4 Alternative Entertainment Spots in Camden

This winter is the perfect time to organize a trip to a beautiful European town, in order to spend some time away from the daily grind. There are many amazing places that you can visit this winter and have the best time of your life. London is an excellent destination for this time of the year, as it’s a wonderful town with many beautiful landmarks and rich history.

Of course, London has many amazing neighborhoods that you can visit and have a nice time in. Believe me, you will never be bored of London as the things that you can see and do, never ends. It’s worth mentioning that Camden town is a must-see while visiting London. 

Camden, located in North London, is known for its vibrant alternative culture and bohemian vibe. While the famous Camden Market is a popular tourist destination, there are many other hidden gems and alternative entertainment spots to discover in this beautiful neighborhood. 

Read below and let’s explore the four more alternative entertaining spots in Camden.


Firstly, it’s important to say that Camden town is a place that is famous for its plenty of nightlife options for having the best time. There are so many bars, clubs, and pubs around the city, that you will be thrilled. One of them is KOKO, KOKO is a legendary music venue and club located in the heart of Camden. This historic venue has hosted a variety of acts over the years, including Coldplay, Arctic Monkeys, and The Chemical Brothers. It’s a great spot for live music, dancing, and general revelry. 

2. The Roundhouse

Moreover, another very famous bar around the city is the Roundhouse. The Roundhouse is a beautifully restored Victorian railway engine shed that has been transformed into an innovative arts and performance venue. It’s home to a variety of events, including music concerts, theater productions, and art exhibitions. This unique venue is a great spot to enjoy alternative and fun nights out with your friends.

3. Mini Golf Spots

Moreover, another very entertaining activity you should try while visiting Camden town is playing mini golf in one of the crazy golf venues that you can find around the city. Mini or crazy golf is a very fun game that everyone enjoys, especially if they love playing golf and at the same time having fun. At these places, you will be able to design your own course, with colorful obstacles and fun themes.

In case you are interested in this you can play a game of crazy mini golf in Camden and have a memorable experience in this beautiful town. Also, it’s an alternative way to enjoy a tasty cocktail with your company!

4. The Black Heart

Last but not least, if you love bars, this is a must! The Black Heart is a unique bar and live music venue located in the heart of Camden. This underground spot features a cozy and intimate atmosphere, making it the perfect place to catch a live show. The bar serves a variety of drinks and food and has a relaxed, alternative vibe.

Tabrez Ahemad
Tabrez Ahemad
Tabrez Ahemad is a senior editor of The Adventure Trip Magazine. He writes about business finance travel etc. You can reach them via social media and email at Tabrezahemad.bm@gmail.com

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