Best Places For An Adventure In Europe

If you’re looking for your next adventure, look no further than these incredible places found in Europe. Whether you’re after a party adventure with your friends, a romantic adventure with your partner, or a sightseeing adventure with your family then there will be something for you on this list!

Each of the places listed below has something you will love, so get ready to pack your bags, register for your GHIC card at ghic application, and get ready to go to the best places in Europe for an adventure


Spain is full of incredible culture-filled and fun-filled cities that will take your heart. Run with bulls in Pamplona, party until you can’t party anymore in Ibiza, catch a football game in Barcelona or explore the Calderona mountains. Spain has something for everyone and, best of all, the weather can be extremely beautiful in the summer months! Trips to Spain are perfect for couples, families, and friends. 


This beautiful country is filled with possible adventures. Go skiing in the alps in winter where you can explore the beautiful mountains and even trek the incredible route from Chamonix to Zermatt. Go hiking in Jungfrau in spring, paragliding to see the sights in summer, and camping in Arolla in autumn. Whatever your ideal adventure is, Switzerland will have something for you. Switzerland is a fun-filled adventure all year round and is perfect for couples, friends, families, or solo adventurers. 


Italy has some of the best adventures in the whole of Europe. Explore the ruins in Pompeii, kayak in Naples, skiing down the Italian Alps, and much more. Italy is fun all year round, and you can enjoy delicious wine, cheese, and pasta after your adventures no matter where you go. Enjoy the gorgeous views, the friendly people, and the incredible food during your time spent in Italy. 


Explore the historic and mythical areas in Greece when hanging out where Zeus and his minions did or explore the incredible views of Santorini from the beautiful white houses. Party the whole night in Mykonos and explore the history and ruins of Athens. Greece is a perfect adventure holiday with plenty of opportunities to relax and explore. It’s the perfect place for couples.


Iceland is full of incredible adventures. Explore the bubbling hot springs, the incredible waterfalls, and the colossal volcanoes for a treat for the eyes. And when you’re done, take a seat and watch the fascinating phenomenon which is the Northern Lights. Iceland is home to some of the most beautiful sights in the world, so no matter the type of adventure you’re looking for, Iceland has it all. 


Heading out to the U.K. can be a charming encounter. You have many energizing destinations, fantastic accommodations, delightful food, and fun activities. Your family will have a paramount encounter if everything continues without any difficulties. Coach companies in Essex are the best transport option if you need to travel to any destination around the UK.


In Europe, there are so many places where you can find an adventure, no matter what kind of adventure you’re looking for! Explore the culture, food, and wine of Italy, the incredible views of Switzerland, or the party places in Spain and Greece. Just be sure to have your insurance card for your travels!

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