5 Natural and Effective Ways to Prevent Diabetes Before you are diagnosed with it!

Prevent Diabetes How many of you actually have an idea about prediabetes? Prediabetes is a serious condition and it is actually a warning sign before you get to develop diabetes. In prediabetes, the level of sugar in the blood is high but still not high to be diagnosed as type 2 diabetes. Having prediabetes put you in a situation where you are at higher risk of developing stroke, heart disease and even type 2 diabetes. Ironically, there are many people who might suffer from prediabetes but are not even aware of it. 

But, no need to worry, according to the diabetes specialists of the Naimat Begum Hospital, there are some lifestyle changes along with certain medication and treatment by which you can delay and even prevent various health issues and even diabetes type 2. 

But before, I share with you the tips to prevent prediabetes. Let’s have a brief idea about the causes and symptoms of prediabetes.

Causes of Prediabetes

Your pancreas plays a major role in producing insulin which is important for utilizing blood sugar for your body cells. In case of a situation of prediabetes, the cells of your body are unable to respond properly to the insulin. To get the response of your cells, your body produces more insulin. With time, your body is unable to keep up with the pancreas and the sugar level in your blood keeps rising and you suffer from prediabetes and eventually diabetes 2 in the longer run.

Signs and Symptoms of Prediabetes

Prediabetes can go undetected as there are no clear signs and symptoms for prediabetes. According to the sugar specialists in Karachi, this prediabetes can go this much undetected that you might not be able to get to know about it until we suffer from diabetes type 2. Hence, your diabetologist would get your blood tests to find any potential risk factor for prediabetes.

Some of the major risk factors of prediabetes are:

  • Obesity
  • Age above 45 years 
  • Having a sibling or parent suffering from prediabetes
  • PCOS
  • Ethnicity ( There are some particular ethnic group who are at higher risk of developing prediabetes)
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Giving birth to a baby who weighs more than 9 pounds
  • Less physically active

Natural Ways to Prevent Prediabetes

  • Eliminate Refined Carbs and Sugar From Your Diet

If you are someone who loves food high in sugar content and refined carbohydrates, with time the blood sugar level in your body keeps rising. The level of insulin also increases in the blood and if you continue to eat carbohydrate-rich foods, you might suffer from diabetes overtime.

Foods rich in refined carbohydrates are potatoes, white bread, breakfast cereals. So, you need to limit the processed sugar and refined carbohydrate and opt for whole grains, oatmeals and vegetables. If you are interested in reducing refined carbohydrates and sugars, you can also try the so-called lazy keto meals.”

  • Quit Smoking From Your Life

Smoking is injurious to your health and in the case of diabetes, it is one of the contributing factors of insulin resistance. Not only this, smoking can lead to various cancers such as oral and lung cancer along with emphysema and various heart health issues.

Studies have shown that quitting smoking can greatly reduce the risk of prediabetes and even diabetes type 2. 

  • Add Fibre to Your Diet

The fibre in your diet can do wonders. Not only it helps you with your constipation but is equally beneficial for your weight management and gut health. Adding a good source of fibre to your diet can help you in reducing the increased level of sugar in your blood but also prevent diabetes type 2 and other health issues.

  • Hydrate Yourself and Drink Water

Water, the ultimate source of life, has many health benefits. From glowing skin to hydrating yourself, water is the basic need of your body. Instead of hydrating yourself with soft drinks, juices or any other beverages, you need to strictly take water as your primary beverage. Drinking water helps you in maintaining your blood pressure, insulin level and blood sugar levels, thus reducing your risk of diabetes. Apart from this, you need to completely eliminate sugar-rich beverages, or beverages with additives and preservatives in order to prevent diabetes.

  • Take 30 Minutes for Yourself

Last but not the least, sedentary life is one of the culprits of bad health habits and attract diseases. So, in order to avoid it, you need to give yourself 30 minutes daily and 5 days a week. Now in those 30 minutes, you need to do some physical exercise. You need to be active intentionally by dancing, swimming, weight lifting, talking a walk or exercising for at least 30 minutes. If you don’t do any physical exercise, again you are putting yourself at a higher risk of developing diabetes. 

You have got only one life so make sure to opt for such lifestyle management tips that will help reduce the risk of diseases that can be easily preventable.