5 Unusual Sports You’ve Never Heard Of

Do you consider yourself a sports fan? If you answered yes, then you certainly aren’t alone.

In fact, sports are one of the most popular pastimes on the planet. From football to basketball to tennis, there are tons of great activities to watch or participate in.

Believe it or not, there are also plenty of unusual sports that you’ve probably never heard of. This article takes a look at some weird sports that might be new to you but could be right up your alley.

Keep reading to get the inside scoop on a list of sports that everyone needs to experience at some point in their lives.

The playing court is laid out much like a tennis court and the action will remind you of ping pong. 

1. Chess Boxing

Here’s an extremely strange game that is more fun than you might imagine.

Chess boxing is essentially a combination of chess and boxing. Confused yet?

Don’t worry, it’s not as confusing as the name makes it sound. Players simply box and then play chess between rounds. Thus it’s a great way to exercise both your body and mind.

2. Extreme Ironing Competitions

Now for a sport that will totally blow your mind. Just imagine trying to iron a shirt or pair of pants while waterskiing. Is sound impossible? Well, it’s not.

In fact, this crazy sport is wildly popular and growing in popularity year after year.

Just keep in mind that extreme ironing can also be a bit dangerous, so zip up your life preserver, brush up on your skiing skills and get ready to hit the lake!

3. Pickleball

Yes, you heard that right, there’s actually a sport called Pickleball. And you likely wouldn’t believe just how popular it has become in recent years.

In fact, every major city in the country has at least one club or restaurant that features Pickleball as a fun activity to enjoy before or after your meal.

So, what is this game exactly? Well, it’s basically a strange combination of ping pong, badminton, and tennis. See, we told you it was weird. It’s also highly addictive.

Fortunately, the equipment needed to play Pickleball is pretty simple. You just need a couple of would paddles, a plastic ball similar to a whiffle ball, and an area to play the game.

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4. Zorbing

Here’s a weird sport with an even weirder name. Zorbing is a sport that simply involves rolling down a hill inside a huge plastic ball. It’s a wild ride that you won’t soon forget. Just keep in mind that this might not be the best fit for anyone with a weak stomach. 

5. Wife Carrying

Looking for a sport that will help bring you and your lovely bride a little closer? Well, here’s a strange game that requires you to pick her up and run with her. 

You will either share victory together or need a good divorce lawyer.

A Guide to Unusual Sports You’ll Love

It’s no secret that you need to play as hard as you work. Fortunately, this list of unusual sports provides the chance to have fun in ways you’ve probably never imagined possible.

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