Garpanchkot: The Gem Of Bengal

Are you tired of sitting at home boringly in this covid period? Do you feel like refreshing yourself? Are you a person who loves to travel? Then come explore the scenic beauty of Garh Panchkot. This will refresh your mind and soul.GarPanchkot is a ruined castle situated in the eastern part of India. Further, at the foothills of Panchet Hill in the district of Purulia, West Bengal.

The scraps of the Panchkot fort are a silent mark of the Bargi attack during the 18th century. It is a charming place with its lush vegetation, hills, and lakes. it is one of the natural and historical attractions. It takes only around a 5-hour drive from Kolkata to reach Garh Panchkot. 

A brief history about Garpanchkot

This name derives from the Garh which means fort. The ruler of Kashipur constructed a temple and garh on this hill. A blend of natural and artificial resources was used for the construction of the Garh Panchkot. The structural design of the fort inspires by colonial structures built in the late 1800 century. 2000 feet is the height of the hill.

Just below the hill, the Damodar River flows. The fresh air and the greenery will make your weekend destination the best one. There are tent house resorts in garpanchkot which are modern and luxurious and will be so relaxing. Monsoons and winters are great in garpanchkot.  Throughout the year moderate climate is there in garpanchkot. The maximum temperature in summer is 45 degrees Celsius. In winter the minimum temperature is 3 degrees.

If you are a lover of ecotourism garpanchkot is a perfect option. People who love nature should visit this place once in their lifetime. You get an opportunity to interact with biotic components of the natural environment. They will have a great time here. They can enjoy nature with all comfort.

Garhpanchkot in 18th century

  • Long back in the 18th century, during that time Nawab of Bengal was Alivardi Khan after defeating and killing Sarfaraz Khan. 
  • Rustam Jung who was the brother-in-law of Sarfaraz Khan attacked and confronted Alivardi Khan to take revenge for his brother-in-law.
  • He couldn’t succeed in his revenge after repeated attacks. 
  • So he took the help of RaghojiBhonsle, the Maratha ruler of Nagpur.
  • With the help of the troops of Bhonsle Bengal attack by entering through Panchet.
  • These Maratha cavalry recognized as “Bargi’s” started prowling the countrysides of Bengal
  • They attacked and devastated Bengal for about 10 years 
  • This came to an end in 1751 after an agreement between the Nawab of Bengal and the King of Maratha.
  • In one of these attacks on Bengal, the Bargi’s attacked GarhPanchkot and conquered the King’s Guards. They destroyed it after looting and plundering Garhpanchkot. 
  • It is also assumed that all the 17 wives of the King committed suicide by jumping into a well in GarhPanchkot. 
  • This was the opening of the ruin of the GarhPanchkot.  After the attack and destruction of the Garhpanchkot, the King being crushed and debased took shelter at Kashipur.  

Nearby sites of garpanchkot

  • Garpanchkot is rich in its culture and also has a past in spiritual things.
  • A group of Tera Kota-style temples scatters around garpanchkot.
  • Pancharatna temple is the famous one.
  • Temples like the Birinchinath temple and Biharinath temple are also located near to the garpanchkot. 
  • Kalyaneswari temple which is a 500-year-old temple is on the bank of the Baraka river.

Dams near to garpanchkot

  • On the Damodar river, there is panchet dam. It is a must-visit place. 
  • There is a snake park near the panchet dam to explore.
  • They also permit their guests for a boat trip to panchet dam. 
  • The dam is one of the largest with a concrete spillway.
  • Another attraction is the Mython Dam which is just 22 km away from garpanchkot.
  • Joychandi hills, Muradi lake, or baranti lake are some of the nearby sightseeing places. 
  • The surroundings and forest and villages of these places will give the travellers a mind-blowing experience. 

Nearby hotels and facilities

Many hotels and resorts are there in garpanchkot. There are luxury and budget garpanchkot hotels.

Facilities provided

  • Most luxurious services provided by the garpanchkot ecotourism:
  • A variety of delicious and continental food is also available
  • Most of the hotels are near to the place. Travellers don’t want to travel long for garpanchkot sightseeing.
  • Clean, safe, and well-sanitized hotels are the highlight of garpanchkot hotels.
  • The lowest price for a single room is 4499,
  • Two people can accommodate in a single room. 
  • A full moon night party is also an attractive package

Staying somewhere safely is one of the main risks in this covid period. Make sure that the hotels you are booking are following proper rules and regulations during this scenario. For preserving and sustaining the world’s natural and cultural environment garpanchkot ecotourism entertain travellers by ensuring that nature not disturbs or destructed in any way. 

The top budget resorts nearby garpanchkot 

  •  AranyeDinratri Tourism Project and
  •  Palashbithi Eco Resort 

Again, choose wisely your hotels for garpanchkot sightseeing. Furthermore, the facilities provided by the garpanchkot resort are overwhelming. Thus, make your weekend more meaningful and wonderful by booking a garpanchkot resort. If you are a person who doesn’t want to go outside. You can make use of these resorts. Travellers can relax in the resort. They can enjoy the beautiful view of the place. You can also go birdwatching in garpanchkot resort purulia. 

Luxurious facilities of garpanchkot resort purulia include:

  • Green lawns, children parks, dining hall, Air-conditioned room, electric generators, etc. 
  • Private parking is one of the highlights travellers can safely park their vehicles without tension.
  • There are comfort cottages, double beds as well as four-bedded family rooms, luxury suites,   and Luxury Tents.
  • All rooms attach with western bathrooms with hot water geysers,
  • TVs and wardrobes are also provided. 
  • The dining hall serves scrumptious Indian as well as Chinese Cuisine.

Excellent tourist spot

While choosing two to three places for a tour, and if one of the places is GarhPanchkot never think twice in selecting this location. After visiting the place you will be surely rejuvenated. Also, tension-free in the lap of mother nature.

Moreover, at night you can even lie down on the grass and watch the glittering stars in the sky with your loved ones. Apart from completing the sightseeing from Garpanchkot.Furthermore, you can also give a short visit to Baghmundi and Ayodhya Hills which is at a three to four hours drive from Garpanchkot.

So, what are you waiting for pack your bags for a trip to garpanckot. Furthermore, this is going to be one of the memorable trips in your life.