Best House Designs in Europe

Being home to so many different cultures and lifestyles, Europe is one of the most versatile continents on the planet. With endless history to be discovered across the countries, you can learn more about the history by taking a walk down the local streets and seeing some of the unique house designs that date back. We have delved into some of the most eye-catching European architecture, picking out some of the most notable designs which have made a statement across the centuries.


Standing out from many other nations, Britain is home to endless architectural features and landmarks which are unlike any other place in the world. Talented architects in London produce stunning homes which reflect the surroundings and historical characteristics to maintain a traditional aesthetic that combines the modern era with old styles. Common designs incorporate sharply pitched roofing, half-timbering, exposed brickwork, and decorative ceilings.

Many house designs take inspiration from the famous design of Buckingham Palace, bringing in features such as gold within a color scheme, high ceilings, and traditional furnishings.

Czech Republic

Known for its cold climate and remote villages, the Czech Republic offers a completely new level of design that can be recognized. Many homes are built in a traditional log cabin design, utilizing unmilled logs that create a unique finish. Although ‘log cabin’ is not traditionally used as a description since it confuses the traditional cabin aesthetic as we know it with the reality of the smaller and less rustic finish which is complete with metal plates for a hidden finish.

These styles of housing tend to be long and thin. Split into layers that span underground to create more space than immediately visible from the outset.


Being designed in line with the traditional European style of basing towns and villages around a central square. Slovenia is home to some traditional home designs which can be identify across the nations. With town centers being very central to home all of the amenities are in one focus location. Residential streets span off of the center and maintain a tranquil feel as homes sit in quiet and empty streets.

The interiors and exteriors of these homes tend to adopt a minimalistic appearance. White stone walls and orange clay tiling on the roof, maintain similar aesthetics to the surrounding homes.


However, many houses across the country reflect the turbulent past of the nation. Being built during a series of wars in the 1990s before it became an independent state in 2006. You will note many homes are nestled in the countryside. Maintaining a subtle appearance that will not be immediately visible until you approach. With small windows which are not aplenty as well as simple. White walls, the brightness reflects into the interior while the stone slab floors retain heat for comfort.

Traditionally, a lot of houses span across a single floor. Families spend time in the space throughout the day, overlooking the surrounding nature whilst living a relatively disconnected lifestyle.