Best Skyrim hair mods to enhance character

Best Skyrim hair mods are the option to build a fully customizable character for your journey through the tundra is one of Skyrim’s most appealing features. Unfortunately, the Skyrim Character Creation system was developed over a decade ago and is, by today’s standards, a little lacking.

The hairstyles are one area that looks particularly bad. With the addition of food coloring, they resemble fibrous potatoes. Fortunately, there are many of the best Skyrim hair mods to choose from to spice up your style.

The Beauty of best Skyrim hair mods:

The Beauty of Skyrim is a Skyrim look and hair mod that changes the appearance and hairstyles of all adult humanoid NPCs and characters. This mod includes over 25 new hairstyles, four new hair colors, 21 new warpaints, horns, textures, and much more.

So, grab it today to quickly improve the appearance of your character! However, it is presently only available to Xbox users. As it turns out, two big bundles control the majority of best Skyrim hair mods.

The best Skyrim hair mods modifications:

KS Hairdos and Apachii Sky Hair These massive mods each have hundreds of hairstyles and can accommodate almost any style. However, there is a slew of mods that operate in tandem with those two to provide a more diverse range of hairstyles.

The best Skyrim hair modifications for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Good day, everyone! To provide you with a better option of hairstyles in the game, I’ve compiled a list of the finest Skyrim hair mods for both girls and boys.

Apache’s haircuts:

There will be no anime-style hairdos. So, for the boys and girls of best Skyrim hair mods, this list is all about realistic, lore-friendly haircuts. Surprisingly, the creators did an excellent job of creating realistic and genuine hairstyles.


Promise! I attempted to avoid the mods who went overboard. If you’ve ever seen Apachi’s haircuts, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. It merely gives the hair a more natural and straight appearance.

Skyrim hair:

Some of these mods are extremely well done, and I was pleasantly pleased by how effectively some of them managed to capture the feel of Skyrim’s hair. Others may feel differently, but as I have stated, everything is lore-friendly if your character is sufficiently insane.

The early Skyrim Hair Mods have a reputation for not adhering closely to the vanilla aesthetic. VHR, as the name suggests, sticks to Skyrim’s original hairstyle. Except for the Khajiit and Argonians, Premium has replaced practically all of Skyrim’s hair.

Skyrim best hair mods:

Some of these mods are extremely well done, and I was pleasantly pleased by how effectively some of them managed to capture the feel of Skyrim’s hair. Others may feel differently, but as I have stated, everything is lore-friendly if your character is sufficiently insane.

Okay, I’m going to do my best to discover some excellent lore-friendly Skyrim best hair mods, but keep in mind that I might stretch the concept of “lore-friendly” a little. To include some of the coolest mods on this list.

best Skyrim hair mods list:


  • Shiva182’s Salt and Wind – Rough Hair for Apachii Sky Hair SE
  • Kaliliesv’s KS Hairdos
  • ousnius, Kalilies, and Stealthic – HDT SMP (Physics) by ousnius, Kalilies, and Stealthic
  • KS Hairstyles 1.7 Kalilies, Jasperthegnome, and Mashanen’s Salt and Wind
  • Premium Vanilla Hair Replacer (VHR)
  • Mharlek1’s Beards of Power8.

ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii:

This is one of the most popular best Skyrim hair mods, as well as one of the most popular Skyrim Mods overall. It began as a simple port of Sims 2 and Sims 3 hairs and evolved into one of the most popular Skyrim Character Creation mods over time. This mod will provide a large variety of hairstyles, albeit many of them are rather fantasy-like in comparison to the original Skyrim hairstyles.

Skyrim se hdt hair:

This standalone mode does not require KS Hairdos to be installed; instead, it adds physics to a small handful of hairstyles from KS Hairdos. That implies these hairstyles will adapt to the player’s movements, trailing behind them when they go ahead and otherwise seem more than just a stiff object plastered to someone’s brow.

It takes mods to enable physics, which can be a pain to install, but they can be used to add physics to other objects, making them worthwhile.

Skyrim se hair physics:

The mod that came in second on my list features the entire collection of KS Hairdos, but this one adds 75 of them to the game with physics built-in. I recommend downloading the second mod first, then installing this one on top of it. Skyrim se hair physics is the most commonly used for this, it includes physics for garments, cloaks, and wigs, but not for natural hair. Unfortunately, getting your hands on it may be difficult.

Skyrim male hair mods:

A simple hack that adds four new male haircuts. All of them resemble vanilla hairstyles and are suitable for any character in the game. The Beards mod is your best bet! This hack improves the look of all of the awful base-game textures that come with every beard in the game.


This update adds a slew of different brows to the game, making characters’ faces feel significantly more distinct than they do in original Skyrim male hair mods.

Skyrim more hairstyles:

It retextures Apachii Sky Hair in the same way as the Salt and Wind mod, giving the hair options from KS Hairdos more real textures. This mod concentrates on facial hair, unlike the other best Skyrim hair mods on this list.

Because a good beard is so closely associated with Norse culture in popular literature, any mod that creates more modern-looking beards would Skyrim more hairstyles undoubtedly improve the game’s mood. The beards themselves are enormous and majestic in size and ornamentation, living up to their name.


That’s all there is to it, guys! Make use of these hair mods to create a lore-friendly character that would be at home in the best Skyrim hair mods. So, here are seven hair mods that can help you make a better Skyrim character.

While many of these stick to the lore-friendly path. There is still enough variety to appeal to a wide range of characters. As a result, though this mod won’t bring anything new to the game, it will improve the appearance of what is already there.

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