All the Essentials For an Awesome Camping Trip

Here are 15 things you shouldn’t leave home without if you’re looking to have an awesome camping trip! 

More Americans are hitting the road in their RVs than ever before. And why wouldn’t they? We live in a beautiful country full of stunning scenery and entertaining attractions. 

New and experienced campers are heading out on the road for the first time in months. So, we’ve put together this list to make your next trip your best one yet. 

Here are 15 essentials for an awesome camping trip: 

#15 – Sunscreen 

Let’s start with something pragmatic but often forgotten. There is nothing worse than getting a bad sunburn on holiday. Save yourself the hassle and pop a bottle of factor 50 in your bag before you leave. 

#14 – A wifi booster 

Wifi hubs have become so advanced that we can even take them on holiday with us now! Want to write your novel on your next trip? Now you can! Want to binge-watch Firefly whilst looking out at Yellowstone? Now you can. 

Make sure to pack a wifi booster so you can get wifi in every part of your RV. 

#13 – A heated blanket 

It can get cold when camping, even in the middle of summer. If you’re someone who hates being cold, then you are going to fall in love with this item. 

When you’re packing your bedding into your RV, don’t forget to include a heated blanket. It will keep you toasty and warm when the sun sets and stars come out. 

#12 – S’mores ingredients 

We don’t think we need to elaborate on this one… If you’re camping without s’mores you’re doing it wrong!  

#11 – Maps of the area (waterproof ones!) 

One of the easiest ways to have an awesome camping trip is to be prepared. Bringing local maps with you is a great way to be prepared without being strict. 

Want to go on a detour? No problem, you’ve got a map! Think you’re a little bit lost? No problem, you’ve got a map!  Desperately need snacks? No problem! 

#10 – A netted hammock 

You don’t know true relaxation until you’ve napped in a hammock. 

Hammocks barely take up any space. They’re easy to assemble. And you can put them up nearly anywhere. And if it rains? Well, you can just set your hammock up inside your RV! 

#9 – The perfect road trip playlist 

Trust us, this is essential! Pack your playlist full of high-energy tracks that will keep you singing all the way to the campsite. Don’t forget to bring your guitar or have your friend teach you how to play the guitar

#8 – Spare batteries and matches 

This one sounds simple but you will be surprised by how much trouble you can get into if you forget to pack these two! 

Pack battery sizes for all the battery-powered appliances you’re bringing. You should keep your spare batteries in a waterproof casing and on you at all times. 

#7 – Books, films, and board games 

Speaking of emergencies… if one of your days has rained off, then you are going to want to make sure you have a good supply of entertainment handy. 

Books, films, and board games are a great option as everyone in the family can enjoy them. And they don’t take up much space. 

#6 – Waterproof clothing 

Whether you’re hiking or simply hanging out at the campsite, you should be prepared for the freak weather changes this country is prone to. 

Waterproof clothing will help to keep you warm and dry no matter what the weather is doing! 

#5 – The right toilet chemicals 

The last thing you want to happen is to be out in the middle of nowhere with no safe way to empty your toilet. Before you leave check that you have all the correct chemicals, cleaning solutions, and refills for your toilet. You may even want to bring a spare set of everything with you. 

#4 – An emergency breakdown kit 

Breakdown services can be slow to respond when you’re traveling around on the back roads. Keep an emergency breakdown kit in your RV. This will enable you to fix the minor problems yourself, and keep you safe if you have to spend a few hours waiting on the side of the road. 

#3 – A reliable RV 

To avoid needing to use item #4 make sure the RV you purchase is a well-built and reliable one. Not sure you know enough about RVs to make that choice on your own? 

Check out a trusted Camper guide site, and see what their top RV picks are. 

#2 – A portable grill 

Can you have a camping holiday without a night of delicious BBQ food? We would say the answer to that question is no. 

While most camping sites will let you rent a grill, pack your own to guarantee you’ll have one to use. They come in a range of sizes, so make sure you pick one that’s the perfect size for the group you’re traveling with. 

#1 – A first aid kit 

This is the most important item that you can bring on your camping trip. Make sure your first aid kit is fully stocked before you set out on your trip. 

You may even want to pack extras of key items like bandages, band-aids, burn gel, and aftersun.