Drummer’s Corner: Digital Drums

It’s late after school, and you’re in the local mall, and you think it would be a decent time to practice on a new instrument. So you visit the music shop. Then all of a sudden, you take notice of what looks like a set of metal rods and plates. You realize it’s an electronic drum set. Now that is a great way to practice drums, you think to yourself. So you enter the shop, and the rest is history. Digital drums are one of today’s most intriguing electronic instruments. But what is it, exactly? Is it a better alternative to traditional drum sets? How much does one cost? Keep the urge to turn your table into a makeshift drum set as we are about to find out.

What Are Digital Drums?

Digital drums or electronic drums are modern pieces of musical instruments. Such a set is an ideal alternative to the traditional drum set, as it boasts a number of features and perks. Digital drums sound similar, giving off the same percussion and synthesized sounds their regular counterparts produce. Digital or electronic drums sets comprise of the following parts:

  • Rubber pads
  • Mesh pads
  • Metallic frames
  • Plastic drum heads
  • Sound module

Unlike traditional drums, you can only hear the sound a digital drum produces through a speaker or headset.

Are Digital Drums Ideal For Beginning Players?

As a matter of fact, they are. Digital drums work swell with newbie drum players. However, you have to maintain your drumming habits. You also have the option to customize your drum kit’s sound production. This concept will help, especially if you have difficulty distinguishing certain drum piece sounds. Digital drums also have numerous configurations, thus allowing one’s creative juices to flow for musical customization and experimentation.

Do Digital Drums Have Benefits?

What a strange question to ask. Yes, digital drums do. To be frank, digital drums even have features that traditional ones do not. So check out some of the benefits of having a digital drum kit.

  • A wide array of sounds

With just a quick configuration, you will have access to all sorts of sounds. Such sounds include bass, cymbals, bells, congas, tambourines, and so much more.

  • Volume

You can set your digital drum kit to produce sound at a certain volume level. Traditional drums tend to cause a lot of sounds and do not have this feature. That is one reason many people opt for the digital set instead.

  • MIDI feature

You also have the option to plug your digital drum set into numerous musical software, apps, samplers, and other devices through MIDI. MIDI is a standard connection that allows musical instruments and computers to link together.

  • Technological perks

Most digital drums have built-in recorders. This software will allow you to record your session. You will also get the chance to play along with it and meddle around with other effects. Some models even have performance feedback, which works great for any practicing individual.

Digital Drums Versus Traditional Drums

This debate is the topic of many articles, discussions, and opinions. But which set is the better one? Let’s have a look at some of the key points that make digital and traditional drums the better choice.

Digital drums:

  • Have better control over volume
  • Boast a custom sound set
  • Can be customized to fit a specific area or space
  • Can connect to other digital musical instruments and software

Traditional drums:

  • Grant a more “realistic” feel and sound
  • Do not require electric power to operate
  • Are more affordable
  • Better for dynamic drumming control
  • Do not require amplification

So the winning bet goes to no one. The round ends in a draw. It is a fact that each variation of the drum kit has its share of features the other may not possess. But this concept is no ground to dismiss that one type of drum set will supersede the other. Plus, it will also depend on what one’s preference is overall.

Sounds Neat! Where Can I Get A Set?

Digital drum sets are readily available in any music store or outlet. But if you are not happy with the selection at your local shop, there is another way. You can go online for your digital drum kit shopping. The internet boasts thousands of sites that sell digital drums and other musical equipment.

I Got That Covered. But What About Costs?

You can get started with digital drums for less than $300. But if you include accessories, you will have to add another $200 or so to that expenditure. Such extra pieces of equipment include bass pedals, headphones, a stool, and a set of extra drumsticks. But if you’re aiming for any high-end equipment, you must also brace your wallet. Professional digital drum sets cost about $1000 to $9500. 

In addition, you will also spend some cash if you want electronic drum tutorials. Lessons will cost you $40 to $50 every hour. But there are a dozen cheaper alternatives online.

Drumming Away

To finish things off, you can start with any digital drum set early on. Doing so will allow you to find the ideal kit for you once the time comes. But no matter what you choose, make sure that you play what you want and have fun doing it.