What Are Blue Light Glasses Really All About?

Blue Light Glasses

Blue light-blocking glasses are specially crafted lenses that are used to filter or block out the blue light emitting from digital screens. These glasses claim to protect your eyes from glare and can help reduce potential damage to your retina from prolonged exposure to blue light. These Blue Light Glasses help to reduce blue light exposure and the best time to use them is when you are in contact with digital screens whether it’s your phone, laptop, or television screen. 


  • The major question people ask is whether they can wear blue glasses all day or not and if they can then is it dangerous or not? 

The answer to this question is YES, you can wear blue eyeglasses during the day, and doing this will not negatively affect you or your eyes. In fact, wearing blue eyeglasses all day will actually help your eyes and will make sure that you are keeping them safe from harmful blue light exposure. 

  • The primary question arises: who should wear these glasses?

Anyone who is spending the major part of their day in front of digital screens whether they are using cell phones, laptops, or any other digital device for any business work, office work, homework, or others should consider wearing blue eyeglasses, especially if they are experiencing headache, eye strain or any kind of sleep problems. Blue eyeglasses are reported to be really helpful in these effects people are facing and people are really using them.

Pros and Cons 

People are highly concerned about the eye damage the blue eyeglasses can have but the pro is it does not have any side effects or any eye damage. It protects your eyes from the harmful and damaging effects of blue light. Many people use them as they claim that blue eyeglasses help them with eye strain. People experiencing eye strain use them and it quite helps them and causes the eye strain to reduce and make it better this thing is not properly clarified but people still claim it.

Some people also claim that blue eyeglasses help them with headaches followed by eye strain. As the eye strain is relaxed it also helps with the headache. The major con is that the signals that the blue light sends to your brain can also disrupt your body’s production of sleep hormones.

This can make it hard to fall asleep and stay asleep after using your devices at night but using blue eyeglasses can help you to be safe from it as it blocks up 60% of the blue light emission and protects your eyes. 

Blue Light as a Major Issue

One of the colors in the light spectrum visible to human sight is blue light (a short-wavelength form of light that carries higher amounts of energy than most other colors). In the pre-digital age, the sun was the world’s main source of blue light. The digital era has changed this state of play and now blue light is emitted by digital screens.

The emission causes damage which causes a headache, eye strain, and sleeplessness and it can be prevented by using Blue Light Glasses as it blocks the blue light emission and lowers the eye strain which gradually reduces the headache as well as helps with proper sleep. It is also advised to reduce the use of blue light-emitting gadgets especially phones before sleeping which will help with sleeping and other gadgets as well. 

Blue Glasses Help

Blue Light Glasses will help minimize long-term damage to your eyes while protecting your productivity. The specially designed blue light glasses will help you to achieve the best of both worlds so that you won’t miss a beat, and also you won’t end up sacrificing your healthy eyesight later in life.

As we all know that nowadays our whole work is based digitally so we have to work all day on our digital devices or gadgets but we have to protect our sight from being damaged. It is only possible by using blue eyeglasses for protection and long-term damage.