What is Stellar Photo Recovery software or its advantages?

In today’s era, people understand the significance of data; however load of individuals lose their data by mistake. So want back their data but don’t know how to recover their data. Don’t worry; if you want to get your data back, then Stellar Photo Recovery is one of the best methods to recover. It is the best software that will help you recover all your media files quickly. Besides, the article examines the details regarding this software and its benefits in detail.

What is Stellar Photo Recovery software, and how to utilize it?

Stellar Photo Recovery is one of the most potent or effective software that may get back all the deleted or lost data from your PC or laptop. This software assists you in recovering your audio files, videos, and photos rapidly or easily. It may retrieve on every window version, and it is the most useful software than others. Hence, if you wish to get your data back, this software is the best or right choice. But some people have doubts about how to utilize this software, so here below is a piece of information on how to utilize it. So let us discuss in brief.

How to utilize this software?

The interface of this software is simple or easier to know. You may get back files in some steps such as below:

  • You may choose the storage device or drive from which you wish to recover the media files, and after that, press on option Scan.
  • The photo recovery software would scan your device automatically and create a preview of the corrupted or deleted file.
  • From that, you may choose the files such as audio, video, or photo, which you wish to retrieve. So you may easily do it by yourself without any trouble.

What are the key features of this photo recovery software?

Some features that make this software best and excellent are discussed below.

  • Smart or innovative characteristics

The software has a load of smart or attractive features that create its best. It supports a range of systems involving ExFAT, FAT, NTFS, HFS+, or APFS. You may utilize smart or innovative features to retrieve raster or vector images, uncompress pictures, and also Unicode files. It also holds up several file formats and performs scanning deeply.

  • Easy to use interface

The software has a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface; you would not require any experts’ assistance to utilize it; it is straightforward, easy to use, and you may utilize it by yourself.

  • Retrieve all the videos, audios, or pictures

This software assists in retrieving the deleted files such as photos, audios, videos from every sort of SD card such as SDXC, mini or micro. Its most latest or most advanced deep scanning feature performs scanning deeply to locate the deleted files. Then it would retrieve the deleted files if they are actually present in the media file.

  • Retrieve files in dual monitor setup or retrieve files from corrupt storage

You don’t have to go from one screen to another screen to utilize similar software on double devices. More so, with this advanced feature of the software, you may retrieve the files while performing another task on a PC. In addition to this, this software is one of the effective and excellent software that would quickly recover all the corrupted files and lost files. 

Pros and cons of stellar photo recovery


  • It s very easy or straightforward to utilize, and it is speedy to retrieve data.
  • The software is very efficient in restoring the data.
  • It is compatible with a wide variety of cameras or cards along with 8k, 4k, and VR video recovery.


  • It doesn’t restore the actual file name or complete metadata.
  • During retrieving and scanning process, can be slower and consume considerable resources of your system.

Benefits of the photo recovery software

There is a load of advantages of this excellent software. This software may quickly retrieve all the lost and deleted files such as video, audio, and images. It may retrieve the file from every kind of storage media that is deleting due to corruption, deletion, virus, formatting, and inaccessible drives. 

The free version of this photo recovery software may quickly retrieve ten media files of 25 Mb. Apart from this, this software may also retrieve data from current mirrorless cameras, DSLRs, video cameras in 4k, 6k, or 8k, CompactFlash, or XC cards. The software is most probably capable of finding all the files you have lost or deleted. In addition to this, during the process of recovery, there are only a few steps to complete; after that, you may get your files.

This software is accessible in 3 versions, Professional, standard, or premium. Those who are not appealing in the creation of videos can discover the professional version that offers adequate functions for their requirements. To attain access to every aspect, the premium version of this software is needed. Besides this, the standard version of this software offers basic pictures or another file recovery; however, it may not perform complicated tasks like repairing corrupt images. When you utilize this software, you may get a load of advanced features and get your data effectively.

Final words

It can conclude that Stellar Photo Recovery software is one of the most popular and leading software that quickly provides your lost data. Today, nobody wishes to face data loss, but accidentally they accidentally lost their data, but don’t need to worry; this software is the most robust or exclusive recovery software that has mainly been utilized to retrieve the data or media files. It arrives with several advanced features, and the free version of this software may aid you if you simply require to retrieve lost files. 

More so, during processing or testing, this photo recovery tool may achieve fully retrieved images, video, and audio that had been deleted from your memory cards or PC. So utilize this effective software and get a load of advantages.

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