Hussaini hanging bridge: most dangerous bridge.

Ah yes, what do you think about when you hear the word ‘bridges?’ Do you think about a structure that links two large bodies of water together? Well, that’s the concept behind most bridges. The Golden Gate Bridge is a good example of this. Normally when you think about bridges you think about a peaceful ride on this structure, you know, one that will give you lots of photo and selfie opportunities. But did you know that this is not always the case? Yes, that’s right, cross some bridges at your own risk! You’ll learn more about the Hussaini hanging bridge.

Why is the Hussaini hanging bridge so special?

Almost all bridges are special. After all, they have a special significance. They also (often) have a unique history attached to them. This is especially true of the Golden Gate Bridge. But do you know what makes the Hussaini hanging bridge so special? Well, it’s not because it’s special. It’s because it’s among the most dangerous bridges in the world!

What makes the Hussaini hanging bridge so dangerous?

“Wait, this bridge is dangerous? How and why? Aren’t all bridges supposed to transport people safely from one point to another?” Well, this is definitely not true, especially if the bridge is a suspension bridge that’s made out of rope. And guess what? The Hussaini hanging bridge is a somewhat flimsy bridge that’s made out of rope!

But those aren’t the only two qualities that make this bridge among the most dangerous bridges in the world. Only the bravest should try to traverse this perilous bridge. The bridge has ropes that are literally pencil-thin. One look at the supporting ropes and you would honestly wonder if the bridge was really capable of sustaining a full-grown adult man. 

Another equally worrying aspect of this bridge is the fact that some of its many flimsy planks are missing. That means that you have to watch your step carefully (literally) when you traverse this bridge. After all, one wrong step on it could spell doom for you in the form of serious injury or even death!

Then there is the fact that the bridge is in a very remote part of the Gilgit-Baltistan area in North Pakistan. There are still only two other ways to traverse this area if you don’t want to use it – the Karakoram Highway and a short plane ride. The bad news is that you have to be fairly wealthy to pursue these options.

What makes this bridge so dangerous?

The area where the bridge is located has some of the harshest weather and strongest winds in the world. The winds are so strong that you’d swear that they’d blow this flimsy bridge away with little effort. That would come as little comfort to you as you were crossing it. The bridge connects one side of Borit Lake to the other. Well, you have little choice but to use this bridge because there’s only one other bridge that offers ready transport throughout this region and it’s far away. Oh, and another thing, did you know that almost no one has maintained the Hussaini hanging bridge since it was first built more than half a century ago?

The history behind the Hussaini hanging bridge

Do you know how this wonderful tourist attraction came into existence? Well, it all started in 1960. It all started when a guy named Ayub Khan decided to make a hunting trip to this region. “So people go on hunting trips to far-flung places all of the time. What’s so special about this?” Well, Ayub Khan was Pakistan’s President and he was pretty livid that there were no reliable means of transport in the area.

Khan went to an area in North Pakistan called Zarabad. He immediately ordered the people who governed and administered the area to build a reliable means of transport. So the Hussaini hanging bridge was born! It took approximately 8 years for the local government to build the bridge.

The Hussaini hanging bridge will make you shake in your boots

Yes, if you were to walk across it you’d probably pee in your pants. Many people have already done this and they survived to recount their experiences. Albeit, these were mostly on travel websites like Tripadvisor. 

It’s not easy to reach this bridge. This involves a 15-minute walk down a steep and challenging hill. The walk back is no cakewalk either. You would be told that you should only take 10 steps on the bridge. Then you would need to assess your hiking prowess to judge if you really had what it took to cross the bridge. Keep in mind that there is no going back if you fall into a gap in the bridge’s planks. You’ll (probably) fall to your death in a cold lake with a very strong and unforgiving current.

Oh, by the way, you’re completely on your own when you cross it. You could cry out for help if you slipped and fell but no one would be there to listen to you! The reason why is that the only people who ever frequent the Hussaini hanging bridge are a few desperate locals and a few more enthusiastic tourists who are looking for the ‘adventure of a lifetime that they can post on Instagram, Pinterest, or another social media platform!

The Hussaini hanging bridge is indeed unique

As you can see, the Hussaini hanging bridge makes for a unique but challenging bridge crossing experience. It’s definitely not for the faint-of-heart or inexperienced. At first glance, it may seem to be just another suspension bridge. However, you would clearly understand that this was far from true if you were to see it up close!

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