A selection of African must-visit countries 

As a continent, Africa hasn’t always been accessible to holidaymakers on the whole. In the modern world, though, an African adventure is more obtainable than you might think, especially given the offerings in a variety of different nations, with some even appealing to the budget-friendly traveler. While you might have to put any home improvement plans on hold to cover the cost of everything, there are a number of African countries that are well worth investing in.

From deliciously unique cuisine to a number of amazing nature-filled experiences, Africa is a continent that has so much to offer.

There is a range of other appealing aspects when it comes to venturing into this part of the world. You can learn about history and culture, immerse yourself in a glorious setting, meet the locals, relax on pristine beaches, enjoy some extreme activities, and everything else in between. Overall, Africa’s holiday package appeals to plenty of holidaymakers. 

If you’re considering going on an African adventure but perhaps aren’t too sure about exactly where to go, below is a low-down on some of the continent’s must-visit countries and why they can cater to your vacation away. 


While other African countries tend to hog the limelight ahead of Tanzania, this popular safari destination is a hidden gem on the whole. For starters, the Serengeti National Park is often considered the best safari destination in Africa, while Tanzania also boasts some of the top diving options and beach spots on the planet. You might even fancy climbing to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro while you’re there, too. Overall, Tanzania has plenty of options to enjoy. 


If you’ve always had an interest in ancient Egypt and its significant history, then it’s a country that will surely appeal. The meeting point of Africa and the Mediterranean, Egypt’s offering is unlike anywhere else on the planet. While UNESCO world heritage sites of the iconic pyramids are unmissable, there are other things to do while you’re there. For instance, the country is known as one of the best places for diving on the planet.

Its hot weather and pristine beaches make for the perfect environment to unwind in, too. The country is known for its hospitality also and has a wide selection of excellent hotels. Overall, Egypt’s unique package entices many travelers.  

South Africa


Somewhat understandably, given that it’s the experience of a lifetime, many people venture to this part of the world to go on a safari. In terms of safari destinations, South Africa is easily one of the best options around, with the likes of Kruger National Park appearing high on many peoples’ lists. As well as taking in the Big Five, you can also enjoy an array of other delights in this stunningly beautiful country with a dark past. South Africa is also famous for destination weddings, which are referred to as safari weddings in South Africa.

Cape Town’s museums are interesting, iconic natural wonders like Table Mountain are well worth experiencing, and you’ll be able to enjoy some delicious food and drink while you’re there, alongside a whole host of other unmissable opportunities. 


Representing a peaceful escape for many holidaymakers, Madagascar’s natural beauty separates it from many of Africa’s other nations. Surrounded by coral reefs and crystal clear waters, there are excellent diving opportunities there, as well as the opportunity to enjoy other water sports and go fishing. Also featuring national parks and luxurious resorts with plenty to offer for the average visitor, Madagascar is a fantastic option. 

Other African countries to consider include Zambia, Malawi, Botswana, Morocco, Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Cape Verde, and Senegal. 


Africa is a destination that offers something for everyone. Africa is a place of endless discovery and adventure. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach holiday, an action-packed adventure, or a Safari destination, Africa has something to offer.