How Sunglasses Can Make You Look More Attractive

One way of instantly making yourself appear more attractive to the opposite sex is to pop on a pair of sunglasses. While any pair will do, to get the best results, wear a pair of Detour Sunglasses. This is why so many people are purchasing these sunglasses right now and once you have a pair, you will never want to go anywhere without them, and here is why…

They make your face more symmetrical

It has been proven by various scientific studies that having a symmetrical face makes a person more attractive to others. However, no one is born with a perfectly even face which is why sometimes we need some help with this in the form of a pair of sunglasses. They help your face to appear more symmetrical, thus more attractive.

However, this is not true of all sunglasses and if you get it wrong, they can actually make your imperfections more prominent. So when you find a pair of sunglasses that works for you, make sure that you stick with them.

They give you a certain level of mystery

People are always attracted to a bit of mystery and wearing a pair of sunglasses can give you exactly that – some mystery. They allow you to hide your true emotions, thus making you into a much more mysterious version of yourself, as people are unable to read your face. This also makes them ideal for when you are playing the card game of poker, Freecell so the other players cannot guess your hand.

They provide you with added confidence

Because sunglasses hide part of the face they give the wearer that added a bit of confidence that they may need. This is especially true if you have dark circles around your eyes after a poor night’s sleep or if you did not have time to put your makeup on. Additionally, if the lenses are particularly dark or mirrored, no one can see where it is you are looking so you can have a conversation with someone without feeling uncomfortable because of a lack of eye contact.

They make your look cooler

There is something about sunglasses that instantly makes the wearer look so much cooler. Due to their history of being worn by fighter pilots and by A-list celebrities like Lady Gaga, they have a level of glamor and even edginess about them that transfers to the wearer. Whenever someone is portrayed as being cool in the media, they are always wearing a pair of sunglasses.


A good pair of sunglasses really can make a person appear more attractive to the opposite sex. Not only do they hide away any imprecations that you may have, but they make your face look more symmetrical, they hide your true emotions, give you an added boost of confidence, and just generally make you appear much cooler. So if you do not currently own a pair of sunglasses, you need to go and buy a pair right away.

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