Paradise beach Goa: Let us find

Goa is an awesome holiday destination. It has a lot of beaches that can beat any other coastal area of the subcontinent. Similarly, swaying palms, glittering gold sand, and the gentle breeze from the sea promise to soothe the stress of traveling. Paradise Beach Goa is a stunning holiday destination. A lot of beautiful shacks are there on the beach. It is a pretty crescent-shaped beach. The charisma of the beach, beautiful bay, mouthwatering food, and different times of vibes at different times of the year make it uniquely magnetic and always wonderful. As a result, Paradise Beach Goa is an excellent beach with a great drive.

Paradise Beach Maharashtra is a beautiful beach that has a good amount of natural plantations. The beach is the best option to camp and spend your night cooking and looking at the stars and moon. Paradise Beach Maharashtra is one of the best beaches in India. The accessibility of the place is its specialty. Besides, it is the most popular destination for foreign tourists.

Paradise Beach India has no accessibility to the beach by road. As a result, the beach is in hiding from the general public. The beach is in UT, Puthussery. It is recently declared as a ‘no plastic’ zone. A vacation in Paradise Beach India means you will have everything in one shot- trekking, sailing, and nature trail.

Beaches in goa

paradise beach goa

1. Calangute beach

  • The Paradise Beach Goa is also the “Queen of Beaches”.
  • The best place to shop for souvenirs, like wooden handicrafts, textiles, silver jewelry, and seashell necklaces.
  • St. Alexa Church, an Indian-styled cupola architecture featuring an immaculate white church is one of the main attractions of Calangute.

2. Baga beach

  • The beach’s other name is “Hometown of Nightlife.”
  • The beach is famous for its cranky music celebrations.
  • Similarly, yummy food, designer shops, and adventure sports there are well known to everyone.

3. Candolim beach

  • A lot of parties take place in the Paradise Beach goa
  • It is an awesome place to experience activities like parasailing, bumpy banana rides, boat rides, jet skiing, and even scuba diving.

4. Chapora beach

  • Wonder spot for leisure time and peace searchers.
  • Fantabulous destination for a holiday.
  • Travelers get the opportunity to enjoy some of the most authentic seafood recipes.

5. Palolem beach

  • Temporary coco huts are available for travelers.
  • Beach yoga classes are available.
  • Well-reputed restaurants that provide traditional Goa flavors are there.
  • Similarly, the beach has silent disco parties regularly.

6. Arambol beach

  • The beach is also known as Harmal Beach.
  • Famous for several activities on the beach like paragliding, dolphin-watching boat trips, kite surfing, etc.

7. Bogmalo beach

  • The beach is one of the cleanest and most secluded beaches in Goa.
  • The beach provides a blissful experience of diving.
  • Travelers can enjoy beach games frisbee and beach volleyball.
  • As a result, the beach is a great choice for solo travelers as it is not at all crowded even during the peak seasons.

8. Butterfly beach

  • Famous Dolphin Play and the mesmerizing sunset are the main attractions of this beach.
  • The beach is at the Butterfly Island of South Goa.

9. Ashwen beach

  • The beach is popular with numerous restaurants and its mouthwatering sea seafood.
  • There are a lot of beach huts made of palm leaves for tourist accommodation.

10. Morjim beach

  • The beach offers a wild and rustic feel.
  • The nickname of the beach is “Little Russia”
  • You can attain the best experience on the beach if you check out the wildlife over there.

11. Colva beach

  • Paradise Beach Goa provides an endless array of aquatic adventure sports.
  • The beach is a favorite among Indian tourists.

12. Coco beach

  • Stunning scenery and a vast array of incredible watersports are the main attractions of the paradise beach goa
  • Coco Beach is a very famous fishing hub.
  • Similarly, you can notice fishers dotting the beach all day round.

13. Cabo de Rama beach

  • It is a perfect tourist spot for families.
  • Travelers can witness especially, mesmerizing sunsets and sunrise from the Portuguese Fort.
  • Anuja Beach is a popular paradise beach goa famous for its trendy nightclubs.
  • It is a perfect spot for a family vacation.
  • Besides, the beach is also a great choice for adventure-filled holiday trips.

14. Miramar beach

  • The beach is a wonderful destination for trips, barbeque parties, and casual meet-ups alike.
  • Besides, it offers numerous watersport opportunities, including boat rides and dolphin spotting.

15. Shiroda beach

  • It is a beautiful paradise beach goa which is still unexplored by many.
  • The beach has a picturesque setting with swaying palms and huge rocks.

These are some of the important beaches in Goa. Goa is a place all about entertainment. However, the beaches at Goa are the perfect place for parties and meditation.

paradise beach goa

Land of paradise

Goa is a piece of paradise in India. Goa Paradise is a destination that will make you fall in love with the people, the lifestyle, and everything around you. Most people go to Goa especially because of the beaches over there. As a result, it is perfect to chill at the beach as it is sunny and warm throughout the year.

Goa is awesome because it is special and different from other beach destinations. However, the atmosphere of “peace and love” in Goa makes it an amazing place for hippie lovers. Goa Paradise is a unique mix of colors, cultures, and traditions.

Paradise hotel goa

The Paradise Hotel Goa is a Spanish-style villa resort. It lies near the beach. As a result, it offers a panoramic view of the sea. The hotel provides a variety of food for travelers. However, tourists are fond of this property for its proximity to the beach. Paradise Hotel Goa is famous for spas, wellness services, and treatments such as massages. Different variants of rooms are available in the hotel:-

  • Studio Suite.
  • Indulgence Suite.
  • Beach Cottage.
  • Princeton Villa.
  • Penthouse.

Winding up

The beaches in Goa are very famous among tourists. These beaches help in keeping our minds away from tension and stress. However, they are a wonderful place for spending time with your dear and near. As a result, never miss a chance to visit all of these beaches in Goa.