Discover the Perfect Family Vacation at Holiday Village Majorca

Summer these days is getting worse. A rise in temperature up to more than 35 degrees is upholding the harshness of this weather. Making your homes cool with ACs is just not enough to tackle. So, people traveling from a hotter region to cooler ones has become an exclusive technique to spare themselves from this heat. The warmth of the summer allows almost any holiday activity to be undertaken without interruption.

Everything may be planned without worrying about the possibility of being hampered by bitter cold or snow. Packing fabrics that are more convenient in summer is way easier than in winter. This time we are here to bring the best destination for a perfect family vacation.

About Majorca Holiday Village.

On the outskirts of Cala Milor, The Protur Monte Safari is a 4-star aparthotel that has amazing views of Sa Coma and the Costa de Los Pinos. The distance from the City Centre is approx 1000 meters. The aparthotel has 306 one-bedroom, with heating and AC apartments along with the living room, dining room, a satellite Tv, piped music from the Tv Channels, safe deposit boxes, direct line phone, refrigerator, microwave, bathroom, and balcony.

The Aparthotel features a lounge bar, poolside bar, restaurants, TV room, games room, heated swimming pool with jacuzzi, sauna, gym, children’s playground, and Mini Club. This includes outdoor swimming pools and a kid-friendly section. A great actual grass football pitch and spa facility which is standing out from all the amenities.

Why Should You Choose Majorca Holiday Village?

A vacation planning without key features of our Majorca Holiday Village is worthless to visit. You are most welcome to know our best and most thrilling offers. 

1. Magnificent Beaches:

The most famous Balearic Island of Spain is known for its best-viewed coastlines. There are beautiful beaches with clean seas, golden sand, and tall cliffs filling the island. The very Majorca beaches are giving exclusive offers to everyone who can come to unwind and participate in water sports like swimming, scuba diving, and kayaking.

2. The climate in the Mediterranean: 

The hot summers and the cool winters are the features of Majorca’s Mediterranean climate. Those sunny days in the summer season and comfortable temperatures in the winter bring the best year-round vacation spot. All the visitors take advantage of the outdoor fun activities and also discover the natural beauty of the Island due to the excellent weather.

3. Beautiful, untouched landscapes:

Along with the beautiful beaches, Majorca has an array of unique landscapes. Those amazing landscapes can be found all over the Island, and the untamed Tramontana Mountains in the northwest have lovely rural countryside covered with olive orchards and vineyards. To watch the island’s beautiful landscapes, natural enthusiasts may go hiking, cycling, or enjoying the scenic beauty.

4. Rich Cultural Diversity and History:

Among the many cultures that have influenced Majorca’s rich cultural heritage are the Romans, the Moors, and the Catalans. The historical areas, old-fashioned ruins, and quaint towns highlighting the fascinating past are filled in the islands. History enthusiasts and culture lovers due to its magnificent Gothic architecture, magnificent cathedral, and winding cobblestone lanes in the capital city of Palma.

5. Facilities That Welcome Families: 

A variety of services and entertainment options is what the families look for in Majorca Holiday Village to keep everyone occupied. Everyone has a memorable and pleasurable trip when the resort offers room-type lodging, swimming pools for kids’ groups, sporting programs, entertainment events, and water parks.

6. Gastronomic Delights:

The mixture of Spanish and Mediterranean makes the Majorca meals tastier. The local markets, restaurants, and café bring the island’s best seafood, tapas, sweet pastries, and local wines. To discover the eatable of the island, foodies can go on an expensive, or specialty food-tasting adventure.

7. Infrastructure that is accessible:

The air service is fantastic with Palma De Mallorca Airport serving as the nerve centre. Well developed infrastructure of the island makes it easier to go and watch everything. You can use a rented car or public transport, to visit those several places on the island easily

How to Plan a Vacation to a Majorca Holiday Village?

  • Determine your travel dates: 

Considering the factors like weather, crowd levels, and your personal preferences.

  • Research Majorca holiday villages:

 Look for holiday villages or resorts in Majorca that suit your preferences and budget.

  • Set your budget:

 Determine how much you’re willing to spend on arrangements, transportation, food, activities, and other expenses.

  • Book your accommodation:

 Make your reservation in advance to secure the best availability and rates. You can book directly through the holiday village’s website or use online travel agencies.

  • Plan your transportation:

Book your flights early to get the best fares. arrange transportation to your holiday village.

  • Check travel requirements:

 Ensure you have all the necessary travel documents, such as a valid passport, visa (if required), and travel insurance. Stay updated on any travel restrictions, COVID-19 protocols, and entry requirements for Majorca.


 Be prepared for any surprises when you’re on vacation. Majorca has a lot to offer, and with careful planning, you may enjoy yourself in the vacation resort of your choosing. You having an amazing time with your family is our priority. Go jump up for the adventurous, thrilling rides and experiences that we are offering for the perfect vacation this summer. 


Q: How many rooms are available at Protur Monte Safari? 

  • The Tui Holiday Village Majorca was renovated in 2013. Now this safari has 203 fully spacious, tasteful, and equipped with advanced amenities. 

Q: What is the breakfast timing at Village Majorca? 

  • You will be served full buffet meals at the Protur Monte Safari. The breakfast timing is 08:30 AM- 10:30 AM and the continental breakfast timing is 10:30 AM- 12:00.