Best Cross Handle Bathroom Faucet for 2022

Everybody wants a modern home today. A modern home has stylish furnishing, false ceiling lights, needful but attractive furniture, some beautiful paintings, and a stylish bathroom too. This article is about cross handle bathroom faucet.

Many people today want to renovate their home into a modern stylish one. I hope you do the same. But I don’t want you to miss one major place in your home that most people forget.

That’s true. A bathroom is a place that gives you some quality time with yourself. In my point of view, I would love to enjoy it peacefully and in awe. I seriously don’t want to be in disguise after watching the stains and poor-quality taps here & there. I hope the same with you. 

Here in this blog, I will share with you the best element you can add to your bathrooms. A fantastic cross handle bathroom faucet. 

What is a Cross Handle Bathroom Faucet?

Cross handles faucets came into existence in the middle of the twentieth century when a person felt the need for warm and cool water from the same tap. This incident happened in the year 1937 and the man was Alfred Moen. The cross faucets have two handles attached to tap on the axial of the tool. 

Cross Handle faucets give you more control over the tap. You can control the water flow with both the faucets. Each one has the capacity to flow water from the tap at full speed. The main purpose of cross faucets is to control the heat of the water. 

Best Cross Handle Bathroom Faucets for your bathroom

Here is a list of some of the best cross handle bathroom faucets for your home. These are the best in design and are easily affordable. 

1. CZ328101CPUS Wall Mounted Bathroom Faucet: 

A pure brass bathroom faucet for your home. You can install it in your washrooms or bathrooms. This is a 2-handle 3 holes installation faucet. It has a spout height of 2.8” and is rust-resistant. The faucet weighs about 3.55 lb. 

This faucet is a wall mounting system with high-quality durability. You can easily expect no breaking in an extremely cold situation. Its quality also ensures not having any scratches, corrosion, or tarnishing. 

This faucet has gone through 600,000 cycles of testing. You can rely on this faucet for a minimum of 10 years. 

You can buy this Cross Handle Bathroom Faucet for $67 from the official website of way fair. 

2. Mingsheng Ancient cross handle faucet: 

A center set cross-handle faucet with a matte black finish and stylish two handles on the opposite axis. This faucet is of a waterfall design. The total faucet height is 11.25” and its spout height is 8.62”. Its spout has 7.67” inches in length and it weighs about 5.48 lb. 

The faucet features a deck plate and metal drain & supply lines. It is fit for a 3-hole, 4-in configuration. You can use this faucet in bathrooms, sinks, or kitchen sinks easily. 

The faucet gives easy control over the warm and cool water flow through the faucet. The high design of the spout swivels easily in 360 degrees of rotation. 

The quality of the faucet is super high. It can easily resist any scratches, corrosion, and tarnishing. 

The faucet is made up of a mix of copper and stainless steel alloy. Its maximum flow rate is 1.2 gallons per minute. 

You can buy this cross-handle bathroom faucet for $112 only from the official website of way fair. 

3. 1905-BG Cross Handle Bathroom Faucet: 

A small in size but great in style faucet for your bathroom. Its spout height is only 2.17”. This faucet has a 360-degree supporting swivel height and is stain & rust-resistant. It is durable enough to not gain any scratches or spots. 

The overall product weight is 5.3 lb. Its total height is 3.54”. Its top-to-bottom spout height is 2.17” and front to back length is 7.87”.  

The manufacturers have tested this faucet with high & low pressure and made sure that it must be drip-free. 

It is a wall-mounting faucet with three installation holes. The whole set includes handles and a deck plate. This product offers you a lifetime warranty. 

You can easily use this stylish faucet in your bathroom, washroom, or kitchen sinks. This cross-handle bathroom sink faucet will indeed make your bathroom more stylish. 

This faucet is available only for $100 on the official website of way fair. 

4. Cross Handle Single Hole Bathroom Faucet: 

A cross handle faucet with a spout height of 6.6”. The faucet holds a classy touch in its design and stylish gold, silver, and matte black color. The total faucet height is 10” whereas the spout height is 6.6” only. Front to back length of this faucet is 5.5”. The product weighs 3.75 lb. 

It is a wall-mounting faucet with a single-hole installation process. The product does not have a deck plate and drain assembly. The primary in this faucet is metal. This faucet has a Maximum flow rate of 1.2 gallons per minute. 

The faucet is rust-resistant, stain-resistant, and scratch-resistant. However, I would suggest you take care of this element in your bathroom. 

The classic golden color with a classy style can give your home a royal style. If you are ready to buy a quality faucet, it is a great option to choose from. 

You can buy this faucet only for $268 from the official website of way fair. 

5. Millennium Widespread Bathroom Faucet with Drain Assembly: 

This is a very cool modern faucet with medium height. The faucet comes in many colors. However, the bronze color looks the best. It has a total height of 4.5” whereas the spout is 3.38” in height and length, it is also 3.38”. The overall product weighs a total of 7.56 lb. The whole set includes 2 handles, a drain assembly, and a valve. 

It is a cross-handle widespread bathroom faucet with 3 installation holes. It is rust & corrosion-resistant and has a maximum flow rate of 1.2 gallons per minute. 

This faucet gains the attention of many customers as its design is fully stylish yet classy. It is a product worth purchasing. After installation, it can easily last up to 10 years. 

You can buy this from the official website of way fair for $215 only.

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