Hard light catalyst: How to get it?

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How to get a hard light catalyst:

The hard light catalyst, fortunately, enhances things, even more, making the Hard Light a much better experience. It’s debatable whether the Hard Light is still worthwhile beyond this point. Obtaining and upgrading the hard light catalyst is also no easy task. Here’s everything you need to know about how to get a hard light catalyst, including how to get one and where to purchase one.

Destiny 2 hard light catalyst:

The Crucible-Dominating Exotic from ‘Destiny 2′ If you can’t beat them, become one of them. That appears to be the theory underlying Hard Light’s meteoric rise in Destiny 2, which has seen it dominate not only Trials, but also Survival, normal Crucible, and, if I had to guess, Iron Banner today. In Trials, the weapon has 5x the kills of the next closest main (SUROS), making it a must-have and must-use weapon on most levels until Bungie nerfs it, which seems likely at this point.

If you’re a newer or returning player, however, you could not have it and feel out of the loop or unable to compete. Unfortunately, there is no special exotic quest to obtain Hard Light. It’s a Destiny 1 weapon that’s been in Destiny 2 since the beginning. It’s been around for a long time, but it’s only recently become decent, and it’s a random drop.

Exotic Engrams in the Battle Pass:

There are a few exotic engrams in the seasonal battle pass that work similarly, in that they will offer you an exotic you don’t already have. They are ranked 25, 60, 74, and 98, giving you four opportunities if you complete the game. Exotics can simply drop as engrams in the world, which doesn’t happen very often. You’ll frequently see an exotic sub in anywhere between 3-5 Prime Engram deliveries.

Milestones: hard light catalyst

Outside of targeted engrams, and accomplishing weekly milestones, the powerful drops that appear as objectives highlighted by a yellow circle all across your map are your best bet for exotics. This might include anything from three strikes to completing eight Crucible bounties to accomplishing goals on a flashpoint planet. You’ll obtain legendaries the majority of the time, but you can also acquire exotics by completing them.

Higher levels of Nightfalls: hard light catalyst

Right now, the only activity that directly awards exotics is higher tiers of Nightfalls, but if you’re looking for a guide on how to achieve Hard Light, I’m betting you’re not ready for this level of endgame material yet, especially with the recent power increases. Legend has 1000 power, and Master has 1030 power and drops them frequently. Heroic has 970 power and drops them rarely. However, for inexperienced players, this is usually not the best choice.

The Hard Light Auto Rifle is an Exotic Auto Rifle. Strikes and Nightfalls include the catalyst for Hard Light. You must obtain 1000 kills from the Hard Light to finish the masterpiece. These kills can be ground at your location. All you have to do now is place an order for Boosting Ground’s hard-to-light catalyst Farm Service, and you’ll have the masterpiece in no time! We’ll get the Hard Light Catalyst in Destiny 2 Exotic Auto Rifle for you.

The Fundamentals perk allows you to modify the weapon’s damage type. The change will allow you to swiftly adjust to the enemy you’re battling and make use of the many burns that become available each week. Unfortunately, to obtain the Hard Light, you must rely on how to get hard light destiny 2 numerous RNG elements. Exotic Engrams, as well as completing events like the Crucible, Nightfall, and other in-game activities, can be at random.

The only place you may find it is in Xur’s weekly stock, so keep an eye out. The enigmatic Hard Light is one of the exotics in hard light catalyst Destiny 2 that was also available in the prior game. It’s almost the same weapon, except for a few modifications that will make it a good PvE and PvP weapon.

Hard Light’s perks in Destiny 2: Hard Light catalyst

Check out the Hard Light’s perks in Destiny 2 below:

  1. Shots have no damage falloff, over-penetrate targets, and ricochet off solid surfaces in Volatile Light.
  2. Increased stability with polygonal rifling.
  3. When the magazine is empty, the alloy magazine reloads faster.
  4. Arc/Solar/Void Cores – Can modify the burn.
  5. Composite Stock — Improves stability while slowing down handling.

Destiny 2’s Hard Light becomes a powerful weapon with the Hard Light Catalyst. Here’s how to locate an item and make the most of it.  The hard light catalyst will occur at random once the player has completed Heroic or Nightfall Strikes. There’s no way of knowing how rare a hard light catalyst drop is, although it’s not likely to arrive immediately away like other Catalysts.

There are a few ways to get a hard-light destiny. The first is to receive it by chance from an exotic engram. You can also get it as a prize for participating in certain events, such as the Crucible. Finally, cross your fingers and pray that when Xur shows up to sell his stuff, he brings it with him.


When you receive an exotic weapon, you’ll get a catalyst, which gives it a boost in some form. It’s especially useful for Hard Light because it increases its stability and turns it into the laser beam that kills you all the time in Crucible. Strikes and Nightfalls drop the hard light catalyst. The tougher the Nightfall and the higher your score, the better your chances of seeing catalyst drops are supposed to be, however, I’m not convinced.

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