Discover 10 Long Island Towns – your ticket to unique adventures!

Located by the Atlantic Ocean in the southeast part of New York State, Long Island is inviting with its mix of lovely parks, interesting museums, and a lot of history. Besides the famous places like Long Beach and Glen Cove, there are other towns that not many people know about. These towns offer something special for those who love adventures. Let’s explore the ten best and most beautiful towns on Long Island.

1. Smithtown

If you love outdoor adventures, you should check out Smithtown. This town has beautiful parks like Caleb Smith State Park and Hoyt Farm Nature Preserve, which are perfect for nature lovers. If you’re looking for a romantic place to eat, Napper Tandy’s Irish Pub is great. It not only has a nice atmosphere but also a big selection of drinks. The Smithtown Center Performing is another special place where you can enjoy live music performances.

Smithtown’s Special Appeal:

Besides its natural beauty, Smithtown also has a cool arts scene. The Smithtown Center-Performing hosts various cultural events all year round. This gives visitors a chance to enjoy local arts while being surrounded by the town’s pretty landscapes.

2. Southampton

Hidden in Suffolk County, Southampton is a calm town known for its beautiful beaches. People who love the sun can relax on the sandy shores, and those who enjoy shopping can visit fancy stores and try delicious local food at great restaurants. Southampton has really nice places to stay, making travellers feel like they’re in a second home.

Southampton’s Artistic Side:

Apart from its sunny beaches and fancy shops, Southampton also has a lively arts community. There are art galleries on the streets, showing the creations of local and famous artists. Visitors can be part of the lively cultural events that add an artistic touch to the town’s natural beauty.

3. East Hampton

East Hampton is at the very end of New York, and it’s a great place for beach lovers because it has lots of white sand. If you’re interested in history, you can learn about surprising stories at the East Hampton Historical Society. And if you like fancy meals, The Clubhouse in East Hampton isn’t just a restaurant; it makes your sunny beach days even better with delicious food in a fancy setting.

East Hampton’s Culinary Scene:

The Clubhouse in East Hampton is not just a fancy restaurant; it’s like going on a tasty adventure through the flavours of Long Island. They serve fresh seafood and use ingredients from nearby, making the town’s restaurants a delicious part of the whole beach experience.

4. North Hempstead

North Hempstead is a great place for people who like to travel. It has lots of interesting things to see and has a relaxed vibe. If you love nature, you can visit Clark Botanic Gardens and Steppingstone Park. And if you’re with your family, there are fun outdoor places like Michael J. Tully Park, Great Neck Park District, and Christopher Morley Park where you can have adventures together. It’s a cool spot for everyone who enjoys exploring new places.

North Hempstead’s Cultural Oasis:

North Hempstead isn’t just about nature; it’s like a hub of culture. The town organizes events like festivals in different seasons, art shows, and live performances. When people visit, they can really get into the local arts and culture, making their time there more lively and enjoyable.

5. Patchogue

If you want to have a relaxing time by the beach, Patchogue is a great village to visit on Long Island. Corey Beach is a nice place where tourists and locals can hang out together. If you like fishing, you can show off your skills at Blue Point Beach or Blue Point Dock. And if you have a pet, you can take them for a walk at Mud Creek Dog Park. It’s a lovely spot for everyone to enjoy!

Patchogue’s Community Spirit:

Patchogue is more than just a place with a beach; it’s like the heart of a community. The village organizes things like cleaning up the beach, local markets, and events where pets are welcome. When people visit, they get to meet the folks who live there and feel the friendly spirit that makes Patchogue special.

6. Southold

In a place called Suffolk County, there’s a special town called Southold. It’s like a hidden treasure because it has a really interesting history that goes all the way back to the 1600s. If you love wine, you’ll be super happy in Southold because it has amazing wineries like Sparkling Pointe Vineyards & Winery and One Woman Wines & Vineyards. It’s a great spot for people who enjoy exploring history and tasting delicious wines.

Southold’s Wine Culture:

Southold is more than just a place with a lot of history; it’s like heaven for people who love wine. In this town, you can not only try really good wines but also learn about how they make them and the history of growing grapes in this area. So, when you visit, you get to enjoy really great wines in the lovely surroundings of Southold’s old and interesting places.

7. Huntington


Huntington, where Walt Whitman was born, is a lovely town surrounded by nature’s beauty. Heckscher Park and Cold Spring Harbor State Park are perfect places for people who love outdoor activities like hiking, jogging, biking, and cross-country skiing.

Huntington’s Literary Heritage:

Huntington is where Walt Whitman was born, making it a special place for people who love books and stories. The town celebrates this by organizing events about literature, book festivals, and tours that show you around and tell you all about Whitman’s life and how he influenced American literature. If you enjoy reading and stories, Huntington is a great town to explore.

8. Islip

Great for couples and families on a trip, Islip gives a bit of a Caribbean feel to New York. You can have a fun day out at Brookwood Hall Park and Heckscher State Park, and Islip Beach is a lovely place for romantic walks during the sunset.

Islip’s Relaxation Haven:

Islip isn’t just a place for family fun; it’s a spot for relaxation. Besides its parks and beaches, the town has places like spas, yoga studios, and wellness centers. People who visit can refresh their minds and bodies, getting a good mix of adventure and relaxation.

9. Riverhead

If you’re looking for a peaceful countryside feeling, Riverhead in Suffolk County is like a welcoming town. It has cool places for people who love wine, like Roanoke Vineyards, Palmer Vineyards, and Paumanok Vineyards. If you’re more into beer, you can enjoy local brews at Twin Stills Moonshine or Jamesport Farm Brewery. And if you’re up for some fun, you can go to The All-Star bowling alley for entertainment.

Riverhead’s Agritourism Appeal:

Riverhead has more than just wineries and breweries; it’s also a great place for agritourism. That means visitors can enjoy experiences where the food comes straight from the farm, explore farmers’ markets, and join in on events about farming. It’s a way to be part of the town’s countryside charm and learn about where your food comes from.

10. Oyster Bay Town

In Nassau County, Oyster Bay Town is special because it has a lot of interesting history at places like Sagamore Hill National Historic Site and Raynham Hall Museum. People who like water activities can have fun at Oyster Bay Water Sports and The WaterFront Center. Families can do hands-on activities at The Madd Porter. After a day full of excitement, visitors can relax and get a soothing massage at Blue Water Spa.

Oyster Bay Town’s Educational Adventures:

Oyster Bay Town is not only a place with a lot of history; it’s also like going on a fun learning adventure. The museums and places for learning in the town have things you can interact with, making it perfect for families who want to have fun and learn new things at the same time.


Long Island’s charm extends beyond its popular cities, and these ten towns beckon adventure-seekers to explore their hidden beauty. From outdoor escapades to cultural experiences, each town offers a unique slice of Long Island’s allure. Consider adding these destinations to your bucket list for an enriching and unforgettable journey that goes beyond the ordinary, unveiling the multifaceted treasures of Long Island.


1. Why go to Smithtown?

Visit Smithtown for outdoor fun in beautiful parks like Caleb Smith State Park. Enjoy a romantic dinner at Napper Tandy’s Irish Pub or catch live music at the Smithtown Center-Performing.

2. Why pick Southampton for a holiday?

Choose Southampton for peaceful beaches, fancy shopping, and delicious local food. The town’s comfy places to stay make it feel like a second home.

3. Why explore East Hampton?

Explore East Hampton for long, sandy beaches and interesting history at the East Hampton Historical Society. Have a sophisticated dining experience at The Clubhouse, discovering Long Island’s tasty flavours.