Goth Boots: A Mysterious Element of Fashion

When it comes to fashion, we always ask for something that is unique, stylish, and eye-catching for the world. But if you are like me who always wants to be one step ahead of everyone, here I have something for you; ‘Goth Boots’. 

Being mysterious and rebellious yet attractive Goth boots can put an extra layer of awesomeness in your style. And not many people carry it so you can have a lottery ticket with these outfits.

Goth Boots Fashion Style Origin:

People developed the Goth subculture around the late 1970s –early 1980s. Fans of Gothic Rock Music band made the emersion of Goth style. They took the name ‘Goth’ directly from it. Although the roots of Goth fashion are not just limited to the 1970s it leads us to 16th-century art & culture. 

In this era, there were many architects whose ideas were different from the modern world. They had a dark and mysterious satire in their contents. They termed it ‘Gothic’. 

Later critics named many novels, arts, and horror movies that had the same touch of shadowy and mysterious atmosphere as ‘Gothic’ or ‘Goth’. This was special because the young people who did not feel connected to modern society adopted this. The somehow young generation was using these to describe their pale, rebellious, and tough sides. 

Gothic Fashion style includes ripped black stocking or t-shirt, purple vest or skirt, old-style high button shoes, or solid black Goth boots with a fishnet stocking. But today we are going to discuss men’s and women’s gothic boots.

Goth Boots and its’ types:

As the sayings say that people notice your shoes at very first sight. You can make your first impression worth remembering with Goth Boots. They are unique and carry a charm in themself. Generally, Goth boots follow old fashion. Victorian aesthetics and leatherwear and punk have their inspiration on it. This footwear area has one of the areas that is used by adherents and dabblers both alike.

Followings are the types of footwear a Goth can wear:

  • Boots: Gothic Boots are very popular among all generations, men and women alike. Brands build these Goth boots with leather and styles with metal straps or designs and give them a solid black color. They make the base of these boots thick treads and usually very glossy. 
  • Loafers: We all have heard of loafers. Loafers are casual stylish shoes that accompany the young waves of fashion. Goth loafers include the black glossy color tone, glossiness, and additional metal styles added to the loafers. These have an in-built sole and other features. 
  • Mary Jane: Mary Jane shoes are specially made for women. A gothic lady can never deny these. One can find many types of heels and soles in these. You also have an additional advantage of customization with Mary Jane. You can decorate it with your own ideas to look more gothic.  
  • Vintage style shoes: A gothic era that was between the Victorian and Medieval ages has completely inspired these Gothic shoes. You can find a touch of class in this type of shoes. 
  • Chunky Platform boots: You might already using stylish Goth chunky platform boots. Goth platform boots are made up of thick rubber add few inches of height. This helps the owner to walk without discomfort as the lift is not of heels but a flat. 

Best Goth Boots Brands:

As the demands of Goth style is increasing day by day and many are now using these style trend from last two decades. Here is a list which will give you what you need. Below you can find a list of top Gothic brands:

  • Void Clothing: Void clothing is a store dedicated to Goth style. It is a one-stop shop for everything you need whether it is clothing or footwear, you can find that here. 
  • Disturbia Clothing: Disturbia clothing is a group of clothing brands. Its’ products are for women. This brand is UK based and doing its’ business internationally.
  • Demonia: The owner of the Demonia brand is totally focusing on Gothic boots. If you are looking for genuine pocket-friendly Goth boots or shoes or any kind of footwear; this is for you and you only. Demonia makes footwear for both men and women. It has platform combat boots, Mary Jane, and casual shoes in gothic style.
  • Rogue wolf: This is an alternative brand for Goth footwear. Although this brand makes clothing and accessories too. The brand theme also resonates with dark academia.
  • Queen of darkness: Queen of darkness is a name among Gothic fans. This is a German brand and it is one of the best Gothic in the world. Queen of darkness offers gothic clothing, men or women gothic boots, and accessories for both men and women both. Yet there is a difference between men’s and women’s styles. While Goth boots men’s styles are clean and understated, Goth boots women’s styles are full of glossiness, styling, additional components like net or straps.
  • Punk: Punk is a clothing and accessories brand that gives its’ customers quality at a basic price. Punk is working on modern designs for the youngsters in the country.  


Goth styles are unique, attractive, and full of glossiness but yes, many people feel less comfortable in these. Although some fell in love with it, some hate wearing it but no one can deny that Goth style has a different aura and sets a high bar in the fashion world. You may or may not like them. It’s totally upon your personal choices. But who knows you may bring your best look in these.

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