Mousuni Island: All you need to know

Are you planning to get-away with your squad to Mousuni Island “the hidden gem island near Kolkata”? Yes! You are in right place. Mousuni Island is a meeting up of loneliness, ocean, sun, sand, and river. It is the story of the stream and the ocean. One can encounter here virgin seashores and fisherfolk tales. It is coming out as a most mainstream experience for nature sweetheart from Kolkata. This virgin seashore is a secret diamond of magnificence, culture, nature, and view. The area of this island is at Mohana close to Jambu Deep and Sagardeep. You can feel the quiet Ganga and also the Bay of Bengal. It’s very unique in the true sense. 

This Island will permit you to smell nature closely. It is well-known as picture taker’s heaven. You can do birding. Even seashore outdoors activities around evening time. Hence, fill your heart with satisfaction. This article curates every detail that you need to know before you visit this island. 

  • Mousuni island location 

Here is the step-by-step guide for how to reach the island.

  • Firstly, arrive at Namkhana by transport or train. 
  • Secondly, cross the Hatania Doania waterway by boat (10minutes ride). 
  • Thirdly, take a magic van or book a TOTO and arrive at Bagdanga kheya ghat (30mins ride). 
  • Fourthly, cross the waterway and arrive at Bagdanga by boat (20mins ride) 
  • And from Bagdanga the engine van will get you and take you to Baliara (20mins ride). 
  • Also, the best train to get for Namkhana is 5.10 AM and 7.14 AM from Sealdah. It will take around 3 hours excursion to Namkhana(Train Fare 25 INR). 
  • Moreover, from Station, it will require 1 hour up to Huzzuti Ghat (Reserve Magic 500 INR or per head 30 INR) 
  • You can likewise cross the Chinai River (3 INR) 
  • Even Mousuni Ferry Ghat to Baliara Tent (Toto will charge 30 INR for every head). 

Generally taking all the support time in the middle of the excursion will take around 5.30 Hrs from Sealdah to Baliara Tents.

  • Activities to do on mousuni island 

There are numerous activities to do while you are on the island. Mousuni Island is a wonderful home for all the bird watchers and kakramarir chor is the ideal point. 

  • Firstly, the tents are found around 50 meters away from the ocean. This gives you sufficient freedom for sailing the ocean see. 
  • Secondly, nightfall at the seashore is hypnotizing. Go for a walk around the seashore and take the joy of reviewing the setting sunbeams. 
  • Thirdly, unwind on a Hammock in Baliara seashore and appreciate the riverine scene of Patibunia. 
  • Also, there are a lot of anglers’ settlements everywhere on the seashore. Investigate the anglers’ life through collaboration. 
  • Thus, you can appreciate fishing also with your casting pole. 
  • Likewise, relish the mud stroll through Mangrove timberlands. This gives food to your courageous soul. 
  • Furthermore, entertain yourself with courageous exercises. Like paragliding, windsurfing, and profound water plunging. 
  • Thus, appreciate the neighbourhood fish. 
  • Stay at the island 

The property in Mousuni Island has a tent office. This is a sheer combination of nature and comfort. Thus, keeping in a state of harmony with the simple regular habitat. Moreover, the property guarantees to put the components of the motorized world under control. It just gave the necessities like latrines, new sheets, warm covers, pads. There is an aggregate of 7 tents altogether. Likewise 4 latrines in western style. The convenience for each tent is for 3 people. The entire convenience can’t surpass 20 people. Power is inaccessible here. Mousuni island hotels are also easily accessible for bookings. But, the mousuni island tent booking gives you the experience of a lifetime.

  • What you must carry along and a few suggestions

  1. Do bring your power bank.
  2. Convey mineral water for kids under 8 yrs. 
  3. Convey mosquito repellent. However, it’s less mosquito now.
  4. Xerox duplicate of Identity Card of every one of you visiting.

Henry Island 

Henry Island isn’t only the most well-known spot in Bakkhali. But, it’s popular all through India. The water, brilliant sand, mangrove trees, and abandoned seashores will deliver you puzzled insight. There are a few Bakkhali inns close to Henry Island. These are advantageous for a short-term stay. Different hotel classifications are accessible around the region. 

The most effective method to Reach Henry Island, Bakkhali 

  • From the Airport 

The street distance from Kolkata Airport to Henry Island is roughly 152 km. It requires 3 hours by street. There are different taxi and taxi administrations accessible. They offer an agreeable drive to the inns in Bakkali. 

  • From the Station 

The rail line station is 126 km from Henry Island. This takes around 2 hr. 30 minutes by street. From private taxis to neighbourhood public vehicles, everything is accessible. 

About Bakkhali 

Bakkhali picnic spot is a little shoreline town. It is on the deltaic islands in southern Bengal. The semi-circular seashore points toward the south. It is an uncommon place on the planet. There is likewise a 7 km long seashore. Furthermore, extending up from Bakkhali to Frasergunj. There is a great range of lodgings in Bakkhali. These offer every single present-day convenience.

  • Lodgings Near Henry Island, Bakkhali 

There aren’t numerous rich Henry Island accommodations. Nonetheless, all lodgings offer offices and guarantee a decent stay. There are many Henry Island lodgings. When you’re searching for the best inns in Bakkali. You should go to Hotel Amarabati, Hotel Dolphin, and Hotel Icon Heritage. You can book inns in Bakkali ahead of time to get the best rates. 

  • Spots to Visit Near Henry Island, Bakkhali 

The top places of interest close to Henry Island incorporate: 

  • Jambudwip, 
  • Bakkhali, and 
  • Frasergunj. 

The seashore is situated close to the Sunderbans. It is the most well-known fascination of Henry. There are shallow and enormous lakes called Bheris. These are dissipated all through the island. It’s useful to book Bakkhali lodgings close to Henry Island. Moreover, to have a problem-free excursion.


This was all about the island near Kolkata. There are numerous spots for you to explore upon your arrival. So, go visit them now and make some lifetime embracing memories.

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Tabrez Ahemad
Tabrez Ahemad
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