6 Smart Techniques to Cheap Booking flight

The cost of traveling by flight is at the highest of all time. Travelers indeed want a deal that can save their money and give them value too. Unfortunately, many don’t know the tricks to save money during their flight booking. These tricks will help you surely but also don’t expect anything unrealistic. Below are some of the best tricks to save your money. 

Break up a long journey into many:

When you are going on a very long journey, you are going to pay a high amount of money for the flight. The reason for this is obvious. Long-distance travel demands a better flight with more features for passengers. 

If you are not in a hurry, you can easily break down this journey with two or three breaks. Such as a flight from Des Moines to Bangkok can be broken into Des Moines to Los Angeles and then from Los Angeles to Bangkok. This would be a significant beneficiary in economic terms. 

Also must check the total fare before applying this idea to each of your trips. It may do the exact opposite of your expectations in some cases. 

Double Check Your Ticket Prices & Services:

Another way of saving your money while booking a flight is to double-check your ticket for getting a glimpse of all the services given. What you need to do is to ask for the most basic seat on a flight. This means you just need a seat. Nothing more, nothing less. 

When shopping for a flight, the person in the ticket window can give additional services that you don’t even want. Make an open statement of your needs and double-check your ticket. With this, you can easily save some dollars in your wallet. All you need to do is an apple-to-apple comparison. 

The flexibility of Days is the Key:

This one hack is simple but heavily effective for your wallet. Having flexible dates means more chances to choose from a list of days & prices. On a note, airlines keep high price rates on weekends and comparatively lower on weekdays. 

Expect from your solid stone dates functions such as office meetings, weddings, doctor’s appointments, and many more, to try to figure out the lowest prices for your flight. The flexibility of a few days will eventually lead you to have more money to spend on the actual tour in your destination city. Like our ancestors, we should also try to be flexible with things. Especially when they add money to our bank. 

Enjoy your midway Layovers:

Longer flights have layovers during the whole journey. Generally, travelers don’t want to stop at the layovers for a longer time. This is because they want to save money and reach their destination as early as possible. Right? However, this one hack will turn your views by 180 degrees. 

Layovers can be your midway destination in the journey. A tour of the layover city will give you a chance to explore one new place with a minimum increment in budget. A long layover can give you a better price deal on your next flight and eventually manage your extra spare money in the city. It may also result in saving money too. One more tip is to use public transport as much as possible. This will help you to keep your wallet heavy. 

Mix Your Airlines During the Tour:

‘Mix and Match’ airfares can be your one-shot trick to save your money. Different companies charge different fares for their trips. This idea can save a lot of bucks as you can choose other airlines for a two-way journey. Note down that you can’t do this while contacting an airline directly for your tickets but many travel agencies choose this to save you money. 

Stick to the Facts:

Believe me, There are hundreds of people on the internet who will tell you tricks for saving your money. But not all of them are true. There are myths around flight tickets and travel savings that are just making you fools. The only solution is to stick to the facts about travel, not believing in any conspiracy. 


Once someone wise said that money saved is money earned. With the above simple tricks, you eventually travel to your favorite destinations with cheap fares. So pack your bags and go.