Traveling With Kids to Pigeon Forge?

There are so many benefits of traveling with kids. Not only will they learn about new cultures, but you can also teach them how people live life outside of what’s on TV or in books!

Traveling with your kids helps you and the kids gain new experiences. Your kids will get out of their comfort zones and experience exciting things they might not be able to do back home. Moreover, traveling is a great way to make memories with the family and strengthen your relationships.

So have you decided to enjoy a fun and relaxing time with your family by taking a trip to Pigeon Forge? That’s exciting!

Whether your kids are young or teenagers, a trip to Pigeon Forge will, undoubtedly, be full of joy and excitement. After all, the destination offers a wide variety of breathtaking views, outdoor adventures, entertainment, dining options, and more.

However, do you find the idea of traveling to Pigeon Forge with kids overwhelming? In that case, read the below tips to make your trip less stressful and more memorable:

1. Leave for the trip at the right time

Traveling with kids is no walk in the park. Parents need to think about the best time for them if they want some peace. A good idea would be to pick an hour when your kids are sleeping so you can have some privacy too.

2. Decide where to stay

Your kids might not even realize they are weary, but they need some downtime to rejuvenate. Thus, type in kid-friendly hotels Pigeon Forge on the internet and book an affordable and cozy room for your family. 

The hotel offers a lot of entertainment, so while you and your spouse can relax, kids can engage in activities such as painting, game night, arts and crafts, etc.

3. Allow kids to pick the activity

There is no denying that Pigeon Forge offers various fun-filled and family-friendly activities. So before you even arrive at the destination with your kids, sit with them and plan activities. That way, your kids will research the destination and feel valued. Fun fact: your kids are most likely to pick fun activities, so you and your spouse are in for a thrilling adventure.

4. Pack entertainment items

Kids quickly get bored. So when taking your kids on vacation, it’s better to have various diversions so your kids can always remain engaged in something. For example, you can download kid-friendly movies so the kids can watch them while traveling. Or, if they are fond of reading, give them books, or let them listen to their favorite audiobooks.

5. Don’t forget snacks!

Of course, you don’t wish your kids to be cranky at the train station or the airport or while you are on the way to the decided destination. Therefore, bringing snacks on the trip is always a good idea. Taking easy-to-pack nutritious snacks will keep your kids happy, fit, and energized.

Once you have prepared the right way for your trip, here comes the next question: where to take your kids? Below is the list of exciting places you must visit with your kids while on your trip to pigeon forge:

1. Dollywood 

A vacation with kids is incomplete if there is no trip to a theme park. However, in Pigeon Forge, you have nothing to worry about! 

Thus, head over to the world’s famous Dollywood Theme Park, owned and operated by Dolly Parton. The 15-acre amusement park offers exhilarating activities for all – kids, teens, and adults.

The park offers adrenaline-pumping rides for kids of all ages; toddlers, young kids, and teenagers. Some common rides may include Busy Bees, Lemon Twist, Rockin’ Roadway, Tennessee Tornado, etc. 

Moreover, if your kids are into art and craft, allow them to embrace the culture of craftsmanship. Are you visiting Pigeon Forge in the summer? No worries, many waterfall attractions can keep your kid cool and enjoy, including Little Creek Falls, Big Bear Plunge, Downbound Float Trip, and more.

2. Hollywood wax museum

Do your kids want to chat with their favorite Hollywood screen artists or take pictures? Then, look no other than the famous Hollywood Wax Museum. You don’t need to worry because the thrilling destination is indoors and accessible every day of the year.

The 22,000-square-foot museum displays realistic wax replicas of famous Hollywood actors and musicians. 

When you visit the museum, it is impossible to miss King Kong, perched on the tower along the Pathway. Inside, you and your kids can dance with Michael Jackson, snap a picture with Marilyn Monroe or Tom Cruise, and hang out with Johnny Depp. The two-story museum allows its visitors to use props and costumes so the pictures can fit with the characters for cocktail-party appearances or on the red carpet.

3. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The trip to Pigeon Forge is incomplete if you and your kids haven’t been to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The well-known park has no entry fees and offers its visitors mind-blowing natural beauty attractions. So whether you are taking your family to this beautiful park for sightseeing or thrilling outdoor activities, your family will love the spot and wish to return again and again.

If your kids are under the age range of 5-12, head to the visitor center and purchase a Junior Ranger Booklet. Encourage your kids to complete the booklet activities and return to receive a Junior Ranger badge. Moreover, before heading to the park, take your kids to the Sugarlands Visitor Center, where you can enjoy a free 21-minute movie about the park, park exhibits, and more.

Inside, there are many kid-friendly hiking options, such as Laurel Falls Trail, Clingman’s Dome, Appalachian Trail, etc. You can also enjoy a family picnic in this mesmerizing park. 

Furthermore, you can also join a family adventure program by enrolling in the Institute at Tremont. The program has family-friendly activities such as hiking, camping, swimming, crafts, and wildlife demonstration.


No wonder traveling with kids may seem daunting and chaotic. But at the same time, it is also a great way to see the world in a new light with your family. Therefore, prepare adequately for your vacation if you want a memorable and joyful experience.

Don’t get fooled by the size of this small town. Pigeon Forge has a surprising number of family-friendly activities. And the best part is you can take your kids to this charming destination at any time of the year. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and hit the road with your kids!