Ice Staff code: How to Upgrade?

Are you pondering over the right way for an ice staff code lately? Yes! Then you are in the right place. Most of the time, the games release new upgrades and challenges. This aims directly to make the game more interesting for the players.

Additionally, the upgrades come from time to time, to have better access to varied features of the game as well. In persuasion, the Call of Duty series released staff of ice in the series. This is one of the four buildable elements in the game’s map origin.

This staff of ice tends to shoot a blast of ice when they fire. In turn, when fired at a zombie, the zombie freezes and cracks apart in pieces. After up-gradation, the overall features remain the same. But, only the staff of the ice range and area of appropriate effect becomes better. 

Additionally, players can hold down the firing button as well. When the staff is charged and fired, it initially releases a blast of ice. Later, it develops into a circle of ice, blizzarding around and attracting several nearby zombies. This further results in the freezing of the zombies and thereby, the killing of the zombies as well.

If you are someone playing Call of Duty for the first time or are a pro player. But, somehow, doesn’t know how to upgrade ice staff. Don’t stress! We have got your back. We have curated the right steps that you need to follow to upgrade your ice staff as soon as possible.

What is an Ice Staff Upgrade?

Ice staff upgrade is nothing but, the most powerful weapon in the origins. The moment you successfully upgrade your origins it becomes Ull’s Arrow. This is another level of an extremely powerful weapon. It has the power to successfully freeze and thus, crack apart a large number of zombies in a single go. Additionally, this weapon is chargeable as well.

The powerful blizzard of circling ice freezes zombies for 10 seconds. To upgrade it successfully, you need to follow the step-by-step guide. Don’t despair! Read on below to get to know the steps now.

How to bring about an Ice Staff Upgrade?

Following a series of sequential steps will bring about an ice staff code upgrade. In persuasion, we have this guide for you.

Solve the craziest location puzzle

Create a portal in any one of the provided mines to gain access to the craziest place

To successfully upgrade ice staff you need to solve an ice staff puzzle first. Once you reach the crazy place, you will come across the riddle we are talking about here. You will see your portal here. It will be amidst several stone slabs and in between, you will find a beam of blue light. This is the first step for the ice staff upgrade.

Examination of 6 panels of ice and stone that keep floating above the portal

Every panel contains a symbol. This symbol further corresponds with the symbol present on the stone slabs that surround the portal. To solve the riddle thrown at you. Match the sequence of symbols properly. Do it in the same order and thus, shoot every panel. Remember here to do it in the right order using ice staff.  

Using ice staff code to shoot different ceiling panels in the right sequence

After you have successfully shot the panels in the right sequence. The stone flips around. You need to similarly flip all six panels, to solve the riddle. Once you have finished completing the task of the puzzle, you will hear Samantha’s voice. Afterward, your character will be sent back to the realm.

Destroy the tombstones

Shooting each of the three tombstones using the ice staff.

The task is to destroy tombstones. They may camouflage with the game’s background but, remember they are light gray. Identify all three tombstones and destroy them.

Navigating to each of the 3 different tombstones. The ones feature water flowing through each stone.

As soon as you spot a tombstone use ice code origins to freeze them. Later, used weapons to destroy them.

Shooting three tombstones using a bullet weapon.

Once you destroy all three tombstones, the mission assigned to you is completed. You will hear Samantha’s voice. Get ready to enter the third mission.

Release the blue orb

Navigate back to the excavation location. Take the spiral staircase downstairs.

At the bottom of the stairs, you will see an array of floating discs.

Pull levers located around each of the floating discs. This will light up the blue light on each disc.

Two levers on walkways and two on the wooden scaffolding. Once you light up all the levers, you will see a blue orb. It will float amidst floating discs.

Navigation to the bottom of the staircases. This way blue orb comes over your head.

Using ice staff shooting the blue orb.

Lastly, the blue orb tends to fly high up in the sky and exit the excavation site. Now, you will again hear Samantha’s voice. Get ready for your last and ultimate mission. 

Upgrading the ice staff

Navigation back to the craziest location

You need to put stuff inside the blue pedestal. This is located in a crazy place.

Head straight to the blue pedestal. Placing ice staff code on to of pedestal. 

The ice staff hovers and floats.

Using a gun weapon slaughtered as many zombies as possible. 

This permits the ice code staff to regain their souls. All you need to do is to kill a minimum of 20 zombies. This will lead to a collection of enough souls required for the ice staff upgrade. This leads to the completion of the mission. You have now the ice power. It will be shown in red color. In persuasion, Samantha will inform you about the same as well.

Navigating back to the blue pedestal. Grab hold of your staff. 

Lastly, ice upgrades to UII’S Arrow.


This was all about the varied missions that you need to accomplish for the ice staff code upgrade. The ice staff has the ultimate potential to freeze and blast off zombies into pieces. All you need to do is follow the above-mentioned step-by-step guide to successfully upgrade the staff of ice. So, what are you waiting for? Go and upgrade the staff of ice now.

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