Monster BFC: Energy Drink- Rise and Fall

Are you searching for monster BFC lately? Yes! Then you are in the right place. The market is full of plenty of energy drinks. All of their claims are to provide the desired instant energy to consumers. Hence, they are extremely popular among hipsters, rockers, and geeks.

One such popular energy drink is the BFC Monster. The drink which came back in the year 2002, soon managed to attain huge popularity and a fan following. Indeed, it is more popular than the brand Red Bull too.

In case you are planning to buy this energy drink later, we have fetched the must-know beforehand facts, to ensure you know everything about this drink before you plan to buy it for yourself.

Monster BFC meaning

Hansen Natural Company which is now Monster Beverage Corporation manufactured Monster BFC energy drinks back in the year 2002. There are a total of 39 varieties of energy drinks available under the brand Monster.

The energy drink became so popular in so short a duration that it managed to have access to 35% of total shares in the energy drinks market. This number was second after the popular Red Bull.

The company has taken energy drinks to a greater height. Initially, the energy drink cans size is between 16 ounces, later the same increased up to 24 ounces. Afterwards, the company introduced the biggest energy drink 32 ounces. This was the biggest energy drink introduced ever.

What is the nutritional value of 240 g per serving of monster BFC?

A 240 g monster BFC energy drink serves:

  • Carbohydrate level: 100.8 Carbohydrate content: 100.8
  • 180 mg of sodium (equivalent to 8% sodium) 
  • 7.2 mg powder 
  • 27 grams of carbs 
  • 0-gram fibre and protein 
  • Minerals and nutrients, then again, are something similar. There is 2mg of nutrient B6, which is 154% of the everyday need.

Rest, change, increment, and lessen it by your calorie needs. Each drink has its advantages and disadvantages. This drink has its arrangement of benefits and drawbacks. It likewise has certain weaknesses, for example, regardless of whether this refreshment is fitting for your jolt of energy. As per the exploration, youngsters are especially partial to this hostile beast’s alcoholic flavour.

What are the popular monster BFC flavours?

The BFC monster has an extensive variety of flavours. Read on to get to know them:

1. Maxx:

The remainder of the refreshment is nitrous oxide and has an incredibly dry, Solaris, and shroud scent. The magnificence of this beverage is that it is low carb, zero-total, and attack. It’s known as a ‘refreshing beverage’ since it contains zero sugar, hyper melon, blue ice, medium green, tropical thunder, and purple energy.

2. Muscle:

Muscle is a protein enhancement that is usually found in vanilla and chocolate. It is otherwise called a tea-based beverage in light of peach tea, pink lemonade, and lemonade. This beverage has 34 unique flavours, yet just in North America. Some have been depicted as very difficult.

3. Ultra:

In case you’re searching for a beverage without any calories, this is the best beverage for you. Purple, sunrise, red, blue, zero-calorie, lemon, dark, and different tones are accessible. On the other hand, you could say that people appreciate a lot buying exceptionally selling fragrances.

4. Java:

This flavour joins the entirety of the kinds of espresso. Coffee beasts, mocha beasts, and Caffe beasts in vanilla, caramel, vanilla light, focus bean, Irish espresso combination, Loca mocha, and Kona blend are altogether accessible. 

5. Punch:

It is a mix of frantic canine and Baller. To wrap things up, there is juice. This flavour incorporates all notable juice varieties, like Ripper, mango crazy, Khaos, and Pipeline Punch. 

6. Violet Monster Energy Drink:

That drink is notable because of its long force. This flavour has a sweet, sweet, fresh, and dusty UV flavour. It is sufficient to cause you to feel revived. Besides that, our proposal to everybody is to attempt the zero/zero ultras, which contain no sugar and no calories. Then again, the Ultra-heaven beast is quite possibly the most unprecedented thing for those acquainted with the eating routine.

7. Monster BFC can:

Indeed, words can create a scene from time to time. However, don’t stress over it. BFC is an enormous fox who can drink from the beast’s jars. Without asking, the monster energy drink BFC clock the specific 32oz energy beast blend twice as monstrous as two 16oz people.

Why was the Monster energy drink discontinued?

Monster BFC was discontinued due to several reasons. The energy drink was once so popular among the masses. Suddenly, the sales started to go down for the same company.

Some of the specific products which discontinued are as follows:

  • Ripper Juiced Monster Energy Plus Juice= 500ml
  • Lewis Hamilton Monster Energy= 500ml
  • Espresso Monster Vanilla Espresso (Triple Shot) = 250ml
  • Espresso Monster Salted Caramel (Triple Shot) = 250ml

All batches of four Monster Energy drinks were discontinued from the deal because of significant degrees of propylene glycol.

Propylene glycol is an engineered food-added substance that has a place with a similar compound class as liquor.

In addition, these energy drinks contain too much added sugar.

BFC Monster contains 28 grams of sugar for every 8.4-ounce (248-ml) can, which is practically identical to Red Bull. Drinking only one of these caffeinated drinks every day can make you burn through an excess of added sugar, which is terrible for your general well-being.

Hence, this is what happens to BFC monster energy drinks.


This was all about the popular energy drink that produced a monstrous 32 ounces of cans. Despite huge popularity and sales in the energy market, the products witnessed a great fall. Also, several of the specific products were discontinued too.

While the manufacturer company may promise lucrative benefits and safety regarding health, it is up to you. You need to choose the right products for you. So, be mindful before buying any energy drink. Always ensure to read the nutritional value. 

Moreover, avoid products that offer nothing more than a lot of added sugar. As this is only going to deteriorate your health in the long run. Drink healthy, and stay healthy!


1. What is Monster BFC, and when was it introduced?

Monster BFC is an energy drink introduced by Monster Beverage Corporation in 2002, quickly gaining 35% of the market share.

2. What are the nutritional values of Monster BFC per serving?

A 240g serving includes 100.8g carbs, 180mg sodium, 7.2mg powder, 27g carbs, 0g fibre, and 2mg Vitamin B6 (154% daily value).

3. What are the popular flavours of Monster BFC?

Flavors include Maxx, Muscle, Ultra, Java, Punch, Violet, and Monster BFC, offering diverse options from zero sugar to protein enhancements.

4. Why was Monster BFC discontinued, and which specific products were affected?

Discontinued due to declining sales, affected products include Ripper Juiced Monster Energy Plus Juice, Lewis Hamilton Monster Energy, and Espresso Monster varieties.

5. What advice is given regarding the consumption of Monster BFC in the conclusion?

Consumers are advised to be mindful, read nutritional values, avoid high-sugar products, and make informed choices for better health.

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