Wicker Pendant Light: Know Everything About It

Are you searching for the perfect wicker pendant light for your home lately? Yes! Then you are in the right place. The right pendant light is of utmost importance. Its right placement and stylish look are all that you need to brighten up any space or corner of your home.

Several different types of pendant lights are available today in the market. So, if you are planning to buy one lately, here is a quick guide for you to understand the basics of pendant lights, their caring tips, placement tips, and a little about the difference between the wicker and rattan pendant lights.

Why is wicker pendant light so important?

There are a variety of ways we utilize wicker pendant lights. Pendant installations are utilized for general lighting, region lighting, and errand lighting. We use them in our entrance lobbies, flights of stairs, lounge areas, kitchens, rooms, and family rooms—even on our patios. We go through pendant lights to light tight lobbies, to feature our photographs, artworks, and figures, and to add shimmer to a wellspring. Pendant lights, in some structures, frequently give the lighting we need anyplace in our homes.​

  • Pendant Lights for General Lighting

A pendant light apparatus mounts as the focal installation in practically any room. Or then again at least one utilizes to light a passageway or foyer. At the point when a pendant light utilizes as a patio light, it is giving the overall lighting to that yard.

  • Lighting an Area

The essential distinction between region lighting and general lighting is that region illuminating just lights part of a room. It can add to, or give part of the overall lighting. Yet it isn’t doing the entire occupation without help from anyone else.

  • Pendant Fixtures for Lighting Your Work Areas

A significant aspect concerning a pendant installation is that it brings the light down from the roof and puts it nearer to your counter or table or most loved seat, or any place you will require it. As this infers, pendant lights can be extremely valuable for task lighting.

How could you choose the right wicker pendant light?

A pendant light is a lighting apparatus that comprises:

  • a roof rose, 
  • suspension rope, and 
  • A lamp holder that is normally with a shade or uncovered bulb. 

In spite of the fact that it might appear glaringly evident, there’s significantly more to pendant lights than meets the eye. You can get single or numerous lights, large or little, rattan, wicker, or basket pendant light or wicker pendant light, brilliant or unbiased tones just to give some examples. 

There are unlimited approaches to picking a wicker pendant light. A decent beginning stage is settling on your stylistic layout style or room subject and go from that point. Then, settle on the shape, size, and plan of your pendant light, remembering your subject or style of the space it will live in.

  • Measure the whole room and play with the stature to track down the ideal equilibrium
  • Consider diverse pendant sorts and materials to consummately coordinate with your style topic
  • Follow an unpleasant allotting manual for work an ideal hanging tallness
  • Consider rope pendants and originator bulbs to make an interesting look
  • Draw out an arrangement for your pendant lighting format to perceive what suits your space
  • Guarantee you have conversed with a circuit repairman about introducing your pendant light

What is the difference between a wicker pendant light vs rattan pendant light?

The expressions “rattan” and “wicker” are regularly befuddled on the grounds that they will in general utilizes conversely. For instance, numerous individuals accept rattan garden furniture as equivalent to wicker garden furniture. The disarray is reasonable. As the distinctions aren’t promptly apparent. Yet rattan and wicker are surely discrete from each other. Rattan isn’t wicker and wicker isn’t rattan.

What is Rattan?

Rattan is a plant-like animal group that fills in tropical locales situated in Africa, Australia, and Asia. At the point when the skin strips away, it presents an adaptable yet strong material that meshes into different shapes. Indeed, even the center of the plant utilizes somehow to construct different kinds of furniture.

There are more than 600 unique types of Rattan. Due to its solid, sinewy characteristics, rattan light fixture is a mainstream decision. Rattan is adaptable, tough, lightweight, and above all, alluring. These characteristics have made rattan a hot item for the two organizations and shoppers the same. 

What is Wicker?

Wicker is a style of weave that has been utilized for millennia. The wicker strategy can be followed back to Ancient Egypt. Wicker furniture like chests, boxes, and containers have been found in the burial places of old pharaohs. The most established wicker furniture can follow its starting points as far back as 3,000 B.C.

So, this is the basic difference between rattan lights and wicker lights.

How Do I Clean or Take Care of My rattan pendant light or rattan chandelier?

Sorting out some way to clean your pendant lighting relies upon the materials inside the light:

  • Once the shade develops from glass, you can utilize ordinary general store glass cleaners.
  • When it is produced using unadulterated metals like copper and metal, if it’s not too much trouble, watch out. 
  • Just when your light develops from copper, you need to regard it similarly to some other copper thing. Utilize a delicate custom-made mix of lemon, salt, and water, or buy a cleaning item intended for copper. You can discover these at your nearby homewares store.
  • When your pendant light produces using texture, we suggested just spot cleaning as required.
  • Stay away from brutal cleaners and synthetics which can strip or harm your pendant light.

If all else fails, kindly reach out and we’ll help you in seeing how to really focus on your item. 


This was all about wicker pendant lights. So, the basic difference between the rattan light and wicker light is now clear to you. Follow the above guide to select the right pendant light for your spaces. Also, the above guide to clean these lights regularly is of utmost importance. So, what are you waiting for? Go, buy or DIY one now and give your spaces the much-needed makeover now.

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