How Do You Convert PDF to Word? PDFBear is the Answer!

Since online learning became the norm, many learners struggled to deal with their school work. What used to be hard copy test papers and assignment sheets were replaced by softcopy files in different formats and the most commonly used format of them all – PDF files. This is about PDF to Word file conversion.

Transitioning into new methods is quite challenging for both students and parents. But the responsibility of knowing how to deal with files is not something that they should carry. After all, knowledge and know-hows were not taught in school. This skill would belong to the category of things you learn on your own.  

So if you have been looking for a way to convert your pdf files to Word and have been searching the internet for hours, I’ll say it to you upfront- there’s still hope. You will be able to pass your assignment and get the job done. 

Convert Your PDF to Word

A simple solution to convert your pdf to word is using PDFBear. You have been searching on the internet and might have downloaded applications to do the task but to no avail. To save you from all the time-consuming search, one of PDFBear’s features is the PDF  to Word conversion. All you have to do is go to the website and click on the PDF to Word conversion, and you will see these steps below:

  1. Start by choosing the files you want to edit or modify. You can use the “Select files” button or use the Drag & Drop option. 
  2. You can now choose what conversions or editing you want to do with the files. When it comes to converting PDF to Word just simply look for that option and click on it. The converter will extract the text or scanned pages from your PDF.
  3. Wait for about two minutes for the conversions to be complete.
  4. A new document will be ready for downloading or sharing through a link. 

There won’t be a need to download numerous applications, look for almost impossible options, or navigate through complicated websites and software. PDFBear gives what users need, a hassle-free experience that produces quality output in no time with everything free of charge, except if you want to upgrade to the Pro version to access more features.

PDFBear is indeed an easy website for students or even anyone who needs to edit and manage their files. But it has more features than just converting PDF to Word files. You’ll be more relieved to know that PDFBear has more in store for its users.


PDFBear can help you with conversions to and from the PDF format. If you have documents in Excel, PPT, PNG, JPEG, or HTML format you can easily convert them to PDF. If you also have PDF files and you want them converted in different formats like those mentioned, or have them converted into high-quality PDF files which are PDF/A, PDFBear is also equipped to do the task. 

File Organization

PDFBear also has tools to organize your PDF files, such as merging, splitting, and deleting PDF files. If you need to combine pages, separate, or get rid of them, PDFBear can also assist you with that. 

File Optimization 

To make the best out of your file, you can also use tools to optimize PDFs, like compressing your PDF file to make it lighter to share and save. It can also be used to repair damaged pages caused by viruses from different software.

View and Edit Files

There are also viewing and editing tools on hand to help you edit PDFs, insert page numbers, add watermarks, and fill in e-signatures. PDFBear also provides a safe way to share your files through downloading your work via shareable links. 

PDF Protection

If you have confidential files that need to be shared, PDFBear also provides security by applying password requirements. So that only those who are authorized will be able to access your files. 

Go Share PDFBear

Working or studying remotely requires a whole lot of technological devices. Everyone will for sure turn to use files for sharing, editing, and handling important information whether it be for a company or a school.

Browsing to look for the online converters for your files is a tedious task to do and it takes away time from the more important tasks. So if you know someone who’s struggling to convert files, care enough to share PDFBear and save them from all the stress.

You don’t have to feel so defeated about figuring out how to do these simple tasks. PDFBear knows you have other things that need larger amounts of your brain capacity and attention. PDFBear will gladly do the weight lifting work when it comes to PDF files for you. Make sure to visit their website and explore its features. 

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