10 Most Breathtaking National Parks in Thailand

Amazing sceneries and natural wonders, Thailand is full of things that will blow your mind. Mentioned down below are the National parks that are worth visiting and will make your trip to Thailand more special. 

1. Ao Phang Nga National Park

Ao Phang Nga National Park is located in the region of Pha Nga, which lies between Phuket and Krabi in southern Thailand. It is a Marine Park, famous for its 42 karst islands containing amazing beaches, lofty limestone ridges, lagoons, and caves to traverse. 

In the National Park, you can sight a vast variety of mammals like Crab-eating macaques, White-handed gibbons and Dusky langurs, and reptiles like Banded sea snakes, Bengal monitor lizards, and flying lizards.   

The most renowned site is James Bond Island, named subsequently after part of The Man with the Golden Gun was shot in 1974 on the Island. 

The National Park is also an aboding to a Muslim village of Ko Panyi, a village which is completely built on stilts. 

2. Mu Ko Similan National Park 

Located in Phang Nga Province, Mu ko Similan National Park is another Marine park to visit on your Thailand honeymoon package. It was established in 1982. The National Park is an archipelago of 11 islands, 70 km off the shore of the Andaman sea.  Initially, there were only 9 islands, later in 1998,   the islands were increased to eleven. The 11 islands are as follows: Ko Huyong, Ko Payang, Ko Payan, Ko Miang, Ko Ha, Ko Hok, Ko Hin Pousar, Ko Similan, Ko Bangu, Ko Tachai and Ko Bon. 

The National Park possesses white-sand beaches, diverse marine life, and aquatic species like octopus, lionfish, white sharks, leopard sharks, and bioluminescent plankton. 

The Mu Ko Similan National Park is quite a popular spot for diving, scuba diving, and snorkeling. And the best time to enjoy all these activities is from December to April. For hiking enthusiasts, rainforests are an option for hiking. 

3. Khao Sok National Park

The Khao Sok National Park is situated in the Surat Thani Region of Southern Thailand and was established by The Royal Forest Department in 1980.

The area is dominantly occupied by rainforests. The area receives maximum rainfall in Thailand which is life support for diverse flora and fauna. The region is home to various bird species and animals such as Wildcats, Deers, Malayan tapirs, Macaques, Asian elephants, and wild boars. You can also witness one of the world’s largest and rarest flowers, Rafflesia Kerrii, in the park. 

The National Park also owns caves, waterfalls, water streams, and elephant sanctuary. 

You can also witness Cheow Lan lake which is Thailand’s largest man-made lake. 

4. Mu ko Ang Thong National Park

Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park is located in the Gulf of Thailand at the coast of Surat Thani Province. It is a marine park having 42 islands and covers a total area of 102 km. The park boasts many good spots for snorkeling and diving. Some of the islands have dazzling white-sand beaches and some have mountains where hiking can be enjoyed.

There are dry evergreen forests, limestone, and mangrove forests surrounding the beaches. There is a variety of marine life and animals like monkeys, otters, wild boars, dusky-leaf monkeys, and macaque monkeys on the islands.

Ang Thong is a paradise for Backpackers visiting Thailand.

5. Mu Ko Surin National Park

Mu Ko Surin is located in Tambon Koh Phra Thong and covers an area of around 137 km (33,750 acres). It is an archipelago of 5 islands namely: Koh Surin Nuea, Koh Surin Tai, Koh Ri, Koh Klang, and Koh Khai. The archipelago is situated in the Andaman Sea. 

The islands provide many exceptional snorkeling sites with pristine waters, extraordinary coral reefs, and diverse marine life. Richelieu Rock, a worldwide famous diving spot, is also a part of Mu Ko Surin.

6. Khao Yai National Park

The Khao Yai National park was established in 1962 and was Thailand’s first National park. It is situated in Nakhon Ratchasima Province of Central Thailand and some portions of the park are extended towards Pranchinburi, Saraburi, and Nakon Nayok.

It was listed as a world heritage site in 2005. 

The National park is covered with grassland and forests and is home to 300 different species of mammals, birds, and reptiles. You can easily see animals like Asian elephants, Asiatic black bears, Deer, Wild pigs, and Porcupines in the park. 

Due to its location in the Sankamphaeng mountain range, it boasts some great hiking trails for hikers and mountain climbers.  

7. Erawan National Park


The Erawan National Park is situate in the Tenasserim Hills of Kanchanaburi Region in West Thailand. The prime attraction of the National park is the Erawan Falls, a seven-tier waterfall. The name Erawan is coined after an elephant taken from Hindu mythology. The waterfall can be easily climb and you can also plunge into it. The park also has a few caves to explore. 

The wildlife can not be sight near the waterfall but can be seen within the deep woods. The animals found in the forests are Indian muntjac, Wild boars, Sambar deer. And birds like Crested serpent eagle, Blue whistling thrush, Dark-necked tailorbird, and Kalij pheasant.

8. Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park

Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park is located in the Prachuap Khiri Khan Province. The name of the park means “mountain with 300 peaks”. The National Park is significant for its limestone hills. Most of the tourists visit the place to see Phaya Nakhon Cave, which has a magnificent Buddhist Temple inside the cave. 

The park is also an amazing destination for bird lovers, as you can see around 300 species of birds here. 

9. Kaeng Krachan National Park


Kaeng Krachan is locate on the border of the Tanintharyi National Reserve, Burma. It is Thailand’s largest National Park. The park is blanket mostly by rainforests and is well-known for its dense morning mist and the mountain peaks from within.  

The park is enrich with diverse wildlife, especially birds and butterflies. More than 400 species of birds such as giant pitta, great argus, and wooly-neck storks have been sight in the area. The mammals found in the place include leopards, wild dogs, elephants, and bears. 

Exciting activities like hiking, bird watching, and boating can be experience in Kaeng Krachan National Park. 

10. Kui Buri National Park

Undoubtedly, one of the best destinations in Thailand for observing wildlife is Kui Buri National Park. It is locate near the Burmese border and was establish in 1999. Here you can witness herds of elephants doing various activities like bathing and visiting the pond for drinking. Other animals include jackals, leopards, deers, bantengs, and langurs. The bird species consist of a crested fireback, an Indian roller, and an Asian openbill. The National Park also possesses 15 tiered Dong Ma Fai waterfalls which look picture perfect.