6 Plumbing Upgrades to Improve Your Home’s Value

Plumbing is one of your home’s core systems. Making strategic upgrades in this area will improve your quality of life while in the home and boost the resale value if you plan to sell. Choosing which upgrades to make, however, can be a challenge.

Here are six plumbing upgrades to consider when remodeling and upgrading your house.

Add a Second Bathroom

If you only have one bathroom in your house, adding another is one of the highest-value upgrades you can make. People who have lived without a second bathroom don’t know what they’re missing, but it’s hard to go back after experiencing life with multiple bathrooms— especially with a growing family and spending more time at home.

Find a reliable Plumbing Repair and service provider to scope out this remodeling project. Your trusted plumber will be able to identify any existing issues within the house that should be repaired first and provide guidance on the overall task at hand. Adding a second bathroom can increase the home’s value by an average of 5.7% and increase its attractiveness to potential buyers. 

Add a Ground-Floor Laundry Room

Accessible living is an important topic of conversation in the construction and house design world. The idea is to create homes for people of varying abilities and ages for a more accepting, inclusive world. This shift includes things like adding open spaces, wheelchair-accessible counters, and door handles rather than traditional doorknobs. Many areas are mandating these changes in new builds.

You can make your home more accessible and add value to the modern market by installing a ground-level laundry room. This feature is also beneficial if you’re in your forever home, so you can age in place. Adding laundry on the main floor minimizes the risk of falling with trips up and down the stairs. It’s also ideal for the parents of young children who have plenty of laundries to catch up on but can’t always wait for naptime. 

According to a 2021 study by the National Association of Home Builders, 87% of buyers consider a separate laundry room as an essential feature, with 63% of buyers indicating a preference for a laundry room on the first floor. 

Install an On-Demand Water Heater

On-demand (tankless) water heaters are relatively new but are becoming more popular with each passing year. It’s expected that they’ll be considered the norm within the next ten years, with buyers expecting to see them and adding contingencies if they’re not in place.

An on-demand water heater replaces heating tanks for a more eco-friendly, reliable alternative. These wall-mounted heaters heat water as it flows through the pipes, ensuring continuous access to hot water without the continuous energy consumption that’s common with water tanks.

Upgrade to Low-Flow Fixtures and Toilets

If you live in an older home, one of the best upgrades you can make is switching out old faucets and toilets for low-flow models. This simple upgrade will pay for itself within the year. Furthermore, buyers expect to see these features.

It’s important to note that the modern models are much more efficient and functional than the first ones to hit the market over a decade ago. Sustainability is a top consideration among modern homebuyers, and these upgrades are considered a must.

Add a Water Filtration System

Water filtration systems are another eco-friendly upgrade that attracts buyers. Having filtered water at home means less reliance on bottled water. It also contributes to better overall health and wellness. Consider a whole-house filtration system or adding a filtered water tap to your kitchen sink.

Water filtration is especially valuable in rural areas that don’t have access to municipal water. Work with a plumbing expert to determine the best course of action for your home.

Add a Smart Shower System

With people spending so much more time at home in recent years, it should come as no surprise that spa-inspired bathrooms are attractive to buyers. Many homeowners have made luxurious bathroom upgrades during the pandemic to create a private escape within the comfort of their own homes.

Smart shower systems are a fun, high-value upgrade for your bathroom. These systems can integrate with your smart home assistant (Alexa, Google, etc.) for a personalized shower experience. You can use the settings to adjust the temperature to a specific degree, change the water pressure or flow, and even save personal settings for everyone in the house. Many smart shower systems also have Bluetooth speakers and controls, so you can listen to your morning mix and get ready to take on the day.

These systems also appeal to eco-conscious buyers, as they have timers and consumption settings so you can minimize your environmental impact.

These plumbing upgrades can add tremendous value to your home. Consider these remodeling projects if you plan to sell, or pick away at them over time if this is yours forever home.