Kipling Backpack: A Perfect Companion for Journey

It does not matter if you are on a long journey or a small trip; whether it is your office or it is a family picnic or a friend reunion weekend, one thing that is a must for you is a good backpack. This article is about Kipling backpack.

Not only can it give safety to your valuable stuff which you will need for all of your journeys. It can also enhance the look and style of your overall persona. A great-looking backpack will give you an additional advantage of looks. In short, if you have a good backpack, you have a great companion for your journey. 

So if you are going for some window shopping for your new travel backpacks, I will recommend you to go for Kipling Backpacks. Kipling is a very famous brand for manufacturing awesome Kipling bags. Kipling was founded in the year 1987 and slowly but steadily it has become a market leader in the sector of leather handbags, backpacks, totes luggage, and accessories. 

A brief summary about Kipling Backpack:

In the year 1987, Vincent Haverbeke, Xavier Kegels, and Paul Van De Velde have founded a new company named Kipling for the manufacturing and selling of handbags, backpacks, and accessories. Its founders were inspired by ‘The Jungle Book’. 

Kipling was founded in Antwerp, Belgium. In the year 1989, Kipling went to North America and Japan. Later in 1993, it made its first appearance in Central America. And in 2004 Kipling made a very effective decision of joining a portfolio of VF. 

Kipling backpacks are famous for their new designs and casual-styled accessories. Kipling backpacks are full of innovative ideas. The company believes in making attractive backpacks. Kipling backpacks are famous for their iconic crinkle nylon fabric and many other classic and innovative materials. One of the signature items of Kipling bags is its monkey mascot attached with its backpacks and bags.

Kipling provides a large range of wallets, pouches, small key hangers to handbags, cross-bodies, totes, backpacks, travel bags, and kids’ bags.

Best Stuff you can buy on Kipling backpack:

We all know that Kipling is a world-famous brand with verities of products within its range of leather backpacks and bags and other accessories. And someone wise has told me once that if you are given too many options to choose; you might get confused between the options only. 

That’s very true for Kipling. If you visit the website of Kipling, you will find many amazing Kipling backpacks and handbags that you will surely confuse between two and more. So here I am to tell you about some great Kipling backpacks and other Kipling bags and accessories.

1. Delia Medium:

Delia medium backpack is a very stylish black color laptop bag. This bag has black color all over its body and it has an additional stylish accessory attached with it which gives it an outstanding awesome look. This bag is perfect for the modern world where everyone needs some style to add to their appearance.

Its dimensions are 12.25” L x 14.5” H x 8” D and it has a weight of 1.12 lbs. for your surprise it has a volume of 16 L.

It has two front zip pockets, a main zip pocket, a top zip entry, and an internal zip pocket. No doubt it comes with the signature monkey keychain of Kipling. It is available at $120.00 on the official website of Delia.

2. Damian 15” laptop backpack:

Damian backpack is perfect for all those who want to be stylish and unique. Not like other casual bags it has three different attractive colors. It has a navy-colored body and on that, it contains dark orange and grey colored large parts in different geometrical shapes. 

This is made of Nylon material. It has a dimension of 12.25” L x 15.75” H x 6.75” D. Its weight is very light. It only has a weight of 0.9 lbs. Its lightweight gives you an easy and comfortable experience during your journey. 

It has a front zip pocket, two water bottle pockets, a top carry handle, adjustable backpack straps, and a 15” laptop sleeve. It also has a monkey woven label. 

You can easily get it at $69.00 from the official website of Kipling backpacks.

3. Tamiko travel bag: 

One bag that can give you the ultimate level of satisfaction during your travels is Kipling travel Backpack named Tamiko. This bag’s looks give you a sense of toughness and adventurous nature. It is of sober green color. On the website, you can find it with more colors. It also two large black strips which cover the bag from the front. This design gives it more strength look-wise. 

Its dimension is 11.75” L x 17.75” H x 6” D. Its weight is 1.44 lbs. 

This bag has a top handle, padded, adjustable backpack straps. As usual, it also has two zipper closures and a 13” laptop sleeve. And of course, this bag also carries the signature monkey mascot keychain of Kipling.

You can buy it only at $89.00 on the official website. 

4. Pride City pack mini Kipling backpack:

This Kipling red backpack is no doubt an amazing choice to carry. This mini backpack is perfect for trips with minimal stuff. It also gives a charm to your looks when you carry it with you.

This bag is also made up of full Nylon. Dimensions are 10.75” Lx 11.5” H x 5.5” D. its weight is 0.93 lbs. It can hold a volume of 9L. 

It has a top carry handle, front zip pocket, back zip pocket, front and back zip closure, two side pockets, and a front slip pocket with a cinch cord closure and has an internal zip pocket. Also it has a highlighted pride monogram. And of course, it has a monkey keychain as it is the signature of Kipling backpacks.


You can easily buy Kipling book bags, Kipling backpacks on Kipling’s official websites or amazon or any nearby Macy’s Kipling backpack store.

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