Top 8 Best Places to Go Yacht Sailing In Singapore

Traveling on a yacht is a great way to explore the world. You take less time and have the luxury of doing water and land activities. In Singapore, one of the more economical options for yacht sailing is renting or chartering. Yacht brokers like Simpson Marine in Singapore offer reasonable pricing and premium yachts for tourist use. 

Since Singapore’s strategically located between Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand, you can explore the various islands of these four countries. 

Let’s look at some recommendations for going yacht sailing in Singapore. 

Destination 1: Phuket, Thailand

Yacht Sailing

A Singaporean yacht charter wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Phuket in Thailand. It’s the latter country’s largest island, surrounded by the crystal water of the Andaman Sea. 

You can enjoy water activities like scuba diving in Koh Racha Noi, which has a diverse ecosystem. On land, the island boasts exciting nightlife, pristine beaches, delicious cuisine, and the white marble Big Buddha.

Phuket is an excellent place for those who want a laid-back beach escapade, with some water activities here and there. 

Most locals recommend visiting Phuket during sunny and dry weather conditions. Usually, this season occurs around November to February. 

Destination 2: Lazarus Island, Singapore

Lazarus Island in Singapore is a top-rated beach in the country. Visitors can charter a yacht from the Marina South Pier to reach the clean, serene, and winding white beach.

It’s only a twenty-minute yacht ride, too.

Please note that it’s uninhabited, so you’ll need to bring your food and drinks for the day. The island’s also only open for day trips. 

Some main attractions in Singapore can feel claustrophobic since they’re almost always crowded. Lazarus Island is like a “forgotten island” preserved and not visited by most tourists. 

That’s why it’s perfect for those who want a quiet, relaxing beach day.

Destination 3: Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Raja Ampat in West Papua, Indonesia, is a top yacht sailing spot because of its numerous islands, cays, and shoals. It has over a thousand islands and four main ones: Misool, Salawati, Batanta, and Waigeo.

There’s a particular protected area in Raja Ampat called the Bird’s Head Seascape, where a majority of the coral population of the world lives. 

If you love snorkeling or diving, you can get close to many marine species like bumphead parrotfish, sea turtles, and barracudas.

Tourists can also explore Raja Ampat’s clear waters and islands by riding a yacht or kayak. 

Destination 4: St. John’s Island, Singapore

About six and a half kilometers south of Singapore lies St. John’s Island, spanning about forty hectares. What’s unique about this island is its self-check-in and out system, where tourists can enjoy the place at their convenience.

Singapore offers several accommodations on St. John’s Island for visitors to book in advance. This place has a rich history, as Singaporeans once used it to quarantine people with cholera in the nineteenth century.

Now, it is a beautiful getaway spot where people can swim on the clear beaches, picnic among lush greenery, and escape the concrete jungle in Mainland Singapore.

Destination 5: Anambas Islands, Indonesia

In 2013, CNN hailed Anambas Islands as the best tropical island for a good reason — it has pristine beaches, lagoons, and waters perfect for yacht charters!

You can sail around nearly three hundred islands in the archipelago, which is perfect for an expedition-like holiday.

If you love diving, the waters in Anambas Islands have a rich marine ecosystem. You can also spot turtles on Keramut and Mangkal, part of the Anambas Islands. 

Selat Rangsang Beach is a hidden part of the Anambas Islands. Most visitors say this place feels secluded and private, which is excellent if you want to unwind. 

Destination 6: Tioman Island, Malaysia

In Southeast Asia, Tioman Island is one of the most well-known places to go yachting. Malaysia markets it as a marine park where visitors can explore the rich marine life and coral reefs.

Tioman Island also offers a lush rainforest filled with endemic wildlife if you like exploring nature.

The island also features cascading waterfalls, clear waters, and giant boulders for you to discover. You can go rock climbing on the famed Dragon Horns. These are seven hundred meters-tall monoliths in Mukut village that tourists love to challenge.

Yacht sailing on this island feels surreal, as you get to see a clear sea, watch the sunset, and hold a yacht party if you like.

Destination 7: Sisters’ Islands, Singapore

Sisters’ Islands consist of Pulau Subar Darat (Small Sister’s Island) and Pulau Subar Laut (Big Sister’s Island). It has an interesting backstory: two sisters drowned during a storm, and islands appeared in the spot where they perished.

Currently, Singapore promotes Big Sister’s Island as a marine park that tourists access through yacht charters or ferry rides. Researchers and scientists use the other island for conservation purposes, so it’s not open to the public.

On Big Sister’s Island, visitors can swim in the clear waters, snorkel, and dive to appreciate marine biodiversity, and take picnics and long walks on the beach.

Destination 8: Langkawi, Malaysia

Near Malaysia and Thailand, Langkawi is one of the world’s most famous yacht sailing places. UNESCO hailed Langkawi as a Global Geopark, which means it holds a significant geological heritage that’s valuable to the world.

It’s no surprise, as Langkawi has ancient white beaches, caves, coral reefs, limestone, mangroves, and marine species. 

You can also explore its smaller islands with your chartered yacht or stay for a few days in one of the island’s five-star hotels. Langkawi boasts Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons Resort as available accommodations. 

However, there are more laid-back options for those who want a simple vacation. Either way, Langkawi is a natural paradise with great significance. 

Explore Singapore In Comfort and Style

Traveling through a yacht charter from a trusted broker lets you explore the seas and enjoy land activities at your own pace.

It’s a perfect way to unwind while enjoying the outstanding views Singapore and its neighboring countries have to offer!