Escape into the mesmerizing hill station- Daringbadi  

Are you planning to visit the Kashmir of Odisha- Daringbadi? Odisha is famous for its splendid and mesmerizing natural beauty and rich culture. But, Daringbadi is the hidden gem in Odisha. It is enclosed with coffee plantations, meadows, pine trees, and valleys. It is a tourist attraction. Furthermore, located at 3000 ft. above sea level. People call this place the Kashmir of Odisha.

If you are someone who loves cultural heritage then this place has a ton to offer you. Ranging from the temples to a variety of monuments. This place offers something or other for everyone. This article further curates the minute details about the place. This is imperative to go through if you are planning to visit Daringbadi Orissa.

Brief about Daringbadi weather

Like every hill station, the weather here is very pleasant all-around the year. But, this spot is about 3000 ft. above ocean level. So, the environment in this spot is freezing. During the winter season, the mist which falls often transforms into ice. Because of the extremely cold environment. Thus, there happens a snowfall. The snowfall is a mesmerizing characteristic wonder. Every traveler wishes to witness snowfall here.

Instructions to reach Daringbadi 

There are several modes to reach the hill station. They are via road, rail, or air. 

  • Firstly, by road: It is all around associated by street to Bhubaneswar. Again, another significant city of the state. 
  • Secondly, by rail: Nearest railroad station is the Berhampur rail route station. 
  • Thirdly, via air: Nearest air terminal is Bhubaneswar. 

What to See in Daringbadi Odisha?

There are various stunning areas spread all through the valley. Nature is plentiful here. Also, unbound in here. The significant marks of interest are as follows: 

  • Doluri River: It is a little stream that moves through the valley. There are some little falls on it. These are brilliant in the rainstorm. The peaceful stream banks are well-known as excursion spots during the bright winter ends of the week. 
  • Belghar Sanctuary: This is one of the significant elephant asylums on the slopes of Odisha. It is thick tropical timberland. Again, with thick vegetation and a colossal range of greenery. When you are fortunate. Then you can get a brief look at the slippery natural life. You can likewise wander into the backwoods. Again, to meet the Bonda clan. Perhaps the basic clans of India. 
  • Belghar Village: This villa encircles by thick timberland and a serene spot. Thus, it is a globally known eco-town. Further, situated on the slope top. This encompasses mountains with diminishing tallness. Again, this makes it a decent game for paragliding. Also, you can see elephants and different creatures. Moreover, while in transit to this spot. 
  • Slope Viewpoint: This is the most-celebrated point in this valley. From here, the travelers can get 360-degree coverage of the entire hill station. Also, the encompassing region. Hence, this is a necessity to visit this place here. 
  • Ranches: The moderate environment for the entire year here is ideal for the development of Coffee plants. Furthermore, the Coffee garden here is kept up by the Soil Conservation and Forest Department of Odisha. Besides, there is a dark pepper estate too. Both of these spots are significant vacation destinations. Hence, you need to take an earlier permit to enter these spots. 

Some outside exercises in Daringbadi hill station

This hill station celebrates its beautiful valleys. Moreover, you can walk around without going farther away. Again, to get that grand view. Furthermore, that will certainly restore your body and soul. Hence, there are endless outdoor activities to take part in. 

  • Firstly, trip to the woodlands and find the different ancestral towns settled amid the greens. 
  • Secondly, investigate the great espresso gardens, nature parks, butterfly parks, dark pepper nurseries, and turmeric gardens. 
  • Thirdly, this spot is the ideal estate for bird watching. Moreover, making it a heaven for the bird watchers. 
  • Fourthly, the Sunday neighborhood market is a must-visit. 

Nature Camp nearby Attractions 

There are several nearby attractions that you can explore upon your arrival here. Some of them are as below:

  • Firstly, visit Sapanala, a pleasant spot to appreciate some quality time close to Baliguda. 
  • Secondly, for those eager Bird sweethearts, Emu Bird safari furnishes you with the ideal extent of Bird watching on your way from Baliguda to here 
  • Thirdly, appreciate the excellence of nightfall at the Hill view. 
  • Fourthly, entertain yourself with a visit to the Botanical nursery. Moreover, to encounter the vast vegetation. 
  • Also, visit Belghar safe-haven to recognize some wild creatures just as the important landscape around. One can discover Elephants in wealth in these woods. 
  • Furthermore, the flavor garden here is that ideal spot where you will spot turmeric nursery and espresso garden at a similar spot. 
  • Finally, a tranquil 100 ft increases Ludu Waterfall amid the thick timberland. It makes certain to take your breath away. Furthermore, if fortunate, you may recognize a couple of Elephants here too. 

Best time to visit this hill station

As such, there isn’t any best time to give oneself some pampering. But, still! As it is a rain-prone hill station, the rains and winters here are extreme. So, the summer season from March month to July is the best and ideal opportunity to visit this slope station. 

Best place to stay 

Daringbadi homestay, Daringbadi eco-resort, or Daringbadi resorts are several available accommodations here. You can choose from them according to your likings and preferences. All the available places are a good choice depending upon the conditions. But, it is advisable to book your stays in advance of your trips. Even the prices for the stays are competitive rates in the market. 


This was all about the hill station ‘Kashmir of Odisha’ Daringbadi. But, one thing is certain here, no pictures or articles can do justice to the natural beauty of this place. Encircled by the untamed life-forms and mesmerizing scenery views, this place is waiting for you to explore it. So, what are you waiting for?

Take the much-needed break from the hassles of life. Further, give yourself a much-deserved vacation trip to the Kashmir of Odisha. Make beautiful memories here that you could cherish lifelong.