Canelo Fight Stream: A Boxing Champion

After World War II events, ‘boxing’ had gained popularity among the public. This change was due to the creation of television and the broadcasting of matches for viewers. This article is about Canelo fight stream.

In the late 70s; the classic movie ‘The Rocky’ is based on the iconic boxing champion Muhammad Ali’s journey into a professional boxing career. It was a sport that rewarded the players with name and fame and even society inclusion for not-so-privileged racial groups.

The sport of boxing involves the attack or defense strategy from the fist or punch against their opponent. Matches allocate to players based on their weights.

When either player ‘knocks down’ their opponent they win the match. Another method is to win the match is by outscoring the opponents. Athletes wear padded gloves, and headgear to avoid serious injuries.

Gradually, the professional boxing Canelo fight stream became more and more imminent in the United States of America as the economy soared with the inflow of immigrants.

Some of the governing organizations that manage professional boxing sports and boxing tonight are as below:

  • First, World Boxing Organisation (WBO)
  • Second, World Boxing Council (WBC),
  • Third, World Boxing Association (WBA), and;
  • Fourth, International Boxing Federation (IBF)

Life of Champion Canelo fight stream

This Mexican origin boxing champion who’s original name is Santos Saúl Álvarez Barragán. He is famous as Canelo Álvarez. He is a professional boxer who has won several world championships from light-middleweight level to light heavyweight level. Canelo Álvarez is the only boxer in the history of the boxing championship to be an undisputed winner. He has won many titles for ‘super-middleweight from the WBA, WBC, WBO, and the IBF!  

He is also an unbeaten champion among all the four (4) boxing weight categories, canelo fight stream now aiming for a fifth one by next year in canelo alvarez next fight. Recently, Canelo became the undisputed super-middleweight champion of the world having all the belts in that weight class. He is ESPN’s no. 1 ‘pound-for-pound’ boxer after his win against opponent counterparts – Caleb Plant and Ilunga Makabu.

Canelo Álvarez is well-known for his counter punches who can hit his opponents without moving his head or body. As per the latest data record, Álvarez remains one of the highest-paid athletes due to his active contribution in the sports. In December 2020, the popular champion of boxing challenged canelo vs smith live that had a record-breaking of around 300,000 PPV buys.

The Emerging Trend of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) as the name suggests, is a form of different fight techniques from boxing, kickboxing, karate, etc; used during competition. In the last decade or so, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has been slowly taking over the popularity of the Professional Boxing canelo fight stream.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is an organization, the largest of all, which promotes MMA free live stream around the world and has some of the greatest athletes on their board. It has become the fastest-growing sport in the world. The UFC fighters also earn handsomely as compared to beginners of professional boxing. But in near future, UFC players may receive the same amount of paychecks. If not better than those pursuing professional boxing.

Professional Boxing and UFC – canelo fight stream

In boxing how much is the ufc fight like any professional players are self-employment professionals. They are not employees for anybody to receive a fixed salary. Even they have enrolled a fixed sum of the amount for each match. From the money received live fight tonight; boxing players have to pay for their coaches, manager, and other expenses. Moreover, much of the revenue comes from media and television coverage and pay-per-view package available over the internet.

As for the UFC fighters, have their basic paychecks for each fight that they play. Other than that, their presence over social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. Furthermore, it helps them to get several advertising and sponsorship opportunities as an additional source of income. In persuasion, some of them Canelo fight stream are as below:

  • Paychecks: Firstly, the primary way UFC fighters are making money is from the paychecks they get from UFC when they fight each match.
  • Bonus: Secondly, in addition to their paychecks, fighters also get bonuses for every win in their matches.
  • Awards: Thirdly, to promote more healthy competition, UFC keeps rewarding their fighters with bonuses to ensure that each match is interesting and full of excitement for their fans and viewers.
  • Pay-per-View (PPV): Fourthly, the most UFC win fighter who is the champion for his extraordinary performance gets a ‘special item’ in their contract for which they receive a certain percentage from all the sold PPV’s canelo fight stream.
  • Sponsorships: fifthly, with UFC’s exclusive tie-up with Reebok. It sponsors the players and their exclusive equipment or sportswear requirements for each match. They even earn separately for promoting Reebok.
  • Digital Endorsements: Finally, various commercial endorsements that y every UFC fighter does allow them to advertise different brands for which they earn commission or royalty fees.


In response to its brisk popularity in such a short duration time, UFC has spread its presence in countries outside America. Today, the UFC has fighters from all across nations from England, Brazil, Australia, Russia, and others. Unlike in boxing, UFC has been able to reach audiences from Asian countries too. The United Arab Emirates serves as the hub for UFC fight games in the year 2020. With its vast marketability, UFC now eyes to acquire its presence in the Indian market. The UFC league wants to tap on the massive youth population of the country to elevate their sports and bring to new heights of success!

Final thoughts

The UFC game format is much more competitive and progressive in contrast to boxing. For each title, champions are challenged by opponents to make it more entertaining and engaging for its viewers. Another trending strategy that UFC adopts is making their content easily available over social media and online community i.e. UFC Fight Pass or on ESPN Channel Network.

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