Costa Rica is dangerous or not: Everything you need to know

Many of the tourists get to know that Costa Rica is dangerous later on. You can be a sudden shock and a travel difficulty to face and when over it. It is alarming that the green Paradise is in danger. Costa Rica has been the number one destination for nature lovers. People travel thousands of miles and come from all over the world just to enjoy the natural beauty of Costa Rica. Some of the areas are considered to be a great spiritual environment and these days Costa Rica started putting limitations on tourism and residences. Tourists are flooding the country.

Reality check on Costa Rica is dangerous:

Costa Rica is dangerous because of some unavoidable circumstances. There are so many reasons that Costa Rica is dangerous for tourists. It’s good to always ask before you plan your vacation and Costa Rica. It’s not the safest place for sure but not that terrible either. And sometimes it all depends on the neighborhood you get into. There are few places that are known to be unsafe and there are cases of intoxication, drug dealing, and usage of illegal weapons. According to reports homicide has been increasing big time in the beautiful place.

5 reasons that they say Costa Rica is dangerous:

The five reasons that make Costa Rica dangerous for tourists are-

▪️Drowning- It’s very unfortunate that drowning in Costa Rica has been increasing day by day. 

▪️ Reptiles- It’s often the same reptiles swimming on the beaches and their often found in the sand. The snakes are more active in the rural area. And mostly in the rural areas to hospitals or clinics.

▪️ Geographical view- if it’s heavy rain there it’s very difficult to swim in the same water where you usually can swim easily to the sure during normal days.

▪️Choice of a residential area- You need to research and choose the right residential area to stay in with the right neighborhood to avoid unsafe places in Costa Rica.

There are scams why Costa Rica is dangerous:

It can be dangerous to travel to Costa Rica because of scammers. Make sure you research well and book any authentic tourism agency or authentic driving agency that can provide you with honest authentic drivers with vehicles that have legalised documents. It’s evidence that tourists need to be careful with the car rental company. Credit card scan is also found in Costa Rica. The usage of colones is more difficult as it involves many thousands of colonials for just a small amount of dollars.

The basic danger of traveling to Costa Rica has been a drawback in tourist enthusiasm. People coming across the world and facing real hazards are not a good sign for Costa Rica lovers.

Unsafe places in Costa Rica:

Several unsafe places especially during the night life make people feel Costa Rica is dangerous. Jaco, Puntarenas, El Infiernillo, San Jose, Cieneguita, Puerto Limón, Parque Internacional La Amistad, Cordillera de Talamanca, and other places like this are really beautiful to have a vacation in still considered to be dangerous but at times.

Dangers of living in Costa Rica:

There are pros to visiting Costa Rica for vacations and cons to living in Costa Rica as a resident. One of the major problems in Costa Rica is undeveloped roads. There were several undeveloped roads that had no signals, or street lights. This could be accident accident-prone zone. Transportation is also slower than other places in several zones in Costa Rica. Which is again a great drawback for people to live in Costa Rica.

The business service has a late-back attitude to needy people for example the labourers plumbers carpenters mechanics and other mechanical and industrial business executives show up late to the client’s residence. The government health department facilities are also not up to the mark. The waiting list gets longer with time.

Calamities are the reason behind the line Costa Rica is dangerous:

National calamities husband is source of disaster and staff challenge to Costa Rican people. Earthquake is a common national calamity that has been one of the most difficult phases in Costa Rican people’s lives. In the rainy season, the heavy rainfall makes their life tougher than it could have been The situation is similar to a potential flooding element in Costa.

Low economy and drug wars:

In Costa Rica, there are places with low to very low economies. That is increasing the incidents of homicides, and higher indulgence in drug activity. This social chaos is a threatening cause there. The situation is playing the catalyst and making groups of addicts and violent youngsters that lead to group rivalry and wars in some cases. The whole situation increased the dangers of living in Costa Rica and the dangers of traveling to Costa Rica.

Health issues and allergies:

Apart from the reptiles, there are mosquitoes which are even more threatening in some cases. Dengue, Malaria are common in Costa Rica 2 major life-threatening diseases caused by mosquito bites. Typhoid is another common disease where bacteria come into the human body mainly through food and water resources. Tuberculosis has been found in Costa Rica. Whooping cough and Zika were also mentioned in some reports.

Concluding thoughts on the fact that Costa Rica is dangerous:

Every great thing comes with a challenge. The natural Paradise of Costa Rica faces the challenge of moderate to severe danger. The tourists need to be causes about the cons of visiting Costa Rica and staying there. It might bring allergies to the skin due to some reptile-related bacteria or virus that blends with the beach sand. It’s not a regular health issue for tourists but it has occurred in a few cases in children. Costa Rica is a must-visit holiday destination despite having several cons to your much-awaited trip.


1.) Is Costa Rica too dangerous?

Ans- Although Costa Rica has cons and unsafe places it’s not severely dangerous.

2.) Is Costa Rica safe to travel with children?

Ans- Yes, Costa Rica is safe for children. It’s a safe place to travel with family.

3.) Is Costa Rica’s nightlife scary?

Ans- Costa Rica nightlife is not scary but visitors need to be cautious while exploring the nightlife.

4.) Is traveling to Costa Rica worth the money?

Ans- Costa Rica indeed is a worthy place to visit during your vacation.