The Latest Wedding Trends That Are Absolutely Everywhere in 2021

When it comes to weddings, some can be a drag. From long ceremonies to sub-par dinners, many celebrations, unfortunately, can have you eager to leave.

If your big day is coming up, it’s normal to want to make sure that everything is perfect! As much as weddings are about the happy couple, you’ll want to ensure your guests have a blast.

Not sure what wedding trends you should consider incorporating into your big day? Keep reading for some of the most popular ideas to help you make the best of the most special day of your life.


From biodegradable wedding invitations to DIY decorations, many brides are skipping the traditional demands of the wedding industry. Opting for sustainability has become extremely popular in many modern weddings.

There are plenty of options that you can integrate into your special day. You also don’t have to go 100% zero-waste. Incorporating small details and practices can help you keep your wedding more sustainable.

Interesting Venues

When it comes to types of wedding venues, many more traditional options are on the decline. As many banquet halls struggle to accommodate different events after COVID-19, couples are finding creative alternatives.

Between historic and scenic manors to museums and aquariums, visually interesting venues are all the rage now. While many may think a unique venue would distract guests, beautiful venues make the day more magical.

A Switch in Seating

While your parents might have struggled to create a seating chart for the reception, open seating has become popular. You won’t have to worry about grudges or family feuds, as it’s up to your guests to find a spot to sit!

Similarly, you may even switch up your ceremony seating. Instead of traditional rows, you can have circular seating around your beautiful wedding gazebo, so all of your guests have a clear view of the happy couple.

Non-Traditional Guest Goodies

Though this can tie into the ideas of sustainable weddings, the mementos or gifts that many guests receive after weddings often end up in the trash. While this seems sad, the keychains and wine corks take up space.

Instead, give your guests fun treats that they’ll actually enjoy. Many couples are opting for small desserts, flower seeds, or candles as a “thank you” for attending.

These gifts are useful and provide your guests with a gentle reminder of your special day every time they see the beautiful flowers they planted.

Upcoming Wedding Trends for Your Big Day

From commemorating your love in front of family and friends to enjoy the celebration you’ve spent months planning, weddings are generally one of the happiest days a couple will have.

When it comes to your wedding, remember to choose what you like. Whether it’s selecting the best wedding venue for you or picking your favorite foods, your wedding is about you and your spouse.

If you found this guide to wedding trends to keep in mind for your big day helpful, be sure to visit the rest of our website for more great lifestyle tips and tricks.

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