How to Style Sneakers for Almost Any Outfit

Are you ready to take on the latest trend of sneakers all day every day? Sneakers are in right now and they’re not going anywhere fast. If you’ve wondered how to style sneakers, these tips will have you walking out the door serving looks in no time.

The Right Cut

When you want to wear sneakers with pants, you can go from crazy casual to business casual depending on the shoes on your look. You can pair sneakers well with jeans but beware of wider cut pants like a bootcut or bigger. These will hide your sneakers altogether or weigh down your outfit.

Go for a more fitted pair of pants and you’ll be highlighting your stylish sneakers and not adding on extra weight to your look. You can also pair them well with shorts or a dress, but avoid a long and full skirt with sneaks. Go for a vintage floral with chucks, or something sleek and simple with bold hightops so your look is balanced. 

Match What You Own 

If you’re trying to shop for Nikes or other sneakers, you want to buy sneakers that fit with the clothes you already own. You can get great sneaker outfit ideas from your own closet. Look at what you have, the colors and styles, and then think of sneakers that work best for your current style.

You don’t need to buy a bunch of new clothes to match one pair of shoes. Sneakers can already be expensive, so plan accordingly with what you own now.

Keep it Clean

When you want to learn how to wear sneakers fashionably, one of the most important tips is to take care of your sneakers. Dirty and ragged shoes are never a great look, but sneakers especially can take your look from elevated to trash day real quick. 

You want to maintain your sneakers and keep them clean if you intend to wear them with nicer looks. If you’re trying to make your sneakers part of a look, you’re going to need a different pair for activities like jogging, sports, or hiking.

What’s the Occasion

Sneakers are much more in vogue now than ever before. You can see people wearing them to fancy events or just out to lunch. When you’re thinking about sneaker outfit ideas, think about where you’re going. 

Not every occasion is sneaker accessible, and you want to make sure you’ve dressed appropriately. Wear the right sneakers to the right event. Some sneakers are fancier than others, so match how upscale or casual the putting is with what your wearing and, finally, with what you’re wearing on your feet.

How to Style Sneakers

When thinking about how to style sneakers, make sure you’re style choice makes you feel good. If you’re confident, it will go a long way. But don’t forget your basic styling tips and avoid clashing colors or too heavy of a look at the bottom. 

Start simple with what you already own and you’ll be ready to rock sneakers with all kinds of outfits in no time. And if you found this helpful in getting your fashion back on track, keep reading for more great tips.

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