding a changing pad on the top of a dresser you can easily convert it into a changing table dresser.
  • Dressers are available in quite a few patterns and finishes.
  • So with ease, you can locate one which can go together with your nursery décor.
  • You can also add some updates to the dresser to make it extra convenient.
  • Also, you can fix a towel bar to the side of the dresser to hang a diaper holder or fix a garage basket to such a location for wipes and diapers.
  • However, the drawers can be of use to store:-
  1. Baby’s clothes.
  2. Wipes.
  3. Diapers.
  4. Other baby supplies.
  • Even an antique dresser at your home can have a conversion into a changing table dresser.


  • Provides a huge amount of storage in the baby nursery.
  • It saves the extra space of a changing table as this is 2-in-1.
  • Even though dressers are not coming with raised edges for safety, but a great number of changing pad for the top of a dresser is readily available in the market.
  • These changing pads serve the same feature.
  • Some changing pad comes with raised edges and some with buckles.
  • Opting for such changing pad is better for a dresser.
  • Dressers also can be both inexpensive or extremely high-end depending on their brand and material.
  • However, changing pads using on top of these dressers are cheap.
  • They also have washable covers that are removable and take out for washing. 
  • Also, they are a better option if you are shot in space in a nursery.
  • Since the baby changing dresser has a lot of drawers, you can get a large amount of storage. 
  • It is a piece of double-duty furniture that acts as both a dresser and a baby changing station.



1. More storage

  •  Have more storage than a changing table.
  • Some of the drawers will be in use for baby essentials.
  • However, other drawers can be a great use for onesies and other clothes.

2. Cost-effective

  • A basic dresser that is strong can do the job.
  • Offers a lot of storage for less money compared to a changing table,


1. Safety

  • They do not have raised edges on top.
  • This may affect the safety of your baby.
  • But a changing pad with a contoured edge and strap will overcome this problem.

2. Basic Storage

  • Drawers are the only option usually available in a dresser.
  • Some open storage is also necessary for a changing table dresser.
  • But you can make personalized adjustments in creating open storage as per your requirement.


The main difference is that changing tables have a design with a single purpose while dressers are for basic storage. So a changing table dresser with a good changing pad with contoured edges and straps will be a great success than a normal changing table. Such a 2-in-1 changing table dresser will be a great success for any parents.